God-tier black metal albums

god-tier black metal albums

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good taste bro Falkenbach is my favorite

Falkenbach is the best viking metal short of Bathory - Hammerheart.

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You see, that's the problem

>Viking metal


>Black metal

Is this (pic related) black metal ?

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Falkenbach and Bathory are also the best viking black metal. Yes that’s black metal.

I really disagree... But doesn't matter in the end. Let's kick this thread off

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>doesn’t know the definition of black metal.

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Okay, first of all, fuck you ! And second of all... fuck you !

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Does anyone know if Vratyas plans to release a new Album anytime soon? It's been 6 years

You shitty Scandinavians think black metal revolves around you.

I love the atmospheric polish shit

It's actually bretty nice ! Took me a while to learn to appreciate mgla, but with "age of excuse" and the way he works those cymbals... Fucking amazing.

Ukranian is also pretty nice

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yeah, do you like Markov Soroka?

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New Obsequiae album coming next month.

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Haven't heard yet, I'm barely scratching the surface. But will check out

Esoctrilihum - Pandaemorthium

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he made Tchornobog which is widely praised death/black/doom, but he also makes lots of black metal

Seems so, yeah. Thanks for the heads up


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>Behemoth's Evangalion

Probably not their best album, but the first one I ever got my hands on and it hooked me for sure.

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behemoth is death metal. that’s like their only respectable album, though

french bm is the most patrician

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Like those "vampires" hiding out in a castle ?

yes it is vampires who craft the finest black metal

Huh... I always thought it was made by trolls. I'd give anything to catch that arckanum dude wandering around in his get-up

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I think it goes vampires>americans>trolls

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love this album

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Ia it pronounced
Falcon Bach
Or Fachen Bach?
Either way the message is clean "fuck you Bach"

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