How would you fix the American school system...

How would you fix the American school system. I constantly hear about about how it's shit but never any specific reasons. I hated it too but I couldn't pinpoint the reason since I'd stopped caring. Children are our future. I know it's run under a shitton of teachers lobbying but that's as far as I got. I think we should redirect more taxes to schools and fix nigger schools too. Teach those retards basic decency. Give the child something to strive for. Most are desensitized by the notion of working until you die. I only went to school to see my friends. we should focus more on basic academics and then leave all that other shit behind for real life stuff like financing, buying a house, insurance etc. School at its current state is a waste of money and barely raises intelligence. Do you really want to subject your kids to 20 years of useless slavery?

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Get rid of niggers


Get rid of No Child Left Behind

It really means No Child Held Back, and it's dumbing down the class as a whole.

Also, stop trying to integrate the Aspie/Retards with the mainstream students

I would move "advanced" classes like trigonomotry and such into college tier, and teach law, how to pay taxes, things about car notes, how to pay or buy a house, and other things about how to live as a human being in HS instead. Doesn't make sense that you can find the angles of a triangle, but not how to behave in a courtroom.

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Privatize schools. Done.

Trig should be a 6th or 7th subject. All students should have at least calc 2 before graduating HS.

Education itself is broken. A lot of children say the same as you OP in that they only go to school to socialise. My idea is to allow children to be children, teach them basics of course but focus on learning to be a human first. I believe by then most children would be far more receptive to the information overload that is modern education but it's only a theory.

Tl;dr Let kids be kids and educate yourself when you're ready

Normally, I would agree. But I don't want a bunch of smart assholes in the world. I'd rather be surrounded by less book smart, but more well rounded people. I think there are plenty of people who are homeless or full of drugs that once were on the honor roll. I think the training that kindergardners and such get about behaving and maturing should never truly stop. The lessons need to evolve, but people need to learn not to do stupid things. Like think with their dicks. Once the USA isn't filled with a bunch of thin skinned crybabies who believe the world is flat, Mexico is going to pay for a wall, or that climate change isn't real, THEN I say we cram heads with more math.

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Retard their development even further than we already do? Seems like a poor idea.

This plus government control means it'll never be solved. The fact is we're not "all the same", so trying to teach niggers & retards isn't gonna go over well. And you have to do a LOT to be expelled these days. They just refuse to boot anyone from the system, and because of that everyone suffers.

My wife is a professor at a public university in the south & you should see some nigger's papers she has to grade. They're dumb as dirt & have zero business being there, but there they are. Somehow graduated HS and in higher learning, racking up them (((loans))). Its the biggest sham ever.

The idea is to teach them to learn. I'm only going off of the observation that a lot of people started school and hated it (because kids) then went on to Higher Education after a hiatus. It's my belief that some children will perform worse than others in a school environment yet thrive when ready to do so on their own terms.

> How would you fix the American school system.
Abolish it.
Every day is take your child to work day.
You show your kid how to do the job.
When the kid can do it without your help, they start getting a paycheck.
If you want to change jobs later in life, you find someone with the job you want and get them to let you volunteer to help. When you can do the job on your own, you start getting a paycheck.
Females need not apply.
If you can't or won't learn, you can beg at the church until you either die for being so shit nobody in an entire church thinks you deserve it, or you'll find someone to make a charity case out of you.

Spoken like a true NEET.

How is "everyone has to do education and employment and training" being a NEET?

fpbp. you could put aside 1million in school funding for each niglet and they'd still fail as a whole. they dont have the brain capacity or iq genetically, its like trying to teach a dog to climb a tree. also studying and getting good grades is seen as "being white" or "thats a white thing to do", so its discouraged among the niglets or else you become a social outcast in their ape circles.


I think the problem with "education" is people thrive in different environments so forcing them all together under one roof is far too broad of a stroke.

