Am i pretty?

Am i pretty?

Rate me out of 10 please

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Tits or gtfo/10

Timestamp faggot


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You're cute. 6.3 / 10

Until then no rating.

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Back at the spam again

The file is called screenshot 0/10 for effort

Your hips are quite wide. Your face is fine

Ive screenshotted because it uploads sideways otherwise

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Possibly, I'd need to see a load on your face to come to a positive conclusion

Seems 7/10
Show full body

Can soneone just give me a rate please? I feel so ugly atm

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just for future reference, Women don't go looking for validation from anonymous neckbeards online when they feel ugly.

3/10 for the shitskin.
>Samsung makes clothes?


Go back to /soc/ or i'm telling Brenda you love him.

5.5/10 atm, because you're overweight. Lose some weight, then maybe even 9/10.

You're fine now. But get a partner now because when you hit 40 you're gonna look like frankenstein's monster.

I actually have a female friend IRL who gets rates on Whisper, kinda the same thing I guess.

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Huge difference between those two. OPs jaw is so strong she looks like a man. Nothing delicate about her. Where as Sasha looks like she pure and fragile, hence why she was a popular person to violate.

u wish
its like comparing yellow m&m to red m&m

Show us your ass OP. You're pretty average looks wise but you're my type

You know the rules

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it's been awhile since you made one of these threads 7/10
you look better without a fake smile

Hey you stupid, fat, ugly bitch. We aren't on /soc/ where I'd get banned again for calling you an ugly fat wetback bitch. I fucking hate you.

I hope you try to kill yourself and fail a few times. That way before you an hero for good, you suffer just a little bit longer.

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Want to jizz on you paki face

You are pretty
Pretty UGLY!


Well above average if you aren't fat in a bad way

your face is alright. Its the shit samsung jacket that worries me.

You look fat


>being this angry about being banned from /soc/
maybe you should kill yourself

is Whisper Sup Forums? no

Does the exception always equal the rule? Also, no

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I'm not angry at that you retard. I just hate the fat bitch. Also, if you're the fat bitch, you're a fat bitch.

Face: 6.5/10. What about the rest of you, femanon?

Not sure if trap but fools my dick

Her tits are floating around /soc/ at least somewhere 24/7. They're not bad the first few looks.

solid 9

>inb4 perfect 5/7

Yeah why is this girl doing this over and over. Like is the 43 times u did this and got answers not enough? Chin this,face that, bitch, go and talk to real life dudes

How do you feel about gangbangs?

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Really? Fuck. I've literally cum 15+ times to this bitch but never seen anything but her face and a couple fully clothed body shots

It's just the internet user go outside and breath


Face is important for me, but pics of other areas would be appreciated. I give you a solid 7 rn. Smile makes everybody more beautiful too, femanon.

Absolutely stunning, solid 9. Would love to talk more? Kik - TG3347

Post pics without any makeup and we'll see, but you wouldn't do that. Also lose some weight.

Yeah, I only saw them a handfull of times. I don't find her attractive and I don't ever end up fapping to amateur pics of gals I don't know irl so I never saved them for very long. Still worth a good look though.

Lol okay. Sure thing. Will do. Absolutely.

This is an absolute lie and probably OP...


nigger wheres timestamp and tits?

Oh no, you caught me.

What would be my endgame on that one, you absolute retard? Lol

Here you go user

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What about ass I wanna see those juicy cheeks

Just say thanks tard.

>that filename
Lol that's not her

Ew. Dinnerplate nips.

you are a gypsy. pretty isn't your power. you get much, much cooler powers than the blondes could ever dream of.

OP is a doode

Did you want the file name to say her full name retard? She posted it a while back

Look at the picture I screenshot from /soc/. Same phone plug on the back.

and this

oof really pretty face, 9/10

Lol why am I OP?

If you are not a troll..... I would rate 6/10. You are cute but not hot. 6/10 is a step above average, cute.

That pic didn't come from Sup Forums

OP means original poster.

too fat lose 10lbs and you'll be good

It really doesn't matter when its actually her you mongoloid

time stamp cunt
then tits or gtfo

If this is her, I would love to see more of you? Kik TG3347

What the fuck you god damn idiot?!

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That's why I know that you're full of shit :D

You are prettier than most. Im sure youve heard "why dont you smile" a lot though. A smile can make an ugly girl pretty.

Eat shit retard

Imagine being trolled this hard...

You got me user no one can be this fucking dense

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U r a 9...

Daddy is mad

We were talking on KiK last week then u just up and stopped replying, what happened OP?

You weren't my type

Are you trying to say im ugly but smiling would make me look less ugly?

What a submissive way of saying the obvious.

I always get told im average or more so below average and this is confirmed in real life as im never approached or even had a relationship.
I feel like find a grotesque uglyness in me which i find hard to understand why

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This is schizo level larping


Honestly you're not bad looking at all.

A little self confidence can go a long way.



You're pretty ...
pretty fuckin ugly .

9 or 10

I would fuck you till no end girl fuck the hate.

A 8, maybe 9 atleast

Would love to see more of you, would you kik privately? Or post more here?

It's let you slob on my knob.

Post tits.

Look at the thread you ADD fuck

4.33/10 with makeup, probably 2.66 without

What part of my face makes me this unattractive?