This is how my ass looks like since I started working IT and sitting for 8 hours a day

This is how my ass looks like since I started working IT and sitting for 8 hours a day.
I wanna quit so bad.

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go to the gym and get a better chair

Use a scrub on your ass

See a skin doctor, and also radically change what you eat. Take lots of probiotics and start a detox plan (got to a vitamin shoppe). If you can't do that, make sure you are taking enough fibre in your diet.


Exercise more when you're out of work, also eat better.

Come back in two months, then we can talk about me hitting that ass.

Same problem here thanks for the info forgot all about dermatologists. Have a great day

Holy shit I’m going to start using Sup Forums for medical advice

The fuck? I sit for 10+ hours a day every day for the last 13 years and mine has never looked like that, it's totally smooth. I don't think this has to do with you sitting.

Yeah 99.9% of people who sit on their butts all day don't have scabby asses. Fix your diet and make some lifestyle changes.


Stand up every now and then. Stretch your legs. I'm fatter than you, and I have zero issues like that.

Same. I think his lifestyle is just shit. Or his chair. Or his hygiene. Most likely all of them tho.

>the chair

Picture the stench.

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user I've been sitting in my chair for 15 hours playing vidya for a whole year and my ass is still smooth. Just take a shower and wipe probably you fucking pig


>my ass is smooth

Post pics. Include boipucci pls

Twas bait, m'lad

Wash your underwear more. Bring peroxide to work and periodically wipe your ass checks with paper soaked in it.

I sit like 15 hours a day my ass is pretty clear

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ur cute lol

you're fuckable

sit 15 hours a day on my face pls

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Are you the same,??

nibba can you not see the stretch marks and ass moles?

you got a snap or discord?


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Do some excercise/sport and
shower daily and your skin will recover.
Source: I'm a programmer.

Same, but I'm not going to prove it.


Gross ass mf

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Like your face

Ide fuck you hard

>because you're overweight
>not good at grooming yourself daily, ie showering and putting body powder etc..
>wear different underpants and clothes everyday, wash your clothes frequently
get a better chair, use chair pads etc..
>have better posture

This is all your fault, stop blaming the job itself

Yeah... or you could just shower and achieve all that without spending money on placebos and shit that doesn’t work.

nothing he suggested was placebo.

Isn't there an active faggot thread you could take this to?

Arent those bedsores?

He is of the belief vitamins are placebo's

That has nothing to do with sitting all day you disgusting faggot.

All of this, the only alternative possibility I can fathom is that the office gave him an absolutely filthy chair, but even with that I'd assume he's not exactly keeping himself groomed and changing clothes regularly either.

I got into IT so I don't have to sit in a chair all day. I'm usually out of my office at once a day mounting network equipment, connecting patch cords, etc. Get a better job.