My gf, 29yo. More? Rate?

My gf, 29yo. More? Rate?

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Could be worse I suppose

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Hitler pussy

>My gf, 29
My condolences, 2019


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8/10... 9/10 is she shaves that ridiculous tuft of pubic hair

Do you think it would be better totally bald?

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Nice titties. But it looks like her razor missed a spot. ;-)

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More butthole and lets see some soles.

Need more feet and hardcore photos to make proper judgment. Face obviously too make full judgement.

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i like your gf OP

post everything you have about her

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Very nice! Looks very much like my wife. Body type pussy tits everything. I would love to taste that pretty little pussy! Very sexy! Love the spreading pics and asshole. More please! She is delicious!!


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Lovely. Hope you'll come back and share more.

8/10, post moar