Why does chan4 go to shit when americans go to sleep?

why does chan4 go to shit when americans go to sleep?
theres not a single worthwhile thread up atm

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Why is that gun color hue so common. Perfer stainless steel.

America NEVER sleeps. Sup Forums has gone to shit anyways

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People seem to be acting more civilized on here on Sup Forums from waht I've seen for the last few months. It's pretty gay.

What was the last good thread you were in?

I think you mean europoor goes to sleep, you can always tell when America is waking from their sugercoma’s. The board fills with porn, blacked threads, ylyl general I haven’t lost in two years, celeb threads. Basically the place turns plebbit. It’s actually kind of embarrassing for you.

hey, i'm american and i'm here. nothing else matters

>waking from their sugercoma’s
i think what you meant to say is that the world economy takes flight again since all the american money pours back into it. we're just a fucking pocketbook to you assholes

Really, this is Sup Forums. shall i tell you about Sup Forums?

Sup Forums is the guy who tells the cripple ahead of him in line to hurry up.
Sup Forums is first to get to the window to see the car accident outside.
Sup Forums is the one who wrote your number on the mall's bathroom wall.
Sup Forums is a failing student who makes passes at his young, attractive English teacher.
Sup Forums is the guy loitering on Park Ave. that is always trying to sell you something.
Sup Forums is the one who handed his jizz-drenched clothes to Good Will.
Sup Forums is one who first introduced you to Goatse.
Sup Forums is a hot incest dream that you'll try to forget for days.
Sup Forums is the only one of your group of friends to be secure in his sexuality and say anything.
Sup Forums is the guy without ED who still likes trying Viagra.
Sup Forums is the best friend that tags along for your first date and cock-blocks throughout night. The decent girl you're trying to bag walks out on the date, Sup Forums laughs and takes you home when you're drunk, and you wake up to several hookers in your house who Sup Forums called for you.
Sup Forums is a friend that constantly asks you to try mutual masturbation with him.
Sup Forums is the guy who calls a suicide hotline to hit on the adviser.
Sup Forums is nuking the hard-drive next time someone knocks on his door.
Sup Forums is the one who left a used condom outside the schoolyard.
Sup Forums is the voice in your head that tells you that it doesn't matter if she's drunk.
Sup Forums is the friend who constantly talks about your mom's rack.
Sup Forums is the only one who understands what the hell you saying.
Sup Forums is someone who would pay a hooker to eat his ass, and only that.
Sup Forums is the uncle who has touched you several times.
Sup Forums is still recovering in the hospital, after trying something he saw in a hentai.
Sup Forums is the pleasure you feel guilty of when you tried playing with your anus during masturbation.
Sup Forums is wonderful.

Have you tried amputee whores?

Dude when the Americans (most of the American visitors are payed buzzfeed posters) go to sleep Sup Forums dies out because all the EU visitors have left Sup Forums since Sup Forums because a left propaganda hole.

because it was designed for military use, not for faggots

you cowards probably dont even smoke crack

I wish you would have left me alone 2 years ago I don't want real friends and you won't let me have imaginary ones and being awake is starting to hurt

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i remember the guys that tried to pick lint off the carpet and smoke it. yeah, i've been in a house with all the window blinds pulled down before. i wondered where that gram of coke went in those 5 fucking minutes, i used to make one last all night. what a bunch of fucking dipshits

so i'm sitting here about half hit in teh ass on a sunday morning. been drinking for 48 hours or so with no sleep. and i'm cruising Sup Forums. i see this beautiful, slightly slant eyed white girl in a Chicago Bears boggon with her tongue stuck out the side of her mouth in a mirror pic. my eyes immediately light up.

it's this guy that claims he's her boyfriend/fiance/husband, i don't remember which. and he tells the story of a catholic girl that is very demure but when nobody is watching, gets freaky as fuck. she evidently had some episode in high school (the are both 24 now) along the lines of a "she got a little drunk and sucked off a few guys at once". but it's a big secret, except among the people that have clued him in on it.

continued soon as i get the rest typed out

sorry, i think slower than i type. and remember, i have no idea if any of this is the least bit true, it's just what i've gathered from the last few weeks of shit that has gone down.

so he has the idea that she is kinda wanting to keep all down low and not look slutty, but he's one of those guys that has a feeling that he wants to maybe watch her do something like this and maybe it might be with more than one guy, take pics, that sort of thing.

now, i'm talking back and forth with him on Sup Forums. so he finally comes across with what he's been trying to get at the whole time. he wants a bunch of niggers to come gangbang her, because that's his fantasy. he claims they live just outside of toronto, and when i tell him how hot she is, he tells me i should come on up and fuck her.

now, he hasn't even approached her about anything, so that was a no go from jump street. but he tells me he is going to approach her about it when she gets home


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which asshole in here actually thinks that round will fit in that magazine? that fucking thing is bigger than the grip frame. what is that, a blackout or a whisper? kek as fuck dude

Just waking up, man. Let me get some coffee going.