Take our friend NEETchan here. Obviously didn't thrive in school but found their feet in the work place.

a nation of mouth breathers who are just bright enough to pay taxes and court fines. brilliant, you sure you're not already in office?

anyway, for those of us who want science, engineering and overall tech to advance, we recognize it's important to introduce those kids to "advanced" concepts while they're young.
you're right, not everyone will use it, but some smart kid will

I think a big part of the problem was touched on here, we're not all equal, not everyone can or should be aiming for college. Some kids, some people, just aren't capable of or interested in going on to some scholarly career. There need to be options for kids, at a much younger age, to go specialize in some other field that doesn't require a ton of school. There are lots of highly needed crafts/trades people who need years of practice to really master their skills.
For example, I got bored AF with school, stopped trying, got shit grades in HS, then eventually got a useless bachelor's degree because that's what you're "supposed" to do. I probably would have been much happier if I could have just dived into a craft at like 13-14 years old and been a master in said craft by now.
By practically forcing everyone to be on the "college track" I think we create this weird counter productive extended adolescence for a lot of young people who could otherwise be having fulfilling and profitable careers at 18 yrs old or so, after having apprenticed for a few years.
Different people have different capacities. I'm not a teacher but I volunteer with young kids. This one kid in particular, I'm sure the school system calls him "disadvantaged" or "disabled" or whatever, he's never gonna be an engineer or an english lit. grad student, but when we do activities with bicycles he's always fixing everyones bikes and he's fucking good at it. He could easily go on to be a plumber making $80/hr, with 6 months of vocational training. He just has an awesome mind for mechanical systems, he was teaching us college educated adults stuff about bicycles none of us had ever thought of.
I'm not even saying "these people are dumb, world needs ditch diggers, kek". People have different strengths and interests, society genuinely needs all sorts, our school system doesn't validate that, it just says "college, college, college!".

> (You)
>My wife is a professor at a public university in the south & you should see some nigger's papers she has to grade. They're dumb as dirt & have zero business being there, but there they are. Somehow graduated HS and in higher learning, racking up them (((loans))). Its the biggest sham ever.

Athletic scholarships and (((dem programs))) Grants

Giving kids firm grounding in objectivity of math helps then cope with emotional attacks and gives them tools for later in life. Letting them run wild only coddles and lengthens the emotional immaturity.
Kids that dont want to learn should be free to leave school. Schools should not be made any easier. They're already way, way too easy.

ah the good ol days

> (OP)
>> How would you fix the American school system.
>Abolish it.
>Every day is take your child to work day.
>You show your kid how to do the job.


I work in an office environment, I'm not here to babysit a disease ridden brat running around.

Definitely wouldn't work in the Trades, Little Johnny doesn't need to be getting nailgunned at a jobsite; and retail workers suffer enough as it is

Vouchers, free market competition

I'm friends with an intermediate algebra TA, basically its the math class you get sent to if you bomb the entrance exams and aren't even ready for college algebra. It's hilarious hearing the stories of them being completely clueless on the most basic shit, like how to plot points on a x,y graph or solve an equation for x. It really is a sham.

But while you're introducing those smart kids to advanced subjects, the lesser developed mind will wander and won't be as receptive to education later due to psychology of learning.

Should there be more "smart kid" schools? Or maybe more technical schools that help with learning processes?


my daughter is homeschooled

I know right? Maybe I'll be the next President?

My logic is that those who want to go into engineering and other respectable careers will, regardless of what hoops they have to jump through before they get there. I'm not saying that we should dedicate an entire semester to taxes, or a year to using "their, there, and they're" appropriately, but most should agree that you cover the basics before you cover the advanced stuff. Doesn't make sense that someone can build a car from scratch or talk about nuclear fission but they don't know their rights when they get pulled over by a cop, or how to behave. They don't know the signs of an abusive relationship, or better way to control their anger. All those lawyers you want to train aren't going to survive the office shootings or the sky opening up because motherfuckers would rather chop down a rainforest in order to get slightly faster hdd or ipod or something. People are fucked in the head, and we need to address that. Otherwise, yeah, we'll populate Mars one day, but it'll be full of fuckwits that ruin it, too.

