Trap thread. Last one was deleted cause I posted

Trap thread. Last one was deleted cause I posted.

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Me again

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my god, you're fucking beautiful. i wanna be sockjobbed by you so badly

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pls keep deleting them mods

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Cindy Sama, can you show off your jewel

can i see some trap barefeet?

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can i see her barefeet?

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Hello I'm back and I have feet

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Any thread with this same fagging self promoting manatee poster should burn to the ground. Fuck off

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I used to find traps gross and over time i slowly started to like them. Mostly thanks to girls like bailey jay getting me into trans stuff. Now part of me honestly wants to become a trap

i love your feet


love feet from traps

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It's fun and hot but honestly not really worth it, I've become a confused and paranoid mess after posting stuff

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I sadly dont really have the body for it anyway. Im fairly muscular and hairy. Im hoping i can one day have some fun with a trap or trans someday

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Thanks!!! I dont have a whole lot of foot stuff unfortunately :/

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Nice butt

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OC,,, who wants lewds ;}}

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I definitely do

hmmmm we shall see

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2nd but I guess 2 is not enough :I

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Lets see that slutty body

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You tease

Morning Miss V *kiss*

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Nice body

i was u at one point. say bye-bye to manhood.
wow u guys are silly. i'll get there surely. maybe. possibly.

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Ooof you're so pretty! I love your makeup

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Very hot

OMG tysm !! ur body is gorgeous :')

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I wish i could just wake up one day looking like you and go out and suck some cocks

Nice booty

can i cum for you on kik?

super cute

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ok lewd time
i didn't just "wake up" looking like this, hrt is crazy shit bro
yes u may ,, kik: lizzzashley (name is cringe i know)
TYSM omg i wish i had ur body ;((

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Show boipussi faggot

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Fuck you're hot

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I miss the days when we had real traps, hardly anyone puts the effort in anymore.

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you could definitely get it hun ;P

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kk perfect, just messaged you

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Making me wish you were sitting on me

Looks very spankable

Come join us!
An actually decent Sup Forums discord page!
we are over 100 people strong!

aight if u say so
thx ;]
uhm OK how do i contact u tho !!
wow so yummey ;}}

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Wait this is you?
And here I thought I was crushing on 2 diff girls

thank you (;

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forgot pic lolz

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send me a throw away email address and I'll email you on mine.

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Getting clean while getting dirty? I don't think science allows that

Wha- your body is so hot tho! Do you have discord? I wanna be your friend and bug you for makeup tips but also call you cute a bunch lol

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this is actually really sweet ty :')
GODDAMMIT WHY IS IT FLIPPED someone flip it back pls & thx
[email protected]

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science be damned

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>See my imageboard. (daily updated)

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Kik sindyjlove
Discord sindyjlove#1259

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yes i do !!! fair warning tho, i dont do my own makeup

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Ok I sent you a request, I'm the one with the cute neko girl profile picture obviously haha

Also everyone plz enjoy the gayest picture in existence

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Forgive me science. :P~

i can take it.

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Love to tongue that hole.

I saw you last thread and I was soul crushed when it was deleted, so glad you're back!

is that so?

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Yessss, and now you're coming through with even better content, making my morning very fun ;)

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more feet pls

gg/BWKsWf7 get in here