U.S. law is racist

U.S. law is racist.
Change my mind.
>Law prefers non-European immigrants.
>College admissions favor coloreds and Jews over whites.
>Courts only recognize white-on-black hate crimes or white-on-XYZ.
>Government benefits (welfare) disproportionately allocated in favor of minorities.
>Majority tax payer (whites) must subsidize the education of illegal alien children in public schools.

I could go on.
>inb4 b-but da polees shoot black peepo mo dan wyt peepo
False. When controlling for interactions with police, whites are statistically more likely to be shot and killed by people per capita relative to police stops.

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Troll bait.

Hurr Durr, lemme go on B and say all the opposite stuff and claim it's right.

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Cops kill more white people than black people because there are more whites.

Off to a good start.

>per capita
So your 9th grade civics class hasn't gone over this term yet? Understandable as to why you're confused.

What has been claimed that is false? If it is false, provide evidence to substantiate your position.

Racist old white people write the laws. Racist old white people run the jails. Racist old white people rule your meager brain.

Tell your respective goverment offi ials. Tell your friends family and neighbors to do the same. It sounds fucking batshit crazy but thats what they are for and they want to help you. Try it.

Can you provide evidence yourself? Haha.

Can you substantiate any of your claims Dickless?

Racist old white people.

What does that have to do with proof? There are racist old black people, Asian people, Spanish people. Why is that proof? Go put your helmet back on kid.

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How have you fags not checked those trips on the sexy shapiro?
>there's something called the diversity visa that's the only way European immigrants can get in, they only accept a few thousand a year
>tbh asians get the worse out of this
>the media does, courts can't fuck around like that
>for some reason people don't think subsidies are gubment handouts, but they sure as fuck are and farmers would need to whore out their daughters to survive a libertarian system
>illegal aliens are 2 steps away from slave labor, it's your fault for not taking advantage of it

What a retard...


College admissions

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>College admissions favor coloreds and Jews over whites.

No, they don’t prefer Jews openly.
Jews hide amongst whites, and get accepted in numbers far exceeding their percentage in the country. They then act in their own interests in hiring and promoting. So, while white gentiles get fewer and fewer admissions, Jews remain untouched by the reduction. Even though they are shown to perform at a lower level than whites with the same ranking in universities. In other words, it’s a hidden favoritism, that they don’t admit or advertise.

Because they aren't the ones writing the fucked laws, running the fucked companies that are destroying our country and world.

Open your fucking eyes and see what your wack ass ancestors and family has done. You're mad at POC because you're scared and know your time is up. Nazis lose every time, moron.

Newfags still don't know that it has been the foundation of communist subversion and demoralization operations to militarize minorities, specifically blacks, in the U.S. and South Africa against whites in general in the aim of either destablizing the nation or having the nation abandon its values. I'm not arguing for segregation. I'm warning you that black liberation movesments are ALWAYS trailed by radical lefitst communist Marxist agendas.

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white genocide isn't real, you just suck as functioning as a human being

I'd hate to be the one to break it to you, user.

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nice trips but who tf inb4s their own post

Anybody can make these bullshit things. It's funny how y'all complain about fake news ALL the time and y'all are the ones making all of it.

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Imagine being this stupid.

This isn't even an obscure position. No one actually contends this. You're just too busy masturbating and playing mario to fucking see how the world works.

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I don't have enough information on the first statement that immigration law favors non-european immigrants to make an educated opinion. However, I can personally attest to the veracity of the claims of preference given to minorities in universities, the workplace, and welfare.

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I live and work in the real world. Not my mom's basement. I'm not scared of meeting people like me.

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You're not even a good troll.

Universities are open about their policies preferring minorities. Theyve had Supreme Court cases over this. Its remarkable how the less informed an individual is, the mote confident the individual is in their position. Yourr a classic example of Dunning-Kruger

Except all immigration law is based on a set amount of visas per country.

Nothing in my reply involved universities. I'm talking about you now, cuck.

Did you grow up in a small town with very little POC, were a quiet weird ass kid, then grew up and decided there was something special missing about your run of the mill boring ass personality so you end up falling for dumbass politics?

Or were you just born retarded?

>be white
>get asian wife
>mixed kids become either white supremacists or whiny hapa incels

OP prob replying to himself in the beginning, no one could be that dumb

I foresee a lot of bleaching

OP went to read real news then killed himself for being an idiot.