Reminds me of this pic, I just happened to have a bunch of .223 laying around

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yes, please DO continue!

Of course it fits, that's a 5.7

Do you even gun bro

ok, i stand corrected. i'm not much for that round, i remember when it came out but seriously, i never gave it much credit. i'm more of a .357 guy

I too prefer .357, but would love to have a 5.7 just because I can.


FN 5.7.... shoots a round designed for bullpup rifles (P90FS).

i can dig it baby
seriously, i talked to a deputy sheriff once that told me he saw someone shot with a .357 and it looked like the fucker got struck by lightning. that's one motherfucker of a round. i think i'd rather get hit with a .45 than a .357

Wtf is this britfag smoking

truthfully, Sup Forums is a fucking left ass shill hole. now that we've established that, listen....

so i was sitting at home one night. wife and me decide to get a pizza so we don't have to cook. so natch i volunteer to got and get a pizza. my excuse to leave the house. and when i leave the house back then, i don't come back. straight to the local bar.

i get there, sit around and b/s with the bartender for a while, drink like a fish and watch the braves lose (1989) on TV. so about 10pm, i've been gone from the house for 3 hours. there is this drunk as fuck chick about 3 seats down from me at the bar, and she's been flirty with me all night, but i've been playing it cool.

bartender says, "hey, can you drop her off at her apartment, she lives about a mile from here and i was supposed to take her but i've got to clean up here"

oh fuck.....talk about having something dropped right in your lap.

"yeah, i'll take her". and keep in mind, she was drunk as fuck and had been flirting with me all night.

i got her about 5 feet out the door and told her that we were going somewhere, but not to her apartment. i don't think she believed me, she kept saying her boyfriend was expecting her home. like i fucking cared. i drove out in the complete opposite direction of her place, out to the interstate to a motel i know. got a room, practically had to carry her in by that time she was so drunk. but never a single resist, she knew exactly what was happening.

took her into the room. laid her out on the bed, and proceeded to fuck the living deadlights out of her eyes. didn't want to take a chance on cumming in here, so then i mounted her chest and put my dick to her mouth. she said, "you're not putting that in my moglugg glahhagg ieowhj thoushneijo" at least that's what it sounded like. i fucked her mouth until i shot a load and she drank it right down like a champ.


user of truth.

Isn't that called gun blue or bluing

you know he just copy pasted that and isn't the first person to ever say that on here, right?

bluing but you can have a really good looking one, or just a sad as fuck looking one. if you want to see the height of the art, look at a python.

doesn't make it less right

the five seven is covered in polymer over 100% of its exterior

but most guns use nitriding now which is what makes them black and corrosion resistant

no shit, i didn't know that. learn something new everyday

my sweet little 101, my daily carry in summer

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so she then says, "fuck me again and then we can go to and you can get us some coke"

i say "what are you, fucking nuts? it's 2am, i'm not driving drunk 100 miles to get you coke." so i don't get fucked again and she passes out. so i also get a couple hours sleep.

i only had one car so i had to get my wife to work the next day. so at about 5AM i had to shit and get. i tried to wake her up but she wouldn't budge. problem was, she had my shirt on, i'm not sure how but in the fuckathon we had she somehow ended up with my favorite Tshirt on. oh well, guess i lost that one. i hit the road, got home, crashed for about an hour then got up and drove my wife to work (i was a lot younger then, i could handle that type of hard living).

so, i hear nothing. hell, she didn't know who i was. i never even knew her name and she didn't know mine. but one thing i forgot. the bartender did.

so, in the mean time, the place i worked had moved across town. i didn't get to frequent the same bars i used to. i hadn't been back to that particular bar for that whole time. it was getting close to Christmas, and i knew that there was a Christmas party at that bar every year, so i called them to make a reservation, it was a private party type thing. that's when i get the bird's eye low down.

"hey, dude, i want to reserver a couple of spots for me and the boss man for the party"

"uh, user, you might not want to come to the party this year"

"what? don't tell me i pissed someone off? hell, it can't be that bad"

"uh, user, let me go to the office and change phones so i can talk"

at that point, i'm thinking. oh fuck. there must be cops listening in the bar. what the hell did i get into this time? because i used to be, well you don't even want to know. if i had got caught for even 1/10th of the shit i did, it would be a life sentence.

he gets to the office.


hurry up, i have to go to work soon

"user, there was this girl in here a few weeks ago, and Bartender 1 says you took her home."

"well, that's really cool of him to tell on me like that. what about it?"

