West Midlands UK

West Midlands UK.

Reply with you're from here

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Stour here

I live in the ducting at The NEC, bab.


yes, bab, ducting.

Dudley here


Oh nice where ish? Lol

Kingswinford here

keele uni here

Sweet. What made you go there?

good uni

Ah didn't know that.

Brum here

Where in brum


Wrong side from me


Kford user here!

Know ppl from kford?

K'ford here too bros

Fuckin weird coming on Sup Forums &seeing Wordsley glass cone rofl

There’s no such thing as the midlands.


Stratford-upon-Avon here


Where do you all drink? Those old enough to drink?

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Swadlincote here

Stoke inbred Trent here

Spoons obvs

hate the swan its full of dickheads

which spoons?

I've been a couple of times haha not a favourite.

You on kik kford user?

How old are you guys?

nah too old for that shit

26, you?

I'm one of them lol

Only one in Stratford, The Golden Bee

27 haha got kik? What school did you go to?

Ah shame. Wondered if you knew the same girls as me haha

Stratford? You flash cunt what you doing on here

Bummerhill u? Not got kik no

Can you get it pleaseeee? Went Summerhill too haha

Chembo scum

I went to k'ford school and been fuckin a girl from summerhill ha

Haha I maybe fucking one from summer too. Get on kik my man, I've set one up... kford1122

What's the glass cone

Anyone used to go harvester for drinks lol

East midlands here, any derbyshire?

Hanley reporting in

Read the subject

Ops pic is the dudson centre

Where's my birches head Bro?

Yeah man, Derbyshire here. Woodville.

Telford here

If you think stratford is fancy you clearly havent been to the spoons lol

You there buddy

No it's not lol

Where is it then?

Hit me up for some Stourbridge/Kidderminster sluts
Kik: grubscrub123

Stourbridge glass cone

Have any T R ? Or A R?

Anyone know Hannah Marriott?

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Add me. I think I know who you mean

No sorry


Add me on kik for stourbridge kingswinford



Does that count?

Gutted you've gone bummer. Could have shared stuff

uni of warwick here

Bilston checking in

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kidderminster here

go to king eds in stourbridge :)

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Ayy my boys, I'm from Newcastle and I'm so glad I moved

I used to go king Ed's, got kik?

Cannock checking in

kik is ayyylol01

Yes, it's West Midlands so I should think so.

Wolves checking in

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What age

There you go, my bro. And thank me later


>Commiserations for living in the 2nd worst county in England.

Greetings from comfy Cheshire!
Where the only foreigners we have a over paid footballers
/our/ girls can actually go out at night without fear of being groomed by some smelly, mono-brow at the local paki shop
Been to BirMINGhum 3 times!
around Cadbury’s world, Aston, Small Heath, seriously. the only shitter places I’ve ever been are Huddersfield and Goodison
The worst city in the country!

by the look of her, most of the town.

Rugby isn't it?


Halesowen here

East Midlands

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I was gonna reply to all the Black Country / Bham posts but its most of them

Everyone around here is inbred to fuck. I work in Merry Hill part time (used to be full) but now mostly at AvonCroft Museum which is a sweet job

Yeah is sucks here. Although oddly the Arabics I have no issues with, it's just the general retarded think people who have fuck all intelligence

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Here you go bro. Don't forget to thank me


Oh shit you're near me

The place full of old people and charity shops

Any wolves uni students here?

Newcastle under Lyme.

Willenhall checking in

What age you guys?



Met some one on here I went to school with, so if its you A.M again

We used to have some homeless brothers who lived in a tent and would come into Asda every day but i think they died a few years back.

also telford

you're from here

Those 3 that used to live up by Manor Way / Audi garage? I think I know who you're on about