Skinny enough?

Skinny enough?

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Lol op is mad.

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No, this is more appropriate

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get her pregnant and she will struggle to maintain her new 420lb weight class.

This is my perfect type

Too Fat

way too, op

girls like that often have little energy to even deal with mundane every day tasks properly. They are not a good much.

jesus, does she ever stop eating?

>Marry anorexic girl
>Take out 1 mil insurance policy
>Call her a fat fuck, chunky and lardo daily
wait a few months

Chicks like this often get frostbite while sitting in the shade...

Yes but too tall

Damn this makes me miss my skinny ex haha

yes, she is sooo good

skinny girls with small tits make me so hard

That's why they need a nice throbbing cock to keep warm


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I fucked a skinny hooker a few days ago...pretty sure I have HIV now.

Sometimes when you have to nut and your hand isn't enough, we prefer death by disease just to get a little pussy.

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Who is this

Odds are you're fine. It's more difficult for men to contract it from women, and the virus has ebbs in when it is really active (higher contract rate). You should still be tested in a month or so. A full screen test is like $50, and it's worth it instead of worrying about it and possibly infecting someone else.
t. banged a girl that had HIV, found out after the fact, got tested, am clean.

they squeal when hitting the cervix; but cum and grab your back

Kennedy Kressler

Skinny girls are fun because they are easy to abduct and chain up in your basement. No knockout or tricks needed. Just grab, throw in trunk, and drive home.