How the fuck did the world get so fucked up that the ADL is unironically calling the ok symbol and bowl haircuts white...

How the fuck did the world get so fucked up that the ADL is unironically calling the ok symbol and bowl haircuts white supremacist symbols.

How the fuck does half a generation of millennials have such lacking critical thinking that they just accept this bullshit as fact? Everything they disagree with is racist, and they just don't question that.

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It's because Sup Forums pretended to be 'triggered liberals'. It's a fake reaction, like how "leftists" got triggered by CupHead for being discriminatory to disabled people or whatever

Because when you """ironically""" do something for so long that it loses its irony, it's no longer ironic.

Huh. You got a point apparently? What should we do then?

Thats the problem with comedy, you always take shots from poeple who dont get the punchline.

Because they like boomers before them only look at the surface level, what "feels" right is no different than what is actually right. it's why bencil sharpino says "facts don't care about your feelings.

kek a lot of the racists who use that symbol do so with the intent of it being perceived as a racist/hate symbol

The ADL is fair with their classifications, though. They mention most people who use the ok symbol are not intending it to be a hate symbol. Same with Pepe.

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Idk bro, fuck society.
I'm an intelligent black user, who unintentionally uses that hand gesture during most conversations. It just means OK to me.

Um when racists use a symbol to be racist it becomes racist. This isn't hard?

This is actually nothing new. It's just more noticeable because these people can now network and spread their dim views at the speed of light via social media. So now everyone gets to benefit from their wisdumb.


I have read the entire thread, and this is by far the most short sighted vision of racism i ever saw.

You are exactly the type of person who will keep going to the movie to watch the latest marvel.

Each day you wake up, terrified that others migth know who you really are inside.

And at 60 you will watch Your grimacing visage in the mirror and ask yourself if you just spent your entire life just «not getting it»

Well it's pretty fucking obvious. If you're scuba diving and want to signal that you're ok to your partner, using that hand symbol is fine.

If you're some edgy cock from Sup Forums and you flick that hand symbol because you know it's associated with white power now and you want to trigger "the libs" with plausible deniability then it's not ok.

How are you too stupid to realise this? It's pretty fucking obvious when people are saying they're ok vs. using it because they know it has an extra meaning.

I haven't seen a marvel movie since Iron Man 3,
p r o p h e c y f a g

Fuck off, you pretentious little popinjay

Dude lemme just say semi vague deep stuff in random thread while on the shitter ,its my kink.

But hey in all seriousness, we all know what is happening, just have fun and enjoy the ride and it will all get sorted out soon.

I don't believe in conspiracy theories. I do however have endless faith in the bottomless stupidity of humans.