Too bad the senate will almost certainly block impeachment

Too bad the senate will almost certainly block impeachment.

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The Senate already said they cannot block it. There will be a trial and they'll vote on impeachment.

House of Reps votes on impeachment, senate votes to convict and remove from office

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What about Hunter Biden making $50k/month thanks to Ukrainski mafia?


He certainly won’t be convicted. No way 2/3 of the senate votes for conviction. But I don’t think that’s what it’s about. I think the impeachment will make it harder to keep stuff secret which will cause him to resign to avoid shit getting unearthed.

Whether it’s true or not it’s not relevant

google for biden shokin burisma zlochevsy

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And that’s relevant how?

yay more free advertising for daddy trump, fuck it vote for him to have a 3rd term after his next one

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Jokes on you. Trump can’t grow facial hair

Yea, but it deserves to be brought to light

No one is unaware

the dishonest america media refuse to report on it.

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being in denial won't save Biden.

also, Demtards literally shot both their feet

Oh, there's anyway an October Surprise incoming.

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that is another case. it needs to be investigated too, but it certainly doesn´t justify what mr. trump did.

I have heard many reports about it many times. Who is refusing to report it? It happened. That doesn’t change anything though.

Who is trying to save Biden? What he did was wrong. Doesn’t make trump right though.

you just dont understand the socio-political ramifications of the smear merchants in the media

A noun can’t have ramifications.

Victoria Nuland/Nudelman (j) admitted we wasted 5 billions for a regime change

Doesn't make Trump right... and doesn't make Biden a President

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and thats why youll never be president like our lord and savior god-king emperor trump

Who wants Biden for president? The democrats just think he’s the least offensive option to middle America. I think they are wrong but no one is doing this to make him president.

Hooked on phonics worked for me

thats a pretty good stripper name, this was mine

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You're on the brink of total collapse and civil war, America. Good for you! I hope I live long enough to watch civilization burn to the ground...

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Dunno if I'm right, but I reckon if anything an impeachment inquiry might be used as an excuse to subpoena his tax returns. If he turns out to be anything less than a billionaire, then he's completely fucked.


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You keep doing this "what about-ism" trying to compare what Biden did being bad so we should ignore Trump. If Bidin had some illegal dealings, then it should be investigated. Ukraine already did investigate these allegations and decided not to go further with them, but regardless, our president shouldnt be using the power of the office to strong arm another country in order to obtain or hurt a political opponent. That alone is worth impeachment. Not to mention the fact that senior White House staff knew what he did was wrong and tried to hid it.

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* Biden being "not a good candidate"


she's (((j)))

>strong arm another country
That's not what happened. Read the fucking transcript, you CNN-soaked retard.

fta: That's exactly what our VP did when Biden was in power... But that's not what Trump did.

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we need another president, there need more war


This. I vote Dem and I'm all for cleaning house on both sides of the isle. Sick of the corruption.

Ohh, you will. People seem to forget that history repeats itself if not kept in mind. America is in the exact same political place Rome was before it collapsed, doing the exact same thing. It’s not ling before the chinese barbarians will be able to strong arm America and destroy it like the Goths and other Germanic tribes did because one idiot wanted to make Rome Great Again.

Finally, a Dem I can agree with...