I’m going to Byron Bay a a few weeks. I want to fuck some backpacker puss

I’m going to Byron Bay a a few weeks. I want to fuck some backpacker puss.

Any Aussie bros got some good tips? How has done well with hot backpackers?

Also AMA

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Use a hammer to the back of their head

If you’re local (Aussie) just say hello.

Accent is a panty dropper for the backpackers.

Works for me and I’m a solid 3/10. Just don’t be a douche and you’ll have your end wet in no time.

Take double the money you planned on taking and half the condoms. Watch out for hairy armpit hippy chicks.....i think they root farm animals.

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Inb4 dollarydoos

Yeah I’m aussie. Recommend any pubs or clubs?

I’ve not been there in 10 years.

But my advice goes for anywhere back packers gather.

I’m 30 but look 26. I’m travelling by myself

Im an American but i want to become an aussie and develop an aussie accent

Should I go for the Aussie girls or the foreign girls?

Sorry we full

I am slightly overweight and nothing to look at. Doesn’t matter with backpackers. You will be fine if you follow the no douche advice.

Foreign. Aussie girls are immune.

Thanks bro. I’ll hit them up and be just easy going. Whats the code for sealing the deal? Let’s go for a walk on the beach? Back to my camper? Smoke some green with me?

Skip that shithole and go to Nimben and mullumbimby and Lismore nearby. Probably in that order.

I don't know what the point of Byron is other than beaches and art colonies etc. I went there for a few days, some art collectives and a bonfire on the beach the cops shut down were the only good thing I found.

Are there girls to pick up in Nimbo, Bimbo and Lismo?

There are girls to pick up all over the whole country. If you haven't scored yet, you are doing something wrong.

If you are not a surfer, then the whole point of areas like those ones is drugs and counter/hippie culture.

I couldn't give a shit for beaches personally, this whole country is surrounded by them. So I didn't find much to do in Byron other than look for creative shit.

Also I hope you brought your wallet. Fuck, that place is gentrified as hell with airbnb and boomers everywhere from what I heard.

The Nimben Pot Museum was pretty great but it mysteriously burned down, I am not sure what it's like there now.

There was a hippie backpacker joint near there called rainbow something, that place had a bong openly in the communal area, it was pretty cool. Can recommend.

Man, fuck Lismore

Grew up in nimbin and work in Byron AMA

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Lismore? you're a fucking idiot. Its a mental health meth head retard wasteland

Also this. Lismore is barren

OP here. I’ll be there in a few weeks. What are the best spots for picking up? Any tips?

If you want we could hit the town together... ;)

Are you like 14? Just go out and travel and explore places for yourself. You sound like you can't do anything without someone holding your hand and taking you there. Just go and do it man. Don't focus on backpackers, just get out there and mingle the night spots and have some fun

Byron here, nice ass mate

He ain’t wrong. It’s beyond easy mate, everyone’s out to mingle. But all the same go have a few beers at the northern, beach hotel maybe, then move to locura later in the night because it’s a fuck sight better than cheeky monkeys. Just don’t forget your wallet like the other user said. Byron’s expensive

I’m keen on smoking weed. Should I bring it up with girls or just stick to booze. Could they be interested?


Byron Bay is a great place to visit but a shithole to live. So visit it and go out to bars and nightclubs and fuck whatever you can. However there's plenty of hot unemployed surfer guys and hot tourist guys, so start doing situps if you're not fit yourself.

If you don't score in Byron just go up the Gold Coast. Plenty of sluts there. Easy lay.

Ballina Lismore Yamba Iluka all shitholes, avoid. I grew up in this area and know it well. Nimbin is literally like half a dozen buildings and someone will definitely sell you weed there.

If you go Nimbin try to have some hash cookies, really nice there, corner pub is cheap, you can have cold drinks there easy, weed everywhere can buy as much as you want, if you smoke weed dont drive on the back cops may pull you over, I have been with 4 girls around that area, 2 French 1 Japanese 1 Pome, all were nice and takitive girls,

Nice. Did you hookup with them at te backpackers in nimbin? Which one?

user got this right.
Hit up Goldie if you want a root, but don't expect much more than bimbo sluts.
Byron is fun for a quick visit, but it gets exxy/boring after a week.
Stay the fuck away from Lismore, that place is for meth heads and bogan cunts who want to shelve bundy cans

I met with French girls in music festival, fucked the first one during the festival, we were too high ate some magic mushroom and fucked the second girl in camping area, she was drinking and pissing next to me,I fingered her bare arse she liked it, took her to my tent after, fucked and smoked all night,


Sometimes you get the odd bird going topless at the beach and shit. I can't say much cause me and the misses down together all the time. It's like an hour's drive. But the people are open and friendly just be the same and it'll happen

That doesn't mean there is nothing of worth there.

I know some interesting people there doing some interesting things.

both, they're both quite slutty, speaking from experience.

They're surrounded by Aussies you dumb fuck. Your accent is annoying af too.

Fuck off