Hello, Sup Forums. I am looking for David Supernigger. If you do not know who that is...

Hello, Sup Forums. I am looking for David Supernigger. If you do not know who that is, I have provided a link to one of his videos below. I am trying to send a letter to him but am having trouble finding his address. I have three addresses but only one is an exact address. Two of which are apartment complexes and Google maps does not specify the exact apartment that he's in. I know its a longshot but I'm getting nowhere on my own. Can any of you anons help?


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>hi my name is tex ahahahahahah from discord hi :)

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Holy shit I thought I was the only one who knew about this guy, Sup Forums tards please pull through


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who is joe

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I hate niggers

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you fool.

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Black people ARE pretty cringe

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i hate you niggers

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He mentions Bernalillo County

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I hate you too.

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le 56%

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Is that Incumbent Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Ron Nirenberg, the mixed race mastermind?


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the fuckland is a great place. good luck anons.


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Please, I need this, this guy could produce maximum lulz

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David super nigger is in Cuba with Tupac

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MFW (my face when) Mixed race couples ask me for help mowing their lawn

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What the hell is this thread?

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I'm trying to find a man named David Supernigger

Please help

holy fuck I forgot about this dude thank you

Yeah Im pretty sure his address is 2160 Loma Linda Dr, Los Alamos, NM 87544

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Did you know that a single strand of spider web has more potential energy than the bomb dropped on Nagasaki?

Did you know that a spider egg contains as much DNA as four humans combined? And that's just one of the unborn spiders, the entire egg sac outnumbers the population of India

Did you know that spiders cannot physically die of natural causes? If kept safe a spider can continue to live and grow larger for a theoretically unlimited amount of time. In fact in China there exists a collection of holy spiders, hatched some 2,800 years ago during the height of the Mang-Tsun dynasty.

A spiders carapace if sufficiently scaled could adequately shield a nuclear blast

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The largest spider ever observed by scientists was over 8 feet long and weighed in at 530 pounds. It was actually immobile though, its legs had been broken long ago by merely carrying its own weight.
The Orange Magma Spider can resist heat up to 5,300 degrees F Ironically they exist only at the southernmost tip of the South Pole's largest glacier

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