Guys with pearly penile papules, what are girls reactions?

guys with pearly penile papules, what are girls reactions?

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How tf do guys get this?

No girl did ever say something about mine.
Do not care what whores think about your cock user

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Around 30% of males have those user

Nice disease lumpy dick

It's not a big deal


ribbed/textured for her pleasure

I have then too OP!
None of them have said shit too which idk if they noticed it or not but they've sucked and fucked it and never said anything

Been with my fair share of sweet pears, and NONE have ever had a problem with it.

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+1 to pull out dmg

Okay Virgin Faggot...

Girls look for any gross shit on the Dick.
Then they smell the Dick,
Last test is the taste sample.
- then they blow the shit out of it..

If you are unlucky to find a slut that doesn't suck dick, Non of the above..

Straight in the hole..

I can tell that this was typed by a fucking chad.

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None of them ever said shit, but mine aren't as obvious as OP pic

So the information is wrong then?

I have it, been with about 40 girls only one has ever asked thought it was a std so i showed her the WIki on it, that was the worst thate ver happened.

>ribbed for her pleasure

>ribbed for her pleasure

same only very suttle but no questions asked or weird looks didnt even seem to notice

Surprised, explain what it is and that's ok

they usually don't care unless it looks REALLY weird. many girls are also self-conscious about the shape of their labia and know that genitalia generally can have all kinds of quirks

It's just natural.