Be me

>be me
>20yo high school student
>study primary education bcs really want to be a teacher
>firste week went okay
>haven't made any friends but socialised with quite a lot of my classmates
>last class of the week
>boring so start browsing /out/
>one of the most 'pc' and nsfw board there are
>5min in and overhear some girls sitting behind me talking about me and whispering "Sup Forums"
>don't think much about it at first
>second week starts
>the girls that were sitting behind me told everyone I browse Sup Forums
>mfw everyone in my class thinks it's a place for pedos, terrorists and school shooters
>mfw I was just reading a winter camping thread on /out/
>mfw everyone thinks I'm a pedo
>mfw I just wanna be a teacher

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Well to be fair there is quite a lot of extremism here, but I get where you're coming from. Also, did you mean to say college student?

yeah college, messed up the american schooling system ocne again
europefag here

You should just commit. Come in one morning painted green and start rambling about the Jews.


Wgere are u from? Which side of EU?

If you have any charisma, or even the ability to chill; this is hardly an issue.
Otherwise, virginity was a given ever since you decided to be a nobody.

Gotcha. Well, I wouldn't worry about it too much. They will forget quickly and you will have plenty of opportunities to show that you're not a psycho since teaching lessons are pretty hands on and interactive.

western, best part

hop so, am not socially incapable like some on here so hope to make clear to them I'm not a psycho/pedo

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pls don't make me feel even worse, user

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Yeah, western part, than fuck you! I wont give you advice!

uhm... okay, sperg?

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Yeah eastern europeans probably should sort themselves out before giving advice to us westerners.

This. I mean, you're here now, aren't ya?

Never let your screen be seen by people at your place of work. No matter what it is. Absolutely no reason for it. You learned the lesson already I think.

Why do you want to be poor, OP?

user please do this lmaooo

very tempting, but still have to spend three years with these ppl and actually wanna finish my study without getting kicked out

pay is still okay here, fun job, easy classes and already fucked up another study

cheer up, I made the meme just for you you big fat virgin :)

Your going to be known as the Sup Forums kid forever

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thanks m8

I can live with that