Drawthread Nothing But Stressed Edition

Drawthread Nothing But Stressed Edition

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Drawfag roll call

Requesting her getting arrested and handcuffed for a DUI, being screamed at to stop resisting and with the cop pinning her face against the car windshield so her nose and mouth is smushed embarrassingly like in the reference

Also, will drop nudes for whoever takes the request

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Requesting a comic of this girl, completely nude, getting swalowed whole and alive by a giant toad
>She strips down naked
>Grabbed by it's long sticky tongue
>Pulled into its mouth head-first; her lower body still outside the toad
>Toad gulps once pulling her deeper inside; hooves still outside, the rest of her inside the mouth
>Toad gulps again; lower body is in the mouth, upper body is in the stomach
>View of her entirely in its stomach
>From the outside, you can't even tell she was eaten
>Digested alive
>Remains disposed of
The idea originally popped in my head after playing some Fallout 76 and getting attacked by a radtoad.

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>Tfw you actually dream about your request
>Tfw she wanted to eaten alive in my dreams
>Tfw she was more enthusiastic about it than me

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If I draw it will you fuck off

Requesting a tracing artwork of this image of Sally Acorn and Amy Rose from below pic,but replaced them as Reggie from Twelve Forever and her mother,Judy.

Just simply tracing this fanart pic of Amy kissing Sally and turn into what look like Reggie grab her mother,Judy and kissing her on the mouth as a reward.

Also the dialogues should go like this:

Reggie:Thanks Mom, You're the Best

Judy:You're Welcome sweetie.

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just a quick sketch of President Jimmy Carter staring hopefully off into the distance would be much appreciated. Thanks, OP.

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If it's a fappable delivery, then yes.

>is Tang still lurking?

Pee pee poo poo

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Requesting this with a Shyguy

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Yeet could you do this one

Requesting Ichirin Kumoi getting knotted and impregnated by a werewolf.

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Yo! Gimme some good requests!

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You working on any requests?

A cute shadow ball creature.

Kay Faraday holding her fists up in a fighting stance, such as a boxer's, or wielding any kind of sword

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shut the fuck up

would be appreciated lol

Kallen Kaslana holding up a silver or gold cross to ward off demons.

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This Spartan with a party hat on his head, and slouching while standing, possibly in a frustrated/exhausted manner

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Requesting Mumei Fujitsubo from Hollow Song of Birds wearing nothing but lingerie.

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Er, why?

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Could someone please draw Gen enjoying a bowl of ramen? I'd really like it if he could have an exaggerated blissful smiley expression. I love this charasmatic snake and I want him to have some modern day ramen! You don't have to do the full delivery. If I get a sketch, I'll try asking for lines and the such. Thank you!

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>It’s going alrightinni linguini, nice dubs!!
Well it's pasta me you lel.

adorable blob thank you.


I don't do real people,

Requesting Za Hando being wholesome.

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draw this rose queen please.

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They won't. They've gotten deliveries before.

>I don't do real people
Are fembots really people?

That is truly saddening to hear

there was an awkward silence...

...and then i farted

oh. you cunt. I was about to do that joke.....

out-farted nerd

idk, just want to see Jimmy Carter staring off hopefully into the distance is all. his 95th birthday is tomorrow.

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what's your name? thank you drawanon, youre awesome.

too bad it's only a drawing and not real. I would love to breed magiks OC

absolute madman he did it

Bleh I tried but like... iunno

I was but now I'm not



More pls

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hey user! could you draw a thick Peni Parker from Into the Spiderverse eating herself out? I usually don't participate in these threads, but figured its worth a shot.

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I'm here to protect waman

what ever happened to the bee one? could you upload any work you did on it if you did?

dont even fucking think of lewding her

you should go back to not participating

dang man, some words strike deep.

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if its wholesome, it'd be fine

nah, she should eat herself out.

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i didn't save the Magik lewd from the last thread

anyone have that open still?

counter requesting Gandalf the wizard going eat her out and looking at her crotch saying
>i have no memory of this place

>thick Peni Parker
user youre a goddamn genius
but keep her as a shortstack with wide hips and a bubble butt

enjoy user

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make her anorexic and skeletal just to piss off this user

come on, man. Let me have this.

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I'd only be mildly disappointed
is she your waifu or something? you sad pathetic little creature lmao

oh yea, of course

The shibarbee one? I left when you posted it so... no... got the ref and request still?

protec me

you're killin me

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but my counter request is funny

> being queer enough to declare any fictional character your "waifu"

nah man, just thought of something I wanted to see and asked for it.

u da best

>protec me
I will with my sword of justice

nah just having some fun. i've not even watched into the spiderverse so i don't give two shits about her

You should try drawing some Magik lewds yourself then

right attitude my guy

yep i got some!

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you're my bro, bro
have a fatass shortstack on me

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>her face against the car windshield so her nose and mouth is smushed embarrassingly like in the reference

You have an amazingly specific fetish.

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>just to piss off this user
yeah okay

can i get Tang in just her bra and panties in a pin up pose with smoke surrounding her

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also if you can, could you please make her jizz the honeh

> fellas, do we know if anyone is drawing a thick peni parker eating herself out yet?

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just a reposting user, thank the drawfag when they show up fam

Requesting Atomic Robo with electricity surging around him, possibly in conjunction with his revolver as well

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like she has a broken spine or something please explain?

if you like thicc ass and fur, check out this thread before it 404s
I saved a ton from it. I'm gonna go empty my balls now

you need a new hobby dude

just imagine a woman being flexible enough to eat herself out, and that's what I'd like to see. Pretty much just incredible flexibility, yea

i really do, b-but bee waifuu

i can get the appeal like those flexible women in the french circus

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cringe repeat

i went for 3am energy drinks and i came back to this??!?!

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nO...Tang's art is really good and i'd really appricate it

I think you should punish them by making out with Bob Ross.
They will SEETH with jealousy.

then pay her to draw for you you lame ass repeat waifu shill

are you the artist working on the femanon and cutie request from yesterday?


hng, hot dress!


Is that your penis

the only answer to lewds is more lewds

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also yes hang on

why are you so fucking hot? I can only imagine what kind of a kinky freak you are in the sheets.

the character, though I'm sure you hold your own just fine irl as well

You are a god, thank you so much!

>Is that your penis


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Thanks user, I was looking for her face to be squashed more grostiquely/ugly but your delivery is still g. If you’re feelin up to it could you edit her face so her nose and lips are more pressed up and she looks more uncomfortable?

Ok my turn.
Something more SFW. Could you do a redraw of this man holding a gun to his side?

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those are just BEGGING to pop out