No loli in the morning before work?

No loli in the morning before work?

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Where are y'all?

At work.

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Dog what the fuck?

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Wickr: Troegman

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Blow your brains out, pedophiles.

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i might once the girls next door to me get too old ;)


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It's child porn, change my mind

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Fortunately, we don't have to. The law says it ain't, and you don't matter. Demonstrate that I am incorrect, if you can.

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> change my mind

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Loli rolli

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>imagine being such a faggot you have these saved on your pc
even for the sake of trolling saving this on your pc makes you a gigantic giga ultra homosexual

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do we have to roll quads to take him down?

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unlike cartoon kiddie porn


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why do people hate lolicons so much?

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