What is your excuse for not you using a mechanical keyboard in 2019 user?

What is your excuse for not you using a mechanical keyboard in 2019 user?

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i have a girlfriend

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Inb4 Sup Forumstards using the "not a gaymer" excuse as if their $30 microsoft shitboard is better than an artisan ergo keyboard with gateron blues that don't bottom out

> inb4 people who don't know or care about the difference attempt to explain to me that not everyone cares about the things i care about.

>I don't care if that thing is better because i don't care about it, loser, not everyone cares about what you care about!

I'm poorfag

you can get a decent one for 50 bucks, don't let people fool you about Cherry MX. Gateron and Kahli are amazing alternatives, I even prefer Gateron before Cherry.

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It seemed for a second like you got the message but you added a layer of irony on top of it. You do understand, right? That some people don't care about the things that you care about?

if I had my own rig, i’d gladly own a mechanical keyboard, but my brother kinda conrtols the whole setup and dislikes mechanical keyboards. (mainly because of the noise.)

your brother is a faggot

you're a faggot if you don't use buckling springs

yeah, he is.

Is this some hipster shit? It's missing a bunch of keys.

Why should I?

can't afford one

Mechanical is a meme

Bought a really nice one three years ago for little under 100 USD. The W key and space bar ended up having sticking and input issues since I used the two excessively in games. It was out of warranty period so I couldn't get it fixed and I ended up just switching out to my old Microsoft one I had in my closet while I figured out what to do. That was 5 months ago haven't gotten a new one because the difference is negligible even in high skill competitive games. Mechanical really is just a meme.

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I have an old, beat up Razer keyboard, but I want to switch to a cheaper mechanical keyboard. What do you recommend under 100 bucks? I'm not familiar with a lot of switch types outside of the standard cherry mx red, blues, browns, etc.

because you eat and drink like a pig, and sticky substance got into the keyboard.
Unscrew the back plate, take the electronic board out, unsolder lagging switches, open them up carefully and clean them with isopropyl alcohol, be careful putting it back together, you might bend the metal parts if you force close it incorrectly.
If you're lazy you might try just dumping whole switch in the alcohol without opening it. Then keep pressing for some time (while submerged).
Solder back in and you're done.

i have an expensive keyboard with red switches (linear and nonclicky, very soft) and i'd say they're good for gaming, but not so much for overall use, typing is annoying since its extremely easy to misclick buttons (they're very sensitive and trigger quickly).
I bought some cheat chinese mechanical keyboard for work ("fake" brown switches - no click, but tactile and a bit more force required to trigger) and must say they are much more comfortable to type on. Surely original cherry browns will be better so you might give them a try. Keyboard is still pretty loud even without the "click", also i'd advise not going cherry blue, since they are extremely noisy.

I'm really poor. If I had 50 bucks i'd buy more food

Honestly it usually doesn't even need full maintainence like that. Pressurized air spray and alcohol drops into the switches takes care of most problems.

because your gay

ergo keyboards bitches fuck this carpal tunnel shit

I can't get my vintage 1984 Apple Lisa 2 on the intertubular webs. :-(

none, 100% mechanical on my end

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What’s your excuse for not just having a MacBook in 2019?

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