Get it off your chest

Get it off your chest

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i really want to be gangbanged and or cuck my boyfriend, since im trans i let him fuck real women occasionally but i think he would leave me if i set it up.

Since my girlfriend left me I sucked many dicks. Everyone thinks I’m straight but I can’t stop

i might have a small drinking problem

Show us your dick you mentally ill faggot

Got my wifes friend drunk enough to convince her to model for me. Hoped to see her in underwear, but ended up seeing everyting.
Fap material for life secured.

wickr: bigboot99 if interested in story or pics/vids

My small drinking problem is becoming big

I never owned or allowed in my home a device that can take digital pics and videos.

No one is interested enough to leave. Post it here, you fucking pussy

I've spent nearly $2000 on gay cam whores this last year and a half. And its starting to affect my ability to pay my bills and shit.

I post my wife's nudes on here all the time. I want to see her turned into famous web slut and be debased and do depraved things.

i just had the realization that i might have antisocial personality disorder and all my life have been a dick to everyone and never knew about it.

That’s almost what I did

I took advantage of my friend after she confessed that her uncle raped her.

You're welcome.

What did you do?

Met this girl at a edm show
Turns out she’s crazy
Pretty sure her dad fucked her
She isn’t on birth control
We fucked without a condom
Hope she isn’t preggo and she said she’s keep it

Just punch her in the stomach and don't stop


Listen to this user.
An assault charge cost less than a kid.

Thanks for that
Got any better suggestions
She’s into anal so... maybe I’ll just fuck her face and ass from now on?

Sucks for you. The crazy chicks I knocked up can't admit I'm the biological father because I'm a blood relative.

Totally exposed her to few guys but not in public

Some user shared a link of a website where you could find jailbait photos (it was something like modelshost). I erased my browser history so I lost it. Wish I had it know. I didn't know I liked those kind of photos. I've been having weird thoughts about my underage acquaintances since then.

If you happen to know what website I'm talking about please share.

I routinely masturbate thinking about my sister and in the past have stolen her phone and laptop to look for any nudes, which she never had. I snuck into her room while she slept one time and masturbated. I listen to her masterbate through the wall and imagine I'm fucking her


same here bro

Plot twist. She's doing the same with you. When you 2 are elderly, you two will admit this to each other and regret never actually fucking.

Bifag here, I'd love to fuck my gf's super cute nephew. I'd settle for doing less though

Fuk you cia kek

how does one drink responsibly?

I am a guy and I love to do anal play and show off while doing it

add me on kik if you're interested


i dont know what i want

What are you waiting for? Post that slut here. We'd be happy to help.

user there are posters here all the time, as someone who has lurked for 10 years, Ive seen more than my fair share. Pizza is shit anyway, seen my fair share from spammers and in reality I think its the trill of the search that does it for people not the stuff itself
BTW they don't host there fresh--- Keep in mind as well its a network

I’d like to know, seems impossible for me

I’m really fuckin sad and I’m on the happy pills but I still drink too much because it’s easier that way

I would love to be in an open relationship with my boyfriend but I'm afraid I might lose him over it. There's a coworker who I really want to get drunk with and fuck. I want to have a foursome with them, 2 girls and 2 guys. It thrills me just thinking about it

you dont deserve him

I want to have a foursome with her and her boyfriend. Sorry, I'm a little drunk

Get fucked, ruin your relationship, watch him post pics of being happier with a finer woman.

I'm.. not okay. I moved away from home half a decade ago and haven't done anything with my life. I can't maintain any relationships for some reason and it only seems like I'm tolerable from a distance. Went through ups and downs but now I'm just.. here. Not moving, not changing. Shit, the fact that this is my best outlet says so much about my life.

If she’s crazy enough she will take your cum from her ass and put it in her pussy best use a condom on crazy bitches

I've always wanted to post a full nude with my face showing but I know I shouldn't

Today I went to my first AA meeting. I feel like an ass for being there, and for my expectations of the people I would meet. They have real problems. They went through real shit. More than that, they were better people than me for having come over it (some of them trying) and sharing it with fucking strangers.
I thought half of them would be people shuffling their feet to make their probation officers happy and the other half being weird religious people waving their dicks around about how better they are because Jesus. I was wrong. I am a self centered ass and I don't appreciate what I have.

Don't. Internet pics are 4ever.

I've been with 20+ girls, and the best was an 11yo

cause she was tight? or ?

