I am going crazy. Cant sleep. Cant eat. I forgot this guys name. Does anyone know what his name is?

I am going crazy. Cant sleep. Cant eat. I forgot this guys name. Does anyone know what his name is?

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isn't that Wesley Snipes

Bobby Eyelesh

Dickerfeet Cabbagepatch

dickerben garagepatch?

BellEndedick ScumBabatch..

Benedal Carpark

Benedict Cumberbatch or sth of that sort

Battlefied counterstrike?

Bitterdick Cumonback

Denel washington

MeJohn BigTree.

Bedazzled Quiverlatch if I'm not mistaken

bogdanof crashmarket

shitstain 3000

Bendover Cumbucket


Bignodick Cucumberbitch

Buchanan Dingerbutch

His name is Robert Paulson.

Denderbic fumberdatcj

Burlington Coatfactory

Yeah, that's ol' Bendthatdick Cuminabitch

Fingerlik Dinglebatch

Engelbert Humperdink

Dr Steven Vincent Strange

Incorrect. It's Butterball Dingleberry.

That's John Harrison

Oh shit nigga that's Bixley Beiderbeck

Brazzeldorth Cucumber

Benefits package

Bendadick cummerback

William Eyelash.

Barradine Clendersmile

Cumberout Benswiggle

Schwarzendick Negercum

Fingledamn battersnatch mcgee

Bilderberg Nostalgia

Obviously that's Frumblepimp Snickerdoodle

Beenabitch Bumbumdumb

Bentdick Buttholesnatch

Buildabear ToysRUs


Baseballmitt Cumbersniff

Bendydick Cuminsnatch

Boozlewaite Spamdiddlicious

Whatserface Whoosisman

No, it's Aubrey Plaza.

Benbedickt Cumforbreakfast

I always called him Eggman

Beanerpack Dumbledore.

Clandestine Bandersnatch

He is not the contents of his wallet

Beelzebub Cthulhu.

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BoJack Horseman

Spindledick Classyfits

Beaverdick Clitmissile

Benobidickt snappercum

Ballbag Cumsock

Biscuit Crust

Hand Solo

Cockleblock Billygrift

Bangleface Landspeedrecord

Shniggeldick Cumforswap

Cracker Barrel


Benefit Bandersnatch

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Clutchington Blabbermouth

Clondike Barr

Jerkface McDouglastein

Butterball Cooncatcher

Bob Marley?

Bennybitch Cucumberdick

cancerthread mcgee

Mercedes Poutine

Laberdam Cumstain

Snuckerdown Planningphase

Smithydeen Clitwanker

pastebin com /sSUf9qNV
1. Jacqueline: I think you were wearing a dark blue dress at the Macmillan prom. I regret not asking you to dance and then making it painfully obvious I had a crush on you and then not doing anything about it because I thought you were out of my league. Met a Jacqueline at the airport Hooters years later looked nothing like you but still I thought some weird cycle had reset.
2. Darcy: Marathon runners are pretty hot if you can ever catch one.
3. Torie: I think it's a little weird to be turned on when someone snaps at you and you were really mean to me when I sprained my wrist from masturbating too much.
4. Leanne: I am unaware of the effect I have on other people. But I think there's something attractive about watching another person receive similar results using wildly different approaches until they take it too far. It's always better to be the newer version and there's nothing wrong with that.

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Benedictus Cucumberman the third


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Nurse Wierdo

Be-a-dick Cum-in-the-beatch

Dr House

Blunderbuss Carryon

>sweaty palms
>sweater vomit
>pasta from mother
His name is Khan.

bananabobana cumplestilskin

Beef Wellington

Colin Firth

Bibbidy Cumdid-diddly

I am reminded of the previous version of me, before I cut and drained that vessel, only for another ghost to fill that vessel.
Now I am in a new vessel, the old vessel is another, and the fresh face I wear is alien. But I will adjust.
I knew her. She was fleet of foot, fine of countenance, and possessed accuracy in certain situations.
The rotating orb of the IBM Selectric typewriter hammered out blind idiot gibberish on her ass while I railed her on my desk.
Our son is peaceful. His hair smells of the finest baby. Canon is high. We spun up another turnip, and masked it into the negative.
Styles acquired the megalith over ocean tomato death vat conversion through followthrough.
I am Error.
Good night!
Protocol closed.

Corn Fritter

Dr. Sherlock

Bennigan Comeagain

Orlando combat patch

Mypleasure Chikfila

Cumcake Sausagefart

Dominic Short-Cummings

an overrated actor with a face like a foot