Yeah, the basics. But not the advanced stuff. I would stop at Algebra 2 and Geometry, maybe. The stuff that keeps people from ripping you off your paycheck or helps you pay your taxes. You don't need more than that on your day to day life unless you're trying to BE somebody. People are already immature, and not in the good way. I'm working to quell that.

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I learned this in (what is to you) 9th grade. How is it even possible that American systems are so far behind?

this is literally the opposite of being a neet. neets in this scenario starve

A- that still makes him more valuable than someone who thrived in school and stumbled in the workplace
B- everyone training under their own individual masters is as non "under one roof" as it gets

Most charter schools have objectively shittier standards and teachers than public schools. The only reason they look attractive is because they're allowed to be selective, they're allowed to kick out the retards and the trouble makers. Public schools are the "last stop" and are legally required to take on all those kids who shouldn't really be in school.

It seems a big emphasis is put on "test results" as a correlation to "effective teaching". What this seems to reinforce is the swallowing and then instant regurgitation of information. None of it seems to keep.

There is also no emphasis on finances, basic home needs (cooking, cleaning, laundry), art or art related courses, etc.

We need to stop, slow down, and teach kids how to learn first and foremost, then move onto the next step

Niggers and inner city schools with nigger teachers, so the cycle just repeats itself generation after generation. You don't see this happening in private schools, catholic schools, or charter schools, since they aren't free, and thus end up being mostly white majority in white demographic areas.

Standardized curriculums. Proper funding. Redrawing the districts where public schooling draws their students. Get rid of common core. Provide programs for those who excel past the standard. Stop teaching children to pray instead of wear a condom. Teach them how to do taxes.

The highlight of the day shouldn't be bringing home a color-me MLP sheet for civic studies. What the fuck.

The teachers are paid like garbage so they hire like some twenty something year old whore to babysit your kids for 8 hours.

You get what you paid for. Good thing us whiteys can afford tutors

I do love the idea of teaching kids their rights, but the brain is a muscle and things like math are hard to stop and get back into. that is if your brain atrophies if not used. that and kids who succeed in stem are often taught at home because the parents are aware schooling is not enough.
so yeah, AP classes for elementary kids? maybe

>we should focus more on basic academics and then leave all that other shit behind
Exactly this. Focus on what's important English language only, Sciences, Mathematics, History. No more pottery, band, cheerleading, wood shop, leadership, etc. Those extras can be weekend electives if parents wish to pay extra for them. Books should be treated with respect, billed to the parents if lost or damaged, and should be designed to last years, not one or two semesters with constant expensive revisions. Simplify and streamline the curriculum, celebrate our teachers, and raise standards up instead of lowering them.

If you actually go to school to learn, you become an outcast. School at this point should be a filtering system that evaluates students' potentials in society, investing in those with potential and spitting out the waste to prison farms to provide cheap goods for the citizens worth a damn.

ITT , we all failed in school ,,,but niggers failed moar!!! xddddd who the retard now ebony goliath

>lacking reading comprehension

very true

I've noticed there is a whole "respect me for my education level" mentality taught (whether directly or through propaganda) instead of "respect someone for a job well done"
I think that needs to change

Mmm, touche. I wonder if you could move things around so everything can fit? I feel like you can do this idea better than anything I can make from spitballing here. There has to be a sorta "best of both worlds" sorta thing. But without getting rid of summer vacation. Kids still need to be kids, not JUST adults in training.

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we're really good at learning for a day/test but forgetting for a lifetime.

Now THIS guy should be the real politician. You've got your head on straight

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My girlfriend is head of the english department at her middle school.

School is unfixable. Parents have ruined it. Everyone is completely at the mercy of the parents. Teachers and staff are terrified of sue happy parents. Cant even send kids to principal anymore (especially if they are different skin color). Bottom line is nothing will change until parents change. They control it all.

