Did 3 sum with her while husband was out of town. Should I tell him?

Did 3 sum with her while husband was out of town. Should I tell him?

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Good view of his wife

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yes. also post reaction

Let us watch the video and we can decide

I don't want him know my number 8506012404. That's his just don't think he needs the pics but he needs know he s wife a whore

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gb2 reddit normie fagget

post more and tell hubby moron

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Tell him but don't send pics so he can wonder if she really is a whore. Pics proves she is

Yes he is probably dreaming of being a cuckold and now he can enjoy the new found world of pleasure

Nah I not gonna say I don't want him having my number. Gonna delete thread

inb4 OP is cuck hubby

Husband might b but idc his wife a whore who steals

post more

>no sheet
>no pillow cases
What the fuck are you doing?

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>says the guy who fucked her while acknowledging her scum
Good job OP, you literally have no clue what hypocrisy means.

>she’s married
>she allowed pics
>she’s got her clit pierced

Dude her husband knows. Just enjoy it

Hey Arnold:
>Rhonda needs money and has to work as a street walker to help her family out


>Rhonda and her boytoy force Phoebe into a threesome


Resident Evil:


Teen Titans:


Scooby Doo:

www.archiveofourown.org/works/9908669 (Same story but futa)

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Mortal Kombat:
www.archiveofourown.org/works/9800783 (Futanari)


King of the Hill:

"Spending Mother's Day with Mrs. Parr" is my latest work, which also has a futanari on male version

Bump post more she do bbc?

No I don't believe so lol

She pegged him though

He's defo cuck and knows this is happening

. If I was married I wouldn't let other guys use my girl so I doubt


Not posting until after someone show proof he texted. Just ask how strap on feels in his ass

Your not everyman

Sorry I don't mind using a slut but not gonna pass mine around

But to say hes not a cuck just because you wouldn't be a cuck is non sequitur

K I tried deleting post let it time out.


What part of Florida you from?

Near destin

OH damn. I used to live out in p-cola.

Well she fucks around like BBC and she peggs him so idc what u think let thread die.

I have no reason to lie

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Yes so he can get checked for AIDS.

Don't believe me I posted her hub number. Idc believe me or not

Her using it on him?

After someone text him loo

This man is correct.
I guarantee she told him all about her dirty little adventures and he jerked off thinking about his wife getting railed.
I do the same thing.

Haha then maybe he will send more of her

Let's all text him at next 10 mins tell him how we fucked his wife


Proof posts urs

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bullshit. she's already been exposed. name is elizz99111

Old shit

So then maybe he is a cuck

They did let’s see

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Sounds like he does


She seems like true slut pierced. Sleeps around. And fucks him in his ass

Tore that ass up

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More of her

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Taking in ass

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He a cuck. Bet he ate tons semen from that cunt

Mind your own business. Just enjoy fucking her.

Yes you should. You broke the bro code. He deserves it at least. That way he can lose the trash of a woman that he married. After it's all said and done you should neck yourself, because your sorry ass ain't no bro.

Shit, I'm in p-cola now

No I'm not sorry at all that pussy nice wet meaty and loose side and that ass she loves anal

Trips of truth with cucks number visible. Fucking keksimus

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This. Dude should at least get a heads up about the classy 'wife'.

If he already knows it's fine.

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You did a 3sum.
I only see 1 dick?

Bros before Hoes
Let him know what a slut she is.
Either he will accept it and become a cuck.
Of she will be divorced and desperate.
Either way you still get to fuck her.

>See my imageboard. (daily updated)-


She looks nasty more of her pussy

She has more toys bc her hubby small and she pegs him often

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What’s her number?

Only if she stops fucking you.


She sent me video of him eatting her after she got home from fucking

Nah bro, don't tell your husband.

Post cumshot

OP is a faggot nigger for stealing another man's property.

No u didn't.
So many fucking retards here

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Nice shot captain

Bitch loves holes plugged

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yall look fucking disgusting

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Face when gets BBC

Hell yeah

On that BBC

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Hairy and stinky

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Bold move to just text her phone no thanks

Weak bait sir