Is the United States systemically racist?

Is the United States systemically racist?

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Pretty much, yeah



I'm American and I feel it pretty American to be considered racist nowadays.
I want right wing conservative things so I just accept the rest of the world considers me a racist for thinking that way.

Nope, it's just another perpetual lie enforced by the liberal media.

But does it constitute systemic racism? That the actual laws of the United States are racist?

If your a nog wtf cares , I'm white why dont you go pick me some cotton

I feel immigration law is pretty racist, but I don't disagree with it.

try to have some real political conversations off the internet from time to time. people dont consider the classic conservative talking points racist, gun ownership, states rights and low taxation dont make you a racist, its the low key mingling of actual racists in their ranks that gets people suspicious

Against whites that is.

Is it not a matter of a certain demographic typically being associated with crime, specifically that of rape and even murder? Would it not be logical to ban such a race that you can't tell those of the aforementioned crimes and those of the innocent till the members of said crime are eliminated?

Every place where races and people mix in large groups will be racist, the only way to buy into all the equality bullshit is segregation.
Whites living with arabs usually end up hating arabs, same with blacks, latinos and asians, people are different and should live apart to live in peace.


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yeah i'd say it's pretty elaborate how ingrained into our society all the institutionalized racism is

You're the one that can't respond with actual facts. Kys faggot

The world itself in all it's cultures prays upon weakness. The weakness of every race and group that has anything that can be exploited will be because that is the way of the world. The 7 deadly sins are an allegory of all that which destroy all people. God not necessary, destruction is cyclical.

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Yep. Job applicants with 'ethnic sounding' names get like half the replies with identical resumes.

Systemic and institutional racism don't need to be mandated by law to exist. Are there laws that say there have to be gas stations? No. Do they exist systematically? Definitely.

And also the never interacting with minorities thing



Companies are free to hire whoever they think is the best fit for the job.

Irrelevant. Two identical resumes. One with an ethnic name. One with a 'white name'. White name gets the call sight unseen. That's systemic racism.

Typical libtard analogy.. Are there laws that say black people have to be violent rapist criminals? No. But they definitely are "systematically"

not sure if you're being absurd to make a point or being serious. there is rape and murder everywhere always. it will always be worse in lower income areas where crime is part of the sub economy and basically allowed to run rampant. in wealthier countries, cities, and areas of town where people can make a respectable living and expect the same of their neighbors, there's slightly more accountability in public life, and police are available and aren't just as likely to harass as help. there will still be violent crime, but not nearly as much, or quite the same. instead of robbing a guy in an alley it's raping a drunk girl at a party. instead of a gang shootout it's shooting up a school. instead of street fights it's abusing your family

Black people are given fewer and lower dosages of pain killers than white people with similar problems.


Not at all. You're talking about a class/income/housing issue and confusing it for race. Happens all the time.

How come its racist if they pick the white guy, but super liberal and ok if they pick the black guy. I thought we should all be treated equally? Theres only one spot for the job.

Can you point to a wave of cops shooting unarmed white people? No? Oh ok then shut the fuck up?

By your autistic logic, we should get rid of males too since they commit eight times as much crime as women and magnitudes more violent crime.

You don’t really think arguing with this scum will change its mind do you? It lacks fundamental humanity. It’s a walking chat bot.

0/10 try a little subtlety in your baiting instead of spouting toxic levels of cartoonish racism like an angsty nazi tween

Both applicants should be given the same consideration. In this case, studies show that the black name doesn't get that consideration and is passed over despite identical qualifications. It could be a white dude named Tyrone Jenkins, he's not getting a call back because his name 'sounds black'. That's racist bias. Affirmative action corrects racist bias.

Actually theres more whites being killed by the policy than blacks. Sure per capita black people get killed more often. But per capita black people commit way more crimes than everybody else.

Is the US fucked regardless of the existence of systemic racism?
Will the world watch gladly at the fall of the US
Good luck amerimutts

People still think this is fake? This is not bait. This is an angsty nazi tween. Most of the USA is infested with em like herpes.

There are no stats on that.

Foreign whites have to go through the exact same process as foreign blacks or any other race.

you're missing the mark a bit, and being intentionally misleading and dramatic about it. see it's racist to either pretend there's no inequity or be okay with it. it's "super liberal and ok" and also just plain decent to acknowledge there is in fact racism at play and attempt to correct it

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I find it hard to give a shit.. they are free to hire whoever they want.

I don't think the lawyer of the man who was killed nor the New York Times make for compelling claims.

There definitely are. You just dont wanna hear it

What inequity? Give specific examples.

