Just moved into a new house

Just moved into a new house
Anything useful I can do with this thing?

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arrl.org/files/file/ETP/Radio Astronomy/Build a Homebrew Radio Telescope-QST-0609.pdf

sell as scrap?
keep it as decoration?
try to fit it into your asshole?

Satellite TV from around the world.
Amateur radio astronomy.
Sell it for scrap.
Don't overlook the first or second.

Line it with super reflective mylar and point it at the sun, that will burn that black thing at the apex to cinders then attach a grill to the struts and you have a massive fucking solar cooker.

Glorious firepit.

make it shoot lasers

radio telescope, its easier to do then you think. either that or hacking satellites.

This. The reflector seems enough for a couple kilowatts output. You have to change the collimator, maybe a vanadium-astatine-gallium is out of your reach (80k the amplifier only), a 3x3 focuser matrix could go for a few grands but then you can't leave it mounted because even if weatherproof it will need constant re-calibration.
I'd also weld a supports for the amplifiers because the shorter and thicker the cables, the less overheat.

Get a satellite tv receiver for free to air channels, make sure the trea reciever on the dish is still good, replace the positioning motor on the dish pole& you're in business. Should only cost a couple hundred dollars max. I live literally in the middle of nowhere & use a c-band satellite dish similar to the one in ops pic to watch tv / listen to radio stations. There's c-band forums that provide the coordinates for satellites to get tv and radio from.

dance on it with a bowl full of spaghetti. You know, the moms kind.

Where are you getting the internet from? I know you can get satellite but I think it's kinda expensive.

Cell phone booster on a 12 foot pole. The nearest del tower is a few miles away & doesn't provide a strong enough signal without me using abooster. With my juryrigged booster tower, I get a solid signal. That and an unlimited monthly data plan for $50 has me covered.

*cell tower

Yeh, contact these guys and see if they'll come down and clean up this (((Godless))) shit hole.

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>nearest del tower is a few miles away
Well I wouldn't exactly call it in the middle of nowhere then.

I want one. Lots of cool free to air tv out there.

you can hold a LOT of popcorn now

Ku frequency satellite TV.

Sell as custom smoker grill. Just add bonfire

Get into amateur radioastronomy and thank me later.

You can only drift scan, even then its very inaccurate- But a great learning experience. We did this as a school project at University.

Here is a guide:

arrl.org/files/file/ETP/Radio Astronomy/Build a Homebrew Radio Telescope-QST-0609.pdf