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I can't believe fit losers believe in antisemitic memes when I got the next two days off and you losers gotta grind through another day of tedium

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>mfw no job

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That's why I make Monday my rest day. Gotta have something to look forward to.

>Be me
>31 years old
>Long commute for a ~50-hour a week office job
>Can't go to the gym during the week
The weekends are when I can feel like I'm not a lazy fatass but then friends want to go out drinking which cancels out my gym time. And now back to work for another week.....
Is it true that grills will date a guy with a good job even if I'm pudgy?

>with a good job
>long commute
>50 hour weeks
if you had a good job you'd be able to afford a shorter commute.

monday and friday are my rest days.
plus theres always less people at the gym on th e weekends

>tfw monday and tuesday off
I'm a loser with a loser job but damn its comfy

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>be Jewish
>no work
>tfw goys complain

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Just fake being Hasidic how hard can it be?

They'll date you but not for love

Wagie wagie get in cagie

Remember when you were operating on 'want' instead of 'have to'? I don't remember either.

You are still operating on want. You want to lift. You want to go to work. If you didn't want, you wouldn't do it. Nobody is holding a knife to your throat and threatening you.

Sure, you understand that there are consequences for not going to work, and because you do not want to face those consequences, you choose to want to go to work.

Well that's just playing with vocabulary, innit.

>mfw i'm high as fuck right now

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>2019 CE
>wagecuckery is still a thing

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I think it was Socrates who was criticizing the public speakers and lawyers, who used rhetoric to emotionally sway and persuade the jury, instead of providing concrete evidence. I think he was forced to drink a poison afterwards.

Sorry, not forced. He 'wanted' to drink the poison.

>had to drop the gym because I started working fulltime
it's over bros, get into the neetdom before it's too late for you too

Pretty sure he was the one being accused of doing that. He didnt accuse anyone, just defended himself


>tfw NEET going to the gym 6 days a week
Honestly I might as well just sudoku when I have to get a job since I'll lose all my gains.

Same OP, thats why i bought property 7 years ago and rented it out, now i own 4 houses and dont have to be a wageslave.

I think you can still maintain your gains if you get a job. You have 16 hours to manage if you deduct 8 hours for sleeping. Deduct another 8 hours for the job and you are still with 12 hours of free time. You can just cut the exercise program in half if you are tired, so at least you can maintain some gains. But your body will get used to it so you will recover your gains in no time.

>only 8 for work
>what is commute
>what is out of office work depending on the job type

>Not looking forward to gym session
Are u even trying to make it ?

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>24 minus 16 is 12



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>>you're not being threatened, I'm just going to give you consequences if you don't do what I want hah owned

I messed up. You have 8 hours. You can still find 1-2 hours for exercise.

You do have a point with the job type. And of course one has to count all the time including commuting, cooking, showering etc. when making a schedule. But for this, more information is needed so the schedule can be tailored according to the slave's needs.

depressing, what's the point of living if you're like cattle

Who said I dont go to the rym on my rest day bro?

If you dont do cardio on your off day, are you even trying to make it?

Because you want to be a productive member of the society and contribute to the system as much as you can. So the system can prosper and evolve. That is why you have to give it all, learn as much as you can, and become valuable so you can progress up the career ladder and enjoy the perks that come with it.

is this supposed to be encouraging

There are always options of course, but chances are most will choose the rat race because they have grown accustomed/dependent on the system.

>own day for cardio
Definitely not gonna make it

>not going freelance
this is the best thing ever fuck having a 9 to 5

>So the system can prosper and evolve
Literally fucking kill yourself m8

>not being born with rich parents
Maybe you guys should reroll

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Can't change the system from the outside. You have to do it from the inside. If you don't like what you see, find a loophole and exploit it. But do it legally, so you won't be touched.

Nigga get on my level, I drive a truck for 4 weeks strait and then get 4 days off.

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>Neets are still a thing

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>Only 4 days off