Whats it like to lick a girl's asshole?

Whats it like to lick a girl's asshole?
How do you convince someone to let you lick their's?

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>Whats it like to lick a girl's asshole?

It's better to ask forgiveness than permission

Tastes like nickels.

It's wonderful and powerfully erotic. Just make sure she pooped and showered first.

>How do you convince someone to let you lick their's?
I have no fucking clue but my sub wants to lick my asshole, any recomendation how to shave down there?


Lmao you win this thread sir

Just lick her pussy from behind, work slowly up there and look how she reacts.

The truth often does. I'd love to meet the master trole who first started pushing this so that millions of millennials now think it's normal to stick your tongue up a girl's asshole

I feel bad for the girl that has to fuck you. If your trying to have "normal" sex you're probably boring as fuck in bed.

Have fun with making out and missionary. I'll be making your girl scream my name while you work at your cubicle.

>I'll be making your girl scream my name while you work at your cubicle
>Oh look, someone has said something I don't agree with on the internet. Quick, let's invent a back-story about this anonymous person that I've never met and criticise my invention. That'll show him.

You're not mad at all.

Shouldn't you be browsing Christian mingle??

Dude, just stop, you already been btfo

Thats not how consent works.

Don't you have pictures of nuns to be jerking it to?

>You're not mad at al
You're so right. But, coming from Sup Forums, you can't tell the difference and your confirmation bias makes you believe you can rustle whomever you choose at will.

>Shouldn't you be browsing Christian mingle??
Still with the invention? You know the definition of madness, don't you?

Stull mad af

I do it all the time. Love it!

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Church girls are freakier than you think man

Don't encourage it with a reply you fucking newfag. Lurk more. You don't fit in here.

Yes. OK. I can see you're getting upset so, You got me. I'm so embarrassed at how your Wildean wit has out-matched me I think I'll leave the internet forever and burn my desktop in a ritual, cleansing fire to regain some self-respect.

Nope, he's right, you're coming across really pathetic here man. Give it up it's pretty tragic.

I enjoy tounging a girls arse as much as the next guy, and I'm not a millenial (I'm 41), but if the dude's not into it that's up to him, doesn't make him boring just probably prefers not to get e-coli or is more dominant than you or me.

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You know that. I know that. But this guy
thinks it's an insult.
>tfw you marry a Catholic educated by nuns

t. rapist

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I did once, and even when we previously took a bath, the odor was way intense both for her anus and vagina. Too much for me to bear. She was nice but it was first and last time with her.

Who is the girl?

If you have a tub, put on leg on the edge, grab your balls with one hand and with the other start shaving.

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You defending yourself pretending to be someone else is the only pathetic thing in this thread. And the fact you won't eat ass.

Tastes like shit.

Dude, look at the timestamps. You're making yourself look pretty stupid.
11 seconds apart. You try to do that
>I'm not either, btw

You have to do it when they are straight out of the shower. Just eat her pussy when she's in doggy style position, when she's very turned on make your way to her asshole.

I think the saying goes its easier to ask forgiveness than permission, but whatever

Didnt realize how shit Sup Forums has gotten. You guys don't eat ass. There are people complaining about consent.. You fags just keep taking bait like a fucking trout at a fishing derby.

Buncha bitches.

>newfags greentexting

>You fags just keep taking bait like a fucking trout at a fishing derby.
Damage limitation - the post.

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>Didnt realize how shit Sup Forums has gotten
Try looking at your many, many posts ITT. Then you'll realise



Do you even know who boxy is??


Actually no

If a woman has consented to me licking her pussy from behind, then she better expect some tongue on her asshole. I'm not gonna stop at a predetermined measurement, look up over her buttcheeks and go "DO I HAVE YOUR CONSENT TO PROCEED TO YOUR ANUS" I'm just gonna fuckin lick it, and if she doesn't like it, I'll stop. But there's no chance I'd ask for a separate consent for this.

if she didn't check the 'analingus' box on the consent form, then you are raping her butthole with your tongue

get woke, nigga


This right here. I call it "Penny Licking".

I've had some women straight up ask for a little licking there. One woman, I was straddling her hips, kissing down her back, got to her ass and bit it. When she pushed her ass back into me, I licked her cunt first, and while she was in la-la land from that, I went up and licked her ass.

Ooooooh she squirmed and squealed and coo'd like you wouldn't believe! Fingered her cunt and clit while licking her ass, and after she'd had her orgasm she was like "Holy fuck, were you licking my asshole?"

I certainly wouldn't do that if I didn't know if someone had showered recently, or they weren't very clean, but do I like it? Shit yeah. Drives women bonkers, and it generally ends up opening the path to a good ass fucking, too.

I know thats a joke but essentially true.
But since i'm a practicing dom, i have a slightly different view on consent than most people here.
For example unless negotiated for you shouldn't ask you sub mid scene if you can fuck her arse. Because in this state of mind women are basically intoxicated and not able to give informed consent.

>intoxicated and not able to give informed consent.
Well at least if you're doing your job right.

As soon as you're eating out her pussy, you just brush your tongue up from her asshole. Boom. You're now licking her asshole. There has never been a girl who hasn't let me do that. And I've fucked 87 women.

You mean Katie? The girl who spells her name with two 'x's? As in Boxxy?

I always wanted to lick an asshole, but since I have a tongue-tie (ankyloglossia), I'm unable to get my tongue out of my mouth. :(

> And I've fucked 87 women.

Alright buddy, whatever you say...

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Her perfect anus must be delicious af. Nice.

I'm almost to 87 and I didnt even really try that hard. I could've probably had double with a bit of effort. 87 isn't unbelievable

Like licking a guys asshole, less hairy but still shitty.

Thats retarded. We were told that in the Army in order to get people to be more assertive and independent, some butterbar makes and executive decision to do something retarded (if he had just asked ahead of time it would have been easily clarified as being a bad idea), gets 3 people grievously wounded.

He then proceeded to use that same reasoning and apologize like that will make it all better.

Fucking discharged that afternoon for gross negligence or something similar.

You gus are real sluts, you know I only slept with two women, and married the second.

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should have used more chloroform then

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Go back to plebbit

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