Hey guys; a friend of mine find a strange object at his grandma place (she dead}...

hey guys; a friend of mine find a strange object at his grandma place (she dead}. After doing some research we coud'nt find no clue on what it his. I wondered if you had any idea. The object is a roung white ivory sphere. It has little holes all on the side (33 in total) and is pierced in the middle whith 3mm wide hole. The hole contained a piece a wood with the inscription "800x10^33 Bds 2800 MF". If you can sort this out we would be delighted. I can provide infos on were and when we found it if necessary. Good luck

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the sphere in detail

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Grandmas anal bead

early prototype of a qubit

the holes are for allowing entanglement, obviously

Looks like a bad false eye

Fingerbox. Looks like a vintage one from the early 1900's.

What are the parts made of?

What’s a fingerbox


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I had a similar fingerbox to this one. It was carved out of mahogany though.

That is radioactive

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Finger-box? What’s that? Some kind of newfag thing?

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How do you not know what a fingerbox is?

Does it have a particular smell like incense or talc?

>800x10^33 Barbados dollars
>2800 million Francs

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Fingerbox has been around since your great grandpa was just a creampie.

Does that piece of wood have a fragrant perfume like odor?

The sphere is made of ivory and the piece inside is made of wood. Noparticualart smell or anything, just seems very heavy for wood. Doesn't react to a magnet

Do the 33 holes on the outside pierce all the way through to the center ? If so, I think that the center piece brown area contained some type of medication or radioactive substance and it was disbursed through the 33 holes. The number on the center plunger look as though they were written by a Gemanic hand. The Germans in the write their "1"'s like that. I'm getting a 1910 to 1940 vibe from it.

Ot's an ild meme that you put it in the box and the switch doesn't allow it to be a finger boxed but now when you switch it/

This, my gramgram had one similar that was carved from ivory. I donated it to a museum that was starting a fingerbox through the ages display. The curator told me round ones are extremely rare prototypes of fingerballs that never took off. You might think the hole is too small for a human finger but you have to remember people were smaller back then. The piece in the middle is actually a counter that exponentiates the number of fingers its had in it, the little holes are to keep your finger getting stuck.

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Replacement testicle. My grandpa had one after the war. The peg, by retracting and elongating, simulates one testicle randomly being longer than the other testicle.

It's an archaic mothball. The stick is supposed to be camphor.

You put the stick in, then drop it in the pocket of a garment before you stick it up in an attic or somesuch for long-term storage, and it keeps the moths and wasps from eating the fabric.

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Threads come in the sides and are woven into a rope or cord.


Looks like a snuff jar without the cork. The piece of wood looks unrelated.

Camphor is a waxy oil. Why would the stick have an equation written on it and fit perfectly in the sphere?


It's only a meme because everyone would use these backwards. You have to insert them upwards, the exact opposite of how you use the 19th century fingerboxes.

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I've never seen a lucet that was a sphere. It seems too small and smooth to braid with.

OP here, i really wonder if the wooden piece is related or not, but we found it inside , and it fits perfectkly

I think it's a box that looks just like a finger. That's what my friend told me..

Hold it up to the light and look through the big hole. Maybe you'll find the Declaration of Independence.

the best kindda wood, maan, pro choice

Soviet cold war era spy radio receiver transceiver. Suppository.
Nuclear wessel

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That's a fuse faggot. Dunno what it's doing in that doorknob though


Your friend is misleading you. They're usually shaped like a plain box with the finger slots, or circular like OPs if it was made in the 19th century, before all the safety concerns came out of the progressive era and had to change.

It's a fake eye. Just an old one.

but why who it have a major hole in the middle then

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maybe an old fuse or resistor

For the fucking black thing and so moisture isnt an issue. Ever had a moldy fake eye before?

It's a timer dipshits

>Camphor is a waxy oil
And the stick is soaked in such. This way, the camphor doesn't run out and get all over the garment. The "equation" is most likely the concentration, though that's purely conjecture on my part, as I've not dealt with these mechanisms in any real capacity; I just know what they are.

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