You just get rid of the schools.

Overall, our public district K-12 schools are pretty good.

>overall schools try to be extremely fair to kids
>everything is fucking free
>this is way different from even the best countries in northern and western europe, where parents still have to pay for textbooks, notebooks, pencils etc
>lots of efforts are made to remove racial and other biases
>everybody is treated the same and taught in the same classrooms, even recent immigrants and refugees
>teachers’ unions make sure teachers get the money they deserve, therefore attracting good talent

but of course, things are far from perfect.

>funding is just too unequal
>in my state (pennsylvania) alone, per-student spending ranges from under $13k to over $26k
>so funding should be moved from localities to states
>also, corruption is still a huge problem
>even districts with high per-student spending have terrible outcomes, because most money is stolen
>too much emphasis on non-academic bullshit like cheerleading and high-profile varsity sports
>also, getting credit for "yearbook" and other nonsense is insane
>taxpayer-funded cyber schools are terrible, as are most charter schools
>teachers’ unions are dead-wrong when they routinely prevent the firing of incompetent teachers

>abolish charter schools
>abolish tax-funded cyber schools
>stamp out corruption (use the fbi, if needed)
>fund ghetto and affluent suburb schools equally
>do away with all credit for non-academic bullshit

those are the most important ones.

but again, overall, our system is nowhere near as bad as it's made out to be.

This is what parents responsibility is. Not my tax dollars. Parents are supposed to raise their children. School are supposed to educate them.

It's bad.

Outcomes are near bottom for developed countries. And you want to throw more currency at it..
Current system is proven year after year after year to be ineffective and inefficient. You want to throw more currency into the black hole. Seems stupid to me.

It may sound counterintuitive. However, the standards should actually be raised, and then offer remedial classes for students who can't hack it. For the students who are failing, restriction from sports or other extracurricular activities until they have a passing gpa, in addition to mandatory after school tutoring for classes where their deficiencies lie. In after school tutoring they will also teach good study habits. This would especially help low income children because their parents are most likely poorly educated and are incapable of helping the kids with their homework, much less providing an environment that is conducive to learning. You can throw as much money as you want at a problem. But, that won't change anything unless the approach changes as well.

I disagree.
well love the overhaul on books, but disagree with the weekend electives. I mean if you want a purely academic environment, than sure. but what does that get you? a purely academic student with no skills. things like sports and cheerleading at least teach team building and discipline, which counts for something right? woodshop and mechanics will only help you save money and have a well maintained life when you have your own house and car, considering those are your biggest assets. isn't that worth something?
cause I see your way leading to a future where academically successful people have to pay retards to fix their tiny problems because they're too retarded to do it themselves and the retards got a late start mastering a new skill in their 20s instead of teens

My school had a vote either to fix the a/c or get a new football field. This happened twice, and we got a new field twice. America

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A serious tightening on welfare will help this too. Safety nets are for people that have run into unavoidable catastrophe, not for those that decide to fuck off and not learn. You wanna fuck off, you get to go hungry. Simple as that.

Sounds good

I completely agree. Like, if you're collecting food stamps because you have children, penalize the parents by a reduction of benefits for each child that is failing?

this is the most retarded post in the entire thread
>schooling as we know it is good because it's pretty free and equal even though the product it outputs is shit
neck yourself

what do you even want out of life? what direction do you want society to go in? are there things as equally or more important than equality to you?

based school, especially if southern

>Outcomes are near bottom for developed countries
False. We’re solidly middle of the pack, according to

But we’re ACTUALLY better than that, because we keep kids (even the bad ones) in school much longer, which brings down our averages in math, reading, etc.

The “dumb” kids are just weeded out in places like Germany by the time they’re 14 or 16. Of course, the 17 and 18-year-olds who remain are then smarter than American students at that age.

>And you want to throw more currency at it..
Where did I say this?

In my country trigonometry and basic calculus are taught in HS. The US curriculum is not very challenging. This is why most US students have to take an extra year if they want to study in Europe.

