Would you lick Ivanka’s ass hole?

Would you lick Ivanka’s ass hole?

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look at that disgusting cow

Eewww no! That’s nasty! She probably poops from there!

what a fucking whore.

I'd kick it with a steel-toed boot with a spike on the tip.

My man

Nah, pretty sure Daddy Trump has had his slimy tongue in there.

Of course

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If it was god for ElPresidente, it will be god to me ;)


No. I don't want to taste her daddy's jizz

I’d wear a cock lock, and eat trumps cream pie out of her ass :)

No. I'd ass Ivanka's lick hole.

Maybe in like 98 OP. She looks like a nightmare naked.

100 yes as long as I get to fuck and cum inside her pussy

So how photoshops those clothes off?

tried Deepnude, results were uninspiring.

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Girls don't poop you fucking retard.

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pick one you incel

Nah I'd rather Tiffany's. I don't think even her dad has been in that one.


Boy, sure smells like summer in here!


>needs plastic surgery to literally look like a 7.

you mean her dad? hes a asshole right?

With vigor!

And anything else she'd let me do to her yes.

Not today she doesn’t.

This is the only correct response

I would whilst she was hooked up to an industrial milking machine.

No but I would let her father let lick mine any time.

You mean her husband?

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Id steal that $2k skirt off her ass and squeeze a nipple.

Nah its probably full of trump daddy's semen and I'm not a fag.

Omg Don can get her sooo wet.. what a lucky man

That's what Russia has on him. It's no piss tape, it's his homemade cp tape when she was 8.

I think most of the shit she spews comes from her mouth (like her papa).

Yes I would lick her asshole

shes 50% trump

Ya, sure she is.