"well, she never got home and she says you raped her. her boyfriend had to pick her up at some motel and he cornered me when i opened the bar last week with a handgun, looking for you, he had your name from the credit card you used to rent the room"

yeah, i was young and stupid

"ok, well see ya"

never went back to that bar for about 3 years. didn't really give a shit after that, figured it was played out. still, every time i drive by the apartment complex she supposedly lived in, i get a little chubby.

it's really kind of fun being me. want to hear more stories of my charmed life?

since you gotta go to work, i'll quicken up a few. i have them pretyped for expedience sake

i saw a woman get her head cut off. i saw her daughter die in my dad's hands while he told her it would be ok. fucking car accident, dad told me to stay but i had to see. i was like 5 years old. the little girl was maybe 3 or 4. i still remember him throwing the shirt he had on in the trash with both their blood on it. that mom was hit so hard that her head came off and she was in the back seat. that was the last thing that little girl saw before she died. her mom's body and her mom's head about 2 feet away from it. that's when i knew there was no god.

yeah, it's me
saw a guy get hit on the freeway by a cadillac doing about 80. it's a funny thing, you watch the old little rascals shows and you see the people fly straight up in the air when they run into them. it really happens. he must have flown 15 feet up and about 50 feet out. i ran over to him and he was still alive. his head was turned around facing over his back, but he was still alive looking at me and gurgling. he was dead within minutes, but those few minutes must have really sucked ass. i almost couldn't drink all my beers that night. sucked to be him i guess. better him than me.

I prefer urban black myself.

with the sights on the side, negro style? sweet
here's one i actually took the time to green text

>be me
>be 17, and hanging with a friend the same age
>what the fuck are we going to do tonight user?
>have you ate today?
>no, i ate yesterday. i've been drinking beer ever since so i'm not really hungry
>well i'm hungry, let's get some food
>the guy that owns the whole damn neighborhood also owns the restarant on the corner
>sneak up, all quiet, 101 airborne style
>kick in back door, it's closed anyway so no one is there
>rack up about $300 worth of steaks and hamburgers
>suddenly front door opens, it's the owner's son, who is also a friend of mine
>wouldn't like me robbing his dad
>we go to ground immediately, 101 airborne style
>he rumages around, we realize he's stealing shit too
>belly crawl out and across the parking lot
>when we get out of sight, fire several rounds into the generator outside to make it look real
>owner's son shits his pants
>i break into another friends house that is for sale, cook steaks in the oven dripping puddles of grease all over the calrod

Lol nah, nice bait.

another one from my misspent youth. god it's fun being me

>other buddy of mine, it's another saturday night
>what the fuck are we going to do tonight user?
>well, whatever it is it is going to require alcohol
>no wheels
>walk 4 miles to the beer store just over the county line
>17 years old, the owner thinks i'm 24 because i'm hugely tall and muscles
>he even has a system where he puts ice in a brown paper bag, a poor man's cooler
>get 2 twelve packs, start hiking back
>get to the afore mentioned restaurant on the corner
>it's across the street from the Charlotte Motor Speedway
>anyone that knows CMS knows the billboard in that parking lot
>i look at buddy, he looks at me. it's dark and we just know whe are climbing that bitch
>go up, start drinking, busting out lights, turning lights to face other directions
>after about 2 hours, cops show up
>user says, "oh fuck, we're caught"
>i say "just shut the fuck up and do what i say"
>go totally silent, 101 airborne style
>cops try to scare us into coming down
>cops then leave to con us into coming down
>user says, "let's run, the cops are gone"
>i say "no, they are just gaming us. stay put"
>about 10 minutes later they come back and threaten us again
>they finally give up figuring that we aren't up there, we must have left before they got there
>stay quite, don't move for another half hour
>climb down, break into restaurant, steal steaks
>break into that same guys house again, cook steaks in the oven dripping puddles of grease all over the calrod
>other stupid friend tries to be like me
>comes down from billboard the first time the cops leave
>dumb fuck

no bait dude, i actually did all this shit. i was a fucking maniac. i still am to a certain extent

>American money.
Over $20 TRILLION in dept, America owes its whole world to one Jew family are you fucking dumb. If the Saudi princes moved their money out of an American bank and in to a European bank your whole economy would crash.

if it's and buts were candy and nuts
you can wish for the USA downfall all you want, it won't make it magically happen. and even if it did, your ass would be the worse for it. guess why you can have social democracy? because we are funding half of it at least, probably more. so learn to suck it, DX style

ok, you want the bottom line, i'll give it to you. kennedy got us into something to save the frenchies asses. they got in a bush war and couldn't fucking win it. then LBJ took over and he couldn't put his fucking thumb in his ass. then he left it and Nixon got us out of Vietnam. yes, look at history, the republcan got us out of the mess the democrats made. if you want to blame anyone for vietman, it sould be kennedy and johnson. nixon fixed it.

You’re funding nothing you fool, you are literally at the foot of the Jew and Arab with the begging bowl out. Absolute state of your imbecile country. But who cares...it’s all for the great red, white and blue right. Idiot with no idea what you are talking about but yes America fuck yeah.


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It's a FiveSeven it shoots 5.7x28mm such a badass firearm