Rapanon here with some more lyrics:

rapanon here with some more lyrics:
keep a 44 like its 4:44 with jay z
beyonce just paged me
all you bitch ass niggas don't phase me
weed keeping me hazy
always on my rap shit bitch never lazy

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if lil pump can rap i can rap too

Creepin n crawlin in the shadows peepin
Lookin for some victims that I can catch slippin
Cock back my 9 then I let the bullets fly
Oh you a crip? I just turned you to a blood
Real muthafuckin g we don't give a fuck
Pulled up on your block nigga spray you all up
Nigga tryna breathe but he's drowning in his blood
Should've stayed inside, your momma was right

I don't know why I wrote that, I have more written down though. Should've joined a gang and exploited the lifestyle for easy money

idk why but rapping is fun
probably me just being an autist and enjoying words fitting together nicely

I can imagine someone like 6ix9ine rapping that if he was still a free man and all.

I feel you, I have a shit ton of verses that I never took off with. I want to learn to make beats and whatnot, that shit looks fun too

i like edm beats and i want to try rapping over them one day
not a lot of good rap edm collabs out there

Fuck you guys are horrible. I would cry if my beats were used for this edgy bullshit.
Any of you ever thought about being original? Just once? Fucking hell. No wonder the rap game is aids.

There's a reason Hopsin, and Denzel Curry is taking off. It's not "I GOT GLOCK I SHOOT GLOCK AYY NIGGA NIGGARDLY"

you guys piss me off to no end.

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i have been listening to ghostmane lately so idk what youre talking about smh i want to get on worldstar

Check out kid polution on SoundCloud. Id be down to collab if the lyrics aren't all garbage. I do heavy trap, orchestral, edm. More into the orchestral atm tho

I'll let you know that I'm blowing up rapidly. Just yesterday I freestyled in front of an audience of 7 kids in a CS:GO combat surfing server.

Not even trying to be edgy or an asshole but these lyrics are absolute shit. Sounds like some ghetto teenager wrote these in his math class. Be more original and stop rapping about shit you probably never do. Only losers and bums glorify robbing people

i freestyle in math class can you tell

No way man. I would have heard about that.

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Hopsin? I don't listen to corny ass rappers, my shit's garbage but hot garbage to my ears

fukkit so much better than hopsin

Hopsin is corny, but this threads lyrics are good? Didn't know today was opposite day. You almost had me.

Fosho, my shit's mostly drug related, non of that preachy shit neither

I can dig that. Old addict myself lol.
Send me some stuff on the SC and we can talk man.

Got the ghetto part down fam but yeah I wrote that a while ago in a haste also there's no beat lmao.

Ight, what's your sc?

Kid polution. Should be a temp picture of Jerry from tom and Jerry lol


Lying in wait, for niggas in the deep state
my deep takes twist and heat bake, for Pete's sake
I'm dying to live, my mind's sharp as a shiv
I cannot forgive, got no compassion to give to kids
I'm a bastard in a black shirt
she squirts in her skirt
her boyfriend's a twerp
she talks dirty as dirt
No 31st, got a nerdy thirst
jerk until my dick bursts, I burst like a Nerf
it's a curse, but I've done worse
I got lots of crime in the works
I like to twerk, I like to burp, I like to flirt
fat girls stink in just the right way
if you don't like fat girls, you might be gay, but hey.
who am i to judge, I stink like butt fudge
an awkward prima donna with an attitude so bad
a nasty lad, I pick and eat my scabs
I get rations from my Dad, it's actually pretty sad.
a bowl of weed makes my tail wag
feels like I got jet lag, stupidly sniff the bag
it's Monday and I'm feeling good
feeling hood like i should, picking wood out the goods
I'm profound, with graces latent, mental patient in a basement
a chaste gent, gave up fucking for Lent
wonder where my money went, on thots it's spent

this world just can't contain
the ethereal pain
of a soul that's not so tame
what an awful game
there's nothing to gain

This sounds like an 5 year old that just got "Baby learns to rhyme".

rap game is full of babies right now so...

Yeah my lyrics are good, I wrote it. I guarantee if you slap a generic trap beat and add a raspy rugged voice to it people would like it. If slim jesus made it anyone can lmao

slim jesus didnt make it he got hated off the face off the earth

let's see your rhymes then

Dude to be honest, people probably would. But people would also forget fairly easy.
I make tons of beats, but I wouldn't want just any rapper with any lyrics on that. The whole gangster thing has been beaten more than my dick. That's all. I would love some more originality.

you cant just put a guy on the spot like that rhymes come randomly
mostly seconds before going to sleep for me atleast

Try to keep a flow going, I don't know how you spit your own shit, I'll have to hear it.

