Eternal Trap Thread continues

Eternal Trap Thread continues

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get thsi tranny shit outa here
real traps only

trans women are traps waaay more often than dudes crossdressing out

You fuck outta here with your newfag revisionism
Dick + passes as woman = trap
Let's not have another shit-tier minimal effort masculine cd

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>crossdressing out
crossdressing are*

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Moar please your hot


I'd go down on that

I'll nap with you


settle down, bud

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Looks like a girl

Very nice

Got damn, love those thighs


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ok can we get some male traps please

turn around?

Try /hm/, homo

Ass pics of her please
Who is she

Dead thread

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Post lewds and the faggots will perk up

You're great


Post an asshole or some HRT tits, let’s get this party started

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Lets see some ass/dick

it's not

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True true
Not on HRT and that's a no no zone only for people I hookup with if I ever stop being a bitch :D

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Post some oc. Make me cum

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Repost thiccc cake please

Ok nvm

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Fuckoff merrp

would admit im kinda gay to be inside you

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That's not a man you are lying

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Does anybody have more trap bulge im addicted


would take to the drive-in on a cute date

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That caramel booty...

far left

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I wanna clean their feet and asses

i wanna see that BULGE

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lose weight you fat pig

bend over

There should be dating sites to find traps

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om lord please post more

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anyone got more of this dude?

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you got a snap or discord?

take a pic with ur panties halfway down like a good slut


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would anyone do something to me?? i'm pretty new at this

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not really, I have Kik but I really only use it in bursts, I hang around here semi frequently

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ew no

hi beautiful!

hey jes, show me more of that nice ass

Sup jess

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cute asshole. is it still virgin?

lol be my patron then pls
not much

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how much i gotta donate to smash?

show me your face! ill give u 10 bucks!

give me 200 and u can use me like a toy
lol u already paid didn't u?
looking for more fun here with my patrons

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It's funny to call it eternal trap thread because the few passable traps are only passable for a couple of years at most.

>lol u already paid didn't u?
not yet but soon.
also, what can i get for 2000?

thats a good price tbh. think i might take it

and there is literally no traps on them... other than Jes, ofc

shit 200 ill give much more for that ass

i sent pics from this set to my faggot friend robert who didnt appreciate these because he's so fucking "straight"

fuck robert the faggot guy who claims to be straight

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do you think robert is a faggot fuck who should make me feel like trash all the time by refusing to admit he thinks im a fucking man?

is he a piece of shit?

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Do traps who arent prostitutes exist?

How about not posting old images, or when you post your face, without mask?

Your 10 dollar face picture is an old masked pic.

There is not even a proof that it is your account. Some user might be posting your old pictures.

i hope not

idk maybe anything u want? lol
lol how much!?

cant see shit pics are so grainy