Clothed/dressed sluts thread

Clothed/dressed sluts thread.
Best ones. Ill start

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Off by one

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my gf. She's a teacher.

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Nice. How old?

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Late 30s, she teaches 14-16 year olds. Lucky guys.

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OP got nudes of her??


my kik - sharenshare

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Don't have kik, and its a shame. Shes hot.

Got a question. Kik is closing in a week, how will user talk and send sluts?
Any app solution?

When did they announce the close date?

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gotta see them tits

Kik itself, a bot from themselves spams messages telling it's closing in a week. Can't remember the day sorry


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kinda here

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You have no idea how badly I want those in my mouth.

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Sexy af.

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hot dog!