Dude I never rap, never write. I make beats, but it's the first time I've seen twerp ever used, and it sounds like some kid in a 90s movie. I actually thought it was a joke to mock some of the lyrics in this thread.

I'm fairly certain I could sit down and come up with better stuff than twerp and butt fudge.

I run the trap and then I fap to traps

this nigga can't rhyme so he makes excuses
his breath prolly stinks like gym rat deuces

I suck dick for chocolate coins, currency better than real money.
I spit that cum back on him and let my momma join.

Fucking phone made me reply to my own shit. Great.

I don't do gangster raps, I wrote that one to an eazy e type beat. All my shit is drug related and personal experiences, this is just a hobby. Not trying to make anything happen with it ya know?

that was a pitiful attempt, nigga step your game up
blue purp in a red cup, your shit's lame and I've had enough

I get it. I make tunes for myself, no one else. At the moment atleast.

I also get trying to branch out. Hell I tried doing house for a while. Shit had my bored out my mind.

I mean, atleast mine was original. Fairly certain I've heard some fat nigga scream yours while getting pegged.

House is boring. Dubstep is good tho.

mine was plenty original, silly goose

Got sick of making dubstep. It did birth some sick basslines, and a whole new way of making beats, and I can't thank that genre enough for that.
But there's very little originality in that genre too. There was a few producers I really liked, and the rest were background noise.

Yo i just put a new beat up one of y o u spit on it!
soundcloud.com/beatsbydrak doo it!!

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Blue purp in a red cup etc? You sound like that dad from South Park trying to sing whatever he says.

Even "lean lean double cup" is a better line lol

y'all niggas don't know about blue purp? that shit came from Sup Forums smh

From one producer to another. Really liking that bassline, and the plucks.
Can't help but feel some choir would kill on this.
Talking about the "living in my own dreams".

you mean lean? i dobut that shit came from Sup Forums

Needs more UT announcer.

lol nah dude it was a joke that came from Sup Forums, you must've missed it

If you are a faggot that likes random abrasive noises over music.

We stay on our grind while you stay on your lane
If I ain't call your name nigga why you look my way
All I'm tryna say is all these niggas act the same
Running their mouth, looking who to put the blame
Acting kinda funny almost like their sex changed
Your eyes stay peeled when you hunting for them meals
You're hungry all the time I can see it in your eyes
When I was in their shoes contemplating ways to die
Tried to sell my soul for some money and some dope
Even if I did man I'll still be broke
Realest shit I ever had to tell myself
I made it out back with my sanity in tact the most vauled things is the stuff you can't tag
Failure and defeat, gotta know these off the bat
How you gonna let a dropout drop facts

it sounds good when someone screams their rap over it

Heavy eazy e influence


>my shoes

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You giant faggot OP,
You cheap bottom whore.
Your lyrics make me cry.
Get off my fucking Sup Forumsoard.

you need rhymes to make me fuck off

these rappers suck my schlong
won't be long 'til they're gone
I rap from dusk 'til dawn
no limits, like the autobahn

jewel studded necklace
hanging down to her chest
I feel so blessed
nigga fuck the west
every word's got zest
my hair's like a bird's nest

the best in the thread



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bro wtf is this shit

In today's news: white guy says nigga and gets assulted.

I ain't white nigga lmao but ight

i am and im also op
white people saying nigga is normal here i cant stop saying it

check this

i wanted to eat a curry but the spoon got stuck up my assshole
spoon stuck in my ass
cutlery in my asshole

Yeah, old school. When rapping was about the shitty real life in ghetto and not some dude whining about he can't afford sport cars mixed with at least 100 YO "NIGGAS!", waving a handgun around like he is about to hit anything but by accident and spending his last 5 dollars so his obese sister tries to shake her lard booty.

lol i only started listening to rap in 2016

I forgot that I'm at least 30 years older than anybody else in this thread. my bad.

im 18

51 here.

what the fuck is a 51 year old doing in a rap thread

how did new rappers get famous before the internet?

Rap is older than you think. Just stumbled into the thread.

Good old mix tapes and word of mouth.

Uh, no thanks.

Fuck off, bot!

im a brokeboy and i want cash so i rap whats wrong with that?