I feel like people lump together actual childfucking pedophile pieces of shit (0-13 year olds) with people who just make mistakes with people who are like 16-17 and the guys are like 18 or 19. I don’t mean people who exclusively go for girls that age, that’s weird to me too, but I’m talking dudes who have their lives ruined because women sought them the fuck out, or because they dated someone like three years younger than them but due to laws, it’s somehow illegal if they got sent a nude or something. It’s fucked how society also labels those men in the latter group as sex offenders and doesn’t specify that it’s not an extreme case, and that haunts them through their lives and makes people judge them before they meet them. I used to be one of those people who was like, no, anyone who does anything like that deserves to be raped and killed, but I mean for cases like the latter, not really. I say this as someone on the right wing side of the spectrum politically. People turn into savage animals and vultures in an effort to make themselves seem morally superior when they’ve possibly done things MORE fucked up than that and those people are the worst. Nobody deserves to be raped and if I had a daughter who was 16, I’d let them date a 19 year old, as long as they weren’t a druggy waste of life or someone with a fixation on age. If it just happened that they clicked, fine. I believe my great grandparents married at age 16 for great grandmother, age 20 for great grandfather, it might even have been the reverse. That being said, fuck people who exclusively go for people under 18 in a predatory way, that’s different. I guess I just feel like I’m not allowed to say that sometimes things aren’t black and white and the man isn’t always some monster. Also funny how the women in the situation never see jail time but the men always do nearly. Where they get beaten and raped by inmates who are fucking retards as well.

Shit, you just said a whole lot about yourself right there. Do you have any idea how the majority of people won't even face reality therefore nothing ever changes? Dude, get a sponsor, fuck the Jesus shit if it doesn't work right now, and keep getting your shit together. Good luck.

She was cute as fuck and had awesome body. It's cliche but yes she was pretty tight. Took her v, was kinda painful for her but every time after she was good to go

how old were you when you took her v.

I am deeply in love with my half sis. Literally don't care about any other girlS

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i am begging you to choose another girl. there is most likely no good reason youre attracted to her. billions of other girls look the same with their clothes off

In my last few summers of going on vacation with my family to a nudist resort I messed around with some girls way younger than I should have, just because they were interested in me and I didn't want to turn them down.

I feel guilty for having taken advantage of them when they were horny, probably just due to the setting as much as anything to do with me.

how old were they?

I'm attracted to her personality. Not her looks. She's the sweetest girl there is

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Kill yourself. Go on, join the 40% faggot

Weak ass piece of shit.

Around 12-14.

that's... actually admirable. i'm pleasantly surprised.

Thanks. She's just a perfect fit and I hate that I am related with her now

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Degenerate faggot.

Wow you are a real piece of garbage. Fucking subhuman non-American piece of shit.

Did you force her to have sex under threat if disclosure? Rape her yourself? Details man details.

Based incest user.

Remember: Lolis are for sexual gratification.

I don't think I love my girlfriend anymore and I don't know what to do.

Faggot pedo scum.

How old were you?

One doesn't. Drinking is for weakling degenerate failures.

I've been there. Broke up and everything is better now

I'd like to find and kill you.

Im not sober enough to share story ATM sry. She was the youngest I had sex with but i the youngest I'd did anything with was 9, made out and fingered her

Im probably a sociopath operating in a two year relationship with a girl I plan on marrying whom I've cheated on plenty of times. Also an avid drug user in a six figure salary position where such behavior isn't tolerated. Looking forward to when the shit hits the fan and I go full Tiger Woods

used to occasionally fuck a married chick 3 years ago and got her pregnant. Kid is now a toddler and looks just like I did at that age, and her husband doesn't know it's not his.

>On anti-depressants
>Being this much of a weakling
Just die already. You're an embarrassment.

I'm gay and have my best friend, as he sleeps drunk, pushed my penis into his mouth and sprayed him in the mouth.

If he knew what I did he would probably beat me up and renounce my friendship. I do not want to lose him

Says you need to an hero.

You're a rapist and should be in prison. Kill yourself.

19 the last year I went.

You are a weak little bitch is what you are. Developing a drinking problem in the first place is a sign you are a failure as a person and are likely subhuman. You're worthless and a piece of shit scumbag to boot.

Why bother encouraging this piece of shit? Anyone who even has a drinking problem is too weak to bother with.

Fucking faggot rapist.

Problem is idk if it's my depressed state or if I actually don't feel for her anymore or maybe both

drunk is the best state to share stories

I get off sharing pics and videos of my buddy's stuck up bitch milf ex. Dumb unaware bitch thinks it was all deleted and would be beyond fucking ashamed and humiliated if she knew that people know exactly what she hides underneath her expensive designer clothes and what she looks like with a cock in her mouth and cunt and taking loads to her face

Go away Barry.

care to share? discord?

Not for me. Takes way too much effort and time I'm lol

Does imig work for you?

I did worse

How old were the girls?

sure go for it

imig es/c/JVJjLM2
I can add more videos if anyone is interested. Let me know what you think of this upscale bitch

Around 12-14.

Man I can’t see the attraction to that. I’m 24 now, but at 20 the youngest person I’d consider dating would have been 17. Anyone 12-14 would be annoying as shit to me then.

marry the girl, build a family : big chances that focusing hard enough on building the apparences will prevent you to go full TW
fake it till you make it lol

>Got any better suggestions
Or just, you know... keep your dick in your pants, or at least out of crazy.