Not really fully true. Finnish schools are mostly government run. But private schools are fine as an alternative and should be available to everyone (government can partially fund them like in Norway)

just here to bump

Focus on basic knowledge. Reading, maths and basic understanding of political science and law.

Diversified high school, choose theory heavy high school or a more practical education. Not everyone fits in college and higher education.

Also, coding and general knowledge of computers and machine learning is very important. Sooner or later manual labor will be replaced by robots.

You really think the kid who doesn't pay attention to trig is going to pay attention to a class on taxes?

Athletic scholarships is a retarded thing. If you are good at sports, do sports. That being said, higher education should be tax payed, but there shouldn't be unlimited spots in the schools of course. Good grades or fuck off. But getting an education shouldn't make you a fucking debt slave for the rest of your life.

>92% white homogeneous country
>It works

No shit. Wait until you're as diverse as the US and your Liberals meme the "we're all the same" into reality importing millions of low IQ shit skins who don't work to pay into the system.

Legalize pedophilia and rape.

How about you punctuate property and then I'll consider reading the post?

Well, at the very least let science decide the content of scientific education. None of that stupid intelligent design and shit.

Most parents shouldn't get welfare anyways. It's not my fault that you have 2 kids from 2 different guys and you've never been married. Should've made better choices. I'm on board with the performance driven welfare though. Your kids make As, you get extra. You work 40+ hours a week, you get extra.

Re-instate corporal punishment.
Teach the basics.
Teach them how to handle money.
Separate the thugs from people who want to learn.

that's why whites-only school in west virginia are so … oh, wait, never mind

I took calculus 3 in HS. US schools are way too easy.

I disagree with you on the trig aspect.
There are things you need to learn. You don't have to memorize them but knowing they exist can help you later.
Like trying to find the height of a tower to properly estimate time and manpower.

Ignoring the fact that crime usually is bred by poverty and ignorance. Yes, some cultures are harder to integrate, but a good school system is the best way of reducing niggering and other stupid shit. An improved school system would reduce the need for prisons as well.

Also, it's your fucking fault. If you hadn't bought a bunch of slaves and punished them for even trying to read. You fucked up, now you have to fix it.

So non violent?? Send your kid to an all nigger school in a poor area & an all white school in a poor area & tell me what you find.

Parents reaponsibitly to raise their children, not publicly funded schools. Schools teach advancement tools, parents raise kids.

make it enjoyable

Best way is to restrict welfare so women dont have incentive to marry the state instead of a man. A Male role model is the largest predictor of future behavior. Force women to keep a man, children turn out better.

>They do it because they poor!

Total horseshit. I grew up in the absolute poorest congressional district in the country in southern Appalachia. Know how many rapes, murders, assaults we had? Almost none. So spin me another one. Niggers are violent by nature.

Corporal punishment just breeds wife beaters and school shooters. It's not like domestic violence isn't already a problem.

That is BS. One of the smartest things you can do is to get as much as the population working as possible. Single income households are shit. A working couple is better for the economy. A welfare system is a good thing, but it should always focus on getting the recipient into a job. Having actual proper jobs is also important. Having to have more than one job to survive is plain bullshit.

Trig is honestly piss-easy. There's only 6 base functions, and everything else are just their relations.

Yeah.. working..
Working isn't the same thing as recieving welfare. If you're working 40+hours a week and still need welfare, fine. If you're not working, you get nothing. Better find a job instead of pumping out babies by numerous different men. I dont think you read what I wrote.

Nobody alive today did anything to those in the past. Nobody owes you shit.