Between the FBI criminal database, the CDC, and other stat collected entities there are stats for everything. It's why the 13% "meme" is a thing. White people are killed more purely due to the number of them in the US. We on the other hand tend to kill each other a lot more.

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Post the stats about who cops kill then. Go for it.

Your question should be asking for stats of people who least comply to cops orders.

well, to be clear i think it, like the cuck threads and so much of the shit on here, is an attempt at social engineering by a mix of conservatives, alt right (yes there is overlap) and probably the nra and russians too to appeal to said nazi tweens, as well as stoke insecurity and racial resentments in insecure white males who might be a bit on the fence, to keep everyone scared and insecure and keep em all buying guns and voting as far to the right as possible. i've been watching an old friend degenerate into a parrot since trump got elected, insecurity is a hell of a drug

Ok? Cool opinion? Systemic racism exists which was the question not 'do I care about institutional racism'.

>Sure per capita black people get killed more often
Literally speaking for his point, per capita is extremely important. This is why analysing statistics is a profession and shouldn't be done by retards

p o s t t h e s t a t s a b o u t w h o c o p s k i l l


Feel free to look more into it. Some are still under investigation reason a lot isn't listed.

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Yep. In part because most of its fixes to solve racism are race based so thus keeping racism in place.

Stats for everything? Ok what percentage of cops have been convicted of domestic abuse?

Fucking lol you cannot be serious.

the specific example me and the guy i was actually responding to were discussing in the first place you dink. god i hate playing musical trolls, don't butt into a conversation you haven't been following

>t. i watch netflix

Convicted? Hardly any. Charged? A good bit. Same with any high stress job like EMS, military, firefighter, welder, freight worker.

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Not Op, but capitalism is literally Darwinism in of itself. Hire only a select? You'll have a lower pool of applicants. Refusal to sell to the masses? You have fewer buyers. What is wrong with this choice?

Nice twitter screenshot buddy

What does Netflix have to do with anything. Cops are abusers and therefore scum and should be subject to the death penalty.

Do you know how to engage in an argument or are we already resorting to lul nerd statements? Besides look at the img name. It was saved from here.

You don't think @rmconservative and are unbiased news sources lol

Our racism isn't planned. It's an inherited thing, and comes naturally as one grows up to learn what the American nigger is. American born niggers are just wild animals to their core.

Um ok

I'm not the same guy you were arguing with. I just always enjoy seeing people post baseless garbage infographics and screenshots

don't care. institutional racism exists.

>Cops are abusers and therefore scum and should be subject to the death penalty

Can we do that for all "abusers"

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This is a thing wild animals regularly do.

I was one the first members of the FSU posse AMA>

Sure. Certainly not entire races of innocent people though. That's completely ridiculous. Never bring it up again ok?

Nice cherry pic, zog.

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>why won't you argue the way I want you to
>i want to argue in bad faith while you argue in good faith
Literally every single time lol

Well yeah but this isn't the racist narrative we're supposed to stick to.

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True, he's the only black musician in history.

Somebody say zog?

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Yo sure showed me, mr goldstein.

ok retard


Niggers are racist about the fact that they are niggers and indefinitely project their feelings like that, so yes Black people are racist and always will be.

does being racist make you feel better about being such a loser


>and indefinitely project their feelings like that
What is this words means?

I learned this from proto1.

color means nothing. war does

Niggers think that white people are intrinsically racist towards them so they intentionally racistly act like niggers to force racism upon them to prove that racism exists, it's true.

What this words mean?

I'm prejudice, not racist.

nice bait
Which one of these cities do you live in XD

Thanks, m8

Being racist is bad because...

No, it's capitalist, you can't just beat out family wealth in a few generations when you don't have any yourself. From our perspective you're belittling the battle we've fought with each other for a thousand years. I'm not sure where people got this notion anything is supposed to be fair, the law has pledged to treat you fairly in dealing with you and only that. That does not equal being as wealthy as families that do everything to continuate their own already gathered wealth. They built the system we're in and in that system it's illegal to stop them from promoting their Great House.

You think you live in some kind of sci-fi bullshit from all this marketing and bullshit but you're barely 100 years away from toothless gold miners and cowboys. You act like some kind of gods who deserve a balanced universe but if something bad actually happened you'd die from diarrhea when the water turned off.

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Maybe success and violence aren't based so much on race as they are access to capital and opportunity?

The United States is the least racist country in the world. The fact that it is considered the opposite is a testament to the power Jews have to control thought with media.

There are no immigration laws based on race, so immigration laws can not possibly be racist. Good job getting brainwashed.

samefag rope yourself

Bullshit. People legitimately consider border security a racist endeavour. Not to mention free speech, personal responsibility, being tough on crime etc