Waifu thing

Waifu thing

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> inhales

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Bread dead?

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Heya Rory, how goes it? Feeling better?

Hiya eyes

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Mostly. Walked a little too much and ruined my ankles today.

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I'd say 'already this early in the morning?' but I'm sure our timezones don't match up.

Been playing any games lately? I picked up Code Vein. It's alright.

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Just Wow classic. And yeah, its 11:20 pm here.

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>6:20 am here
>Still havent slept
>I work today

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I mean I dont have anything important tomorrow. That sounds like a personal problem.

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I dabbled with classic. I started the day Wrath hit, so wanding things to death felt familiar. I prefer the current xpac, if only I had the time to play.

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I had the exact same except when I got up for class I had an email saying the prof was sick and it was cancelled
got some good sleep after that

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I like the difficulty of Classic. Though Wrath was my favourite. Everything felt good about it. And yeah, any caster before Wrath was a bad time to level. Except Mages.

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Aqua is my wife btw

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Wrath and Cata are tied for my favorite. Cata had move-n-cast warlocks, but wrath had mass life harvest and shadow bolt volley.

I don't main a lock but I like them a lot. I main a sub rouge, gotta get that 2000+ rating in 2s

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I'm starting to get a little annoyed with guard duty... again.

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whats wrogn with it?

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Granted I clock in a 4 but it still feels wrong being up so late

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bruh you got so much more time to sleep there is nothing to feel wrong about

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Nearly no sleep, 24 hour long shifts, can't work out properly.

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wait what the fuck 24 hour shifts? is that even legal what the fuck lol

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test 2

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I don't have a normal job per se.

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Teto is top tier and nothing can change my mind

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my waifu, bitches.

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