So whatcha think about labiaplasty/barbiepussy?

so whatcha think about labiaplasty/barbiepussy?

if you met a girl with an outie would you be willing to pay for her surgery to look younger *down there*?

would you do it if you were a girl with big pussylips?

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before and after
wich would you rather fuck?

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Id rather save my fucking money than waste it on some bitch’s fucking pussy wtf even is this thread, pussy is pussy, if it looks disgusting then don’t go near it, easy

lmao I had no idea this was a thing. fuck no I'm not paying for that.

Both look completely fine, you turbo virgin

it is very common today that young girls (even like 15year olds) go to surgery to remove their pussylips because guys tell them pussylips are gross because they've watched to much porn with perfect innies.

google ''labiaplasty 2019'' or google just ''barbiepussy''

its very sad but im not surprised. only here on Sup Forums everyone is obsessed with innies and if someone post a outie people will not be nice lol...

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That one looks like it was unnecessary to me. Didn't look bad before at all.

I'd never notice if it was on a real woman probably.
If some faggot got it to try and make his gaping wound less repulsive than he should consider suicide.

well image you are a 16year old girl with a pussy like this

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and you have a boyfriend who watch porn with girls who has pussy like pic related

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only if I get the discarded lips after, for frying

it doesn't look younger just different.....

Get used to it.. girls are doing gangbangs in middle school sadly. Innies for teens will be extinct:'c

is why young girl go and do labiaplasty. because they are born with an ugly pussy and all they guys think she is a ''used slut'' because she has a normal looking pussy.

stop pussyshame

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well, some pussies look much better than others, and nice ass/pussy aesthetics are awesome

problem is, that chicks who are so super concerned about the look of their pussy, already start with a negative body to begin with, which in most cases, correlates with shitty sex. some might feel better after the surgery, but they were never that super dirty whores to start with, that you want in bed. the only chicks that care about pussy aesthetics are the insecure ones OR the ones that make their income with them. fucking neither of them is a joy.

also, wouldnt risk pain from scar tissues in the body region with the highest friction, if i were a chick

>start with a negative body IMAGE



it is sad really

if that's something you care about then you're surely an incel whom has watched waayyy too much porn. pussy is pussy, it really doesn't matter. imagine stooping so low that you get surgery on your genitals

Both feel the same so why does it matter virgin

that's body tissue.
you may actually renovate it (kek) yet you can't stress it anymore.
that is, if a labiaplasty vajayjay gets plowed, it will get rekt and blood and shit will be like some bloody Shining movie.

>Still thinks fucking causes roast beef lips.

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i have a friend who is like.obsessed how pussys look.
every time i show a girl he ask is she has ''a cute innie'' and he zooms in the pic to really try to figure out how her pussy looks.
first i thought he was pornadicted but now it feels like he has some obsession... i feel poor for the girls he pick up i can't image what he tells them if they have outie.

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Sad. My first gf in hs has big lips, like bigger than the ones you posted. Twice as big. Like a little butterfly. It was beautiful though, and I loved licking and sucking and tugging her lips as I went down on her. She was very self conscious about them just from looking at porn herself. Kinda sucked since there was nothing wrong with it.

Big juicy pussy lips are objectively sexier, dry and ugly innies are nasty

i'd love to cut it off myself, more space for crocodile clips

that's fucked up. there's literally no difference except for that one is more aesthetically pleasing.
btw who's the girl in the pic?

No. Guys don't. Maybe som MAGA-amerifat but no one else.

You're a fucking idiot. Lips have nothing to do with age.
Score. That's beautiful.

I would dump any woman who had a labiaplasty. Doubt I'd even fuck them. Any women with that much self hate and low esteem is not worth my time.

Protip... compliment a chick's vag. They get super self-conscious about that shit.

You faggots should just be happy to be anywhere near a pussy. Big lips or not.

yeah i was surpised when he was serious. it seems like a...yeah obsession for him. like a mission to find the smallest pussy ever for him?
i thought the ''no guy care about how pussy looks'' were true until i met my friend lol he and his other friend seems to care too much.
i've never heard the expression ''barbiepussy'' before i met him and his gang...
really made me think about all poor girls with bad selfesteem

idk just from some skinnythread sorry

>so whatcha think about labiaplasty/barbiepussy?
don't care
>if you met a girl with an outie would you be willing to pay for her surgery to look younger *down there*?
No, it's a waste of money to fix something that's a non-issue.
>would you do it if you were a girl with big pussylips?
Yes because I'm not a faggot.


"Thanks for reminding me, dear. When I'm done fucking you, I wanna go get a great big, sloppy, roast beef sandwich."

He's clearly underage

>would you be willing to pay for her...

No. Never do it.
Never invest in woman and her looks.
If a woman wants you to invest in her looks, it only means she wants to use your resources as a stepping stone to secure a man she wouldn't normally had a chance to secure.

i ment if you only like innies but met a hot girl with outie and the surgery is just for your own

I'd have a girl with huge cunt lips any day.

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>can't bite it anymore

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after is a loli pussy
i like loli pussy
i want loli pussy
i'm gonna buy loli pussy

but seriously
maybe after years of being together
it would be more for me then for her tho

pussy like the 1st one isn't really a turn off and it really doesn't matter