Hey there medi fags i got a serious problem

Hey there medi fags i got a serious problem
My tatto that i got 1 year ago suddenly raised and have created bumps
What is happening to me?

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scratching at it ? it happens. idk why but mine do it too

Might be an allergic reaction. Go see a doctor.

btw shit tattoo

Yeah op is a fag

That mostly happens if you get a shit tattoo

Heat rash or you developed an allergy. Can happen after years.

just a minor infection I'd say
maybe kill yourself just to be on the safe side


Go to a dermatologist ASAP

One day you're going to realise you don't like slipknot as much as you did when you were younger. You have to be a dumb ass to get any band tattoo in such a place on your body.

It is not “just a band tattoo”
Its a tattoo that i got due to it getting me through tough times
Reminding me of not going on that path and how it helped me

I don’t like tattoos and would never personally want one, but I like the design of yours OP

That’s a nice reasoning too

Skin cancer. If it's melanoma caused by the tattoo irritating the melanocytes you're dead in 6 months, no hope.

Aren't tattoos cool?

>Its a tattoo that i got due to it getting me through tough times

That's interesting because you are about to go through some tough times with your tattoo.

Expect some scarring and possibly the need for skin grafts.

If you are lucky, it won't lead to necrosis.

Good luck with your tattoo.


A tattoo got you through tough times? Really? You're that much of a pussy faggot that inking your skin helps you cope with life?

cool tatt

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Cleary case of niggerosclerosis

oh dear
hate to be OP

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Sometimes it will feel itchy, and if you scratch it, and it will bump up. Got my first tattoo 18 years ago, and it can do this from time to time. Worst is if a mosquito or another bug bite the area.
On a side note, got the same tattoo as my first. Got sleeves made 5 years ago, still love 'em

That's just your immune system fucking with it. It happens when they tattoo artist went too deep with the needle. Still happens to me during hangovers with tattoos I got 25 years ago.

This is normal you cunt
After a couple days/weeks it goes back to normal
Cant believe a post had to die for this

Yeah what a shame another porn/FB thread died. Truly a loss for this board


Yeah I have heaps up my arms. When that spot gets itchy for whatever reason it raises I tend to brush it off

Ink containing metal and an allergic reaction. Bonus, you can't laser that off either, it would just get darker.

i wouldnt hire

no visible tatts
no niggers
no muslims for sure
no young white kids
the best employees are older mexican women

these people are overreacting, my friend had the same thing with a homejob of his and nothing happened, this was years ago. in saying that it differs from person to person, good luck!

Hep C. At least they can cure it now though.

Infected. Most anons are right when they say you better hope it doesnt result in a skin graft.

Never go cheap when it comes to getting ink.

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Whatever fuckhead some of the best tattooist are spic criminals that work with a single needle scratch gun and charge fuck all

>Ey ese, chu want me to giv you a tattoo with a guitar string and a broken pen?
>Dont worry mang ive been inside im da bess

legitimately incorrect statement bud, quality isn't directly linked to cost, but almost every time it makes a huge amount of difference in both what the tattoo originally looks like and how the tattoo ages.

Don't let any random person just draw on you with a machine. Get it done right if you want a tattoo.

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>getting a slipknot tattoo in 2018
Dunno what's more swollen, your tattoo or mick thomson?

Imagine what she looks like without all that makeup and the pushup bra.

I've always wanted to travel to Japan or New Zealand and get a traditional tattoo done with pokey-sticks or the hammer sticks...

Being this mentally retarded and having context but not the reading comprehension to understand it.

Actually this.

Now a days its hard to find Irezumi (Japanese tattoos) Between the 4th and 7th century the tattoos were mostly used as penal marks to let people know what kind of criminal you were. Alot of the large tattoos you saw were designed to cover the penal marks, thats why you'll see some sleeve pieces with a wedge taken out of the under arm near the armpit, it's a sign of good faith that you aren't trying to hide your criminal past. However most masters have died and their apprentices didn't take over the art with the hand needle due to the ease of using a machine. It's a shame because it's an amazing art form and with the special inks and techniques you would never get half of the rejection injuries you see ITT. Idk much about the Maori tattoos except that they are sacred and shit, so finding an actual Artist to give you one will be a challenge. They would probably give you a trial or something to earn one if your lucky.

>They would probably give you a trial or something to earn one if your lucky.
I'd be more than happy to take that trial if it meant getting a traditional tattoo. I respect the process too much to just say "oh, well, groovy then" and walk away...

Same. I always hate how people get tattoos because
>hurr me like thing
I would love to go through a cave of horrors trial to earn a moko. The Japanese masters would sit with you and talk about your beliefs and honors and such and they design the Mon-Mon based off who you really are, not who you think you are. The designs could range from a dragon to Mudo Fyoo, to get the fuck out of my house you don't deserve my ink. Tattoos are pretty important things and they should not be shown off. Don't be one of those faggots that has a tattoo on his forearm and when he's asked what it means they reply
>oh its personal I don't talk about it

Cheap ink. Kitchen tattoo scar tissue.
Looking at the hatch you did it yourself with your right hand.

Use bag balm. It's cheap
Or aquaphore

Keep your shit clean, sterilization.
A staph infection can fuck you up had

Muh traditions, no one cares

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We do :(

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Could you imagine having to live with that garbage on your wrist forever. Oof.
Hope you're embarrassed user.

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Prolly cause tattoo is literally shit. Putting shit into your skin tends to infect it.

One of my stupid Exs thought she was going to get into tattoos and wanted to use me as a practice canvas. I'm so glad I dropped that bitch because she fucked up everyone's tattoos she ever did.

You've been activated

It happens. Go to a dermatologist if it doesn't stop in like 3 days.
>Much maggot love.

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How embarrassing

Wow, that looks like something a 14 year old would draw in his notebook 20 years ago

How do you have a heartbeat being so retarded.

Actual med fag.
If you have any pre existing skin conditions your tattoo can react to these and "flare" or cause a ridge feeling in the skin.
You can also be having a dormant allergic reaction, try a topical cream.
If you can Id also recommend seeing a physician because very rarely this condition can lead to actual issues with the skin (not with the tattooing itself but underlying autoimmune diseases can react to it and other genetic conditions as well.)

Just get it looked at and tested to make sure its not gonna wreck you.

Heat kitchen knife up red hot on the stove and burn that gay shit off

It's hopeless user. You have nigger aids. No cure. Write your last will & testament.

Imagine going through all that risk and trouble to look like a faggot.

Did you just ask me to google something for you?

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