I disagree simply because that, to me, falls under something that a specialist would need, an no one else. I'm not even talking about low level jobs like janitors or casheers (not that I'm shitting on them) but a guy in a labcoat isn't going to need that as much as someone in a hard hat outside. I don't want to half-ass train everyone to be SORTA a NASA Space Engineer or SORTA an architect. Especially if their fundamentals as a human being are flawed. If it were up to me, everyone would have to be a waiter at some point in their life, just so they can see what it feels like to be shit on, and maybe learn not to shit on others for no good reason.
*Good parents raise kids. Not everyone has those.
Not only that, but people need to learn things you can't learn at home. Like respecting the authority of people who aren't your parents, getting along with people who have no real power to punish you, and being good when no one is looking. They need to know how to deal with bullying-- giving and receiving (no homo), they also need to learn to learn. Not everyone knows how to study, or push through with lessons when things don't click in the first five minutes. Or five hours.

Parents definitely should be a pillar in their kids' life, but they can't be the ONLY pillar.

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Even Obama said himself that if you don't have a father in the home, you're 5 times more likely to be poor, 9 times more likely to drop out, and 13 times more likely to wind up in prison.

Stressing creativity and critical thinking skills would be a good start.

Get rid of the over paid, redundant, unnecessary administration. Some higher-ups make 6 figure salaries and don't directly help the kids learn. They just suck up money that could go to teachers to help them be more motivated

No, things were actually improving in the black community until LBJ implemented the great society plan where government agents would go door to door, reprising women of welfare benefits provided that there wasn't a man in the home. Take some personal responsibility. Don't have kids until you're married, finish high school, and get a job. I was born into poverty. I went to inner city schools. I was a poor student. I didn't have many options, and my father wasn't around. I had no self esteem or discipline. So, I enlisted. The army changed my mentality, gave me discipline, and gave me a chance to go to school under the G.I. Bill. I got my degree, got married, and only then did I have kids. I have a comfortable life and a happy family only because I took some personal responsibility and decided to make a change. Stop being a victim. So long as people keep blaming others for their failures, they will never succeed.

Came here to say this. And it's the first fucking comment. MY SIDES ARE IN ORBIT!

Niggers are killing America and turning businesses and schools and parks and neighborhoods, you name it - into fucking disaster areas.

The answer is GET RID OF NIGGERS.

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>So non violent?
at least you're not claiming you're smart or well-educated

End tenure we have too many old ass outdated teachers who need to worry about how well they're doing their job

Teachers also need to be hired based on higher standards in addition to being payed more.

End heavy school censorship. If a kid points finger guns or makes an edgy joke he shouldn't be treated like a potential assailant, this shits enough to make a kid consider shooting up their school out of spite or confusion, they maybe children but they're still people, they shouldn't be treated like fucking prisoners.

End no child left behind and remove yards from normies. Youre making kids disabilities and problems into a burden for everyone else and that's terrible for both parties, fuck you.

Fix boses, it's a fucked up hyper-abusive system. My friends told me so many horror stories. The teachers lie to the parents. People with physical disabilities need to be kept separate from people with mental and emotional ones and assburgers need to be kept from the easily triggered mentals because they can't pick up on the social cues that set them off. The fact that they aren't leads to mistreatment by association, tons of miscommunication, very abstract methods of bullying and tons more problems.

End homework. Work is for school and kids need time to develop emotionally, socially, and culturally. They need time to be independent. So they know how not to be reliant on other people to do shit in life

Thank you guys for contributing so much. Somehow with no mention of Jews, weird. I'll try and reply to some of these more.

It's just nice to have a non porn thread do well for once. Not that I don't like the porn, but a change of pace is good for you.

Afk, errands to run. I'll reply to anyone when I get back assuming the thread it still up. If not, good talk.

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Been trying to combat it and move it to the board actually meant for it. I think someones gonna start spamming Gore in the threads so watch out.

Remove government completely from the equation! Dumb as fuck giving the power to “educate” our children to politicians. Lots and lots of small privately ran schools. Lots of competition for excellence. 0 government money, 0 government standards.

Cite source please.

Obama is a nobody... just like trump. They're buffoons sent to entertain and appease you.
The data shows it to be true. Fuck anything any politician says. If anything, a politician can only dilute a topic.