Has Sup Forums ever paid for sex? Share stories and tips for hookers and escorts

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Planning to see my first escort next week. Is it autistic to take an std test and show them the results? I want them to feel comfortable and I really want to eat her pussy out

it was really underwhelming sex but I still got a huge self-esteem boost from spending time with a real vagina and she let me play with her butthole a bit too.

Went to a brothel in Melbourne Australia, a fairly high classed one. $500 a fucking hour which seems like alot of money to me idk about you. Ended up fucking this 9/10 Persian girl and for the LIFE of me I have no idea why I told her i had only had sex twice, I've fucked atleast over 20 women. Anyway, she sucked cock like a porn star, I absolutely rekt her made her cum about 4 times (unless she was a lying whore) but I have no idea how, but when I put my cock in I literally made her bleed, and she actually held a good conversation, she was actually a cool chick. 10/10 will do again when i go back to Melbourne, its called Gotham city if you're ever there.

You're probably gonna have to pay double for sex without a condom and oral on a escort is really her choice though

Yes. And like anything else its okay. Sex with anyone really depends on the partner. It felt good and yet it wasn't special because they don't care. Though this one asian stripper I fucked went the distance. She worked me hard and even when I finished she continued to move her body like she was milking me. Some girls just enjoy it and let instincts take over. But most treat it for what it is, your using their body as a masturbation tool.

So my advice, if you do it, choose wisely and just enjoy the ride. Even if in the end its a fleshy masturbation session, at least it was with someone you really were attracted to.

I think this is the reason women fear sex robots. Because even women you will date just act like passionless onna holes. So not much different than the robot.

Its not but you may make them mad. Most wont do bare because everyone asks them and the diseases are spreading hard out there.

As for eating her out... see my my previous statement.

This beauty was listed on backpage about 5 years ago to give massages.

>Texted her. Didn't think it would be legit. $100 for a massage. Tells me to come to a hotel in my town.
>I go over there.It's like a 3 star hotel, not bad. See this black girl sitting in the lobby.
>Turns out the black girl was her friend who scouts if there's a bad hombre coming up to her room.
>I get to the room. She's real.
>I get naked.
>Starts massaging me on the bed.
>Offers me full service for $200 bucks.
>She no older than like 25 years old.
>Turns out she had a heroin addiction and needed money fast.
>She was clearly out of my league.
>Start fucking her from behind. And all kinds of different positions.
>I actually am so turned on by her, I have to eat her ass.
>10/10 would do again.

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It's not to do bareback. More just to make them feel comfortable with French kissing and me eating them out. My friend told me majority are ok with blowjobs without condom but some of them aren't comfortable with getting eaten out themselves

Fucked my first prostitute in Thailand. Paid about $70 for a 9/10. Halfway through fucking I ask her if i can take off condom and cum inside for an extra $50. She agrees. I blow huge wad in her. Was awesome at the time but the anxiety of possibly catching an std and waiting for the std test results to come in was excruciating

Every day of my life! I've been married for 4 years. Haha, just kidding. Hi, my name is David Davidson.

In that case you're just gonna weird them out

I go to Thailand every year just to fuck hookers, it's so cheap as well. Best was two twins who I paid $50 to watch eat each other out

I've used escorts several times to wear and use diapers in front of me. Many stories, but I'm not going to bother typing it all out if there's no interest.

French escort I fucked two years ago near Montpellier.

Name is Megane, she was only 18yo and still in highschool, she did everything for 150€.

She took it in the ass and was a really good sucker, I ended with facial and swallow.

It was my best fuck (I was 31)

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I was working away once and saw a pornstar Bambi Black on adultworks. If you've ever seen her she is like the queen of British sluts, huge fake tits, fake lips, ass everything she's not attractive at all but she is pure filth

I paid £30 for a glory hole service and she was incredible, ended up giving her another £100 to take her in the bed room and fuck her in the ass

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I have thought about it at least once. Won't do because there's no way I could stay anonymous enough with not actual street hookers.

It's David D. Davidson, kid.

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Well known escort in Birmingham/Nottingham

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pastebin com /sSUf9qNV
1. Jacqueline: I think you were wearing a dark blue dress at the Macmillan prom. I regret not asking you to dance and then making it painfully obvious I had a crush on you and then not doing anything about it because I thought you were out of my league. Met a Jacqueline at the airport Hooters years later looked nothing like you but still I thought some weird cycle had reset.
2. Darcy: Marathon runners are pretty hot if you can ever catch one.
3. Torie: I think it's a little weird to be turned on when someone snaps at you and you were really mean to me when I sprained my wrist from masturbating too much.
4. Leanne: I am unaware of the effect I have on other people. But I think there's something attractive about watching another person receive similar results using wildly different approaches until they take it too far. It's always better to be the newer version and there's nothing wrong with that.

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kisses are usually a big no, ironically.

I did.
>chubby blonde with very big natural tits
>cute face as well
>call her and say that I am a virgin wanting to lose it, she says she is gonna treat me real nice since it is my first time
>rent a hotel for the night
>she arrives
>godamnn those are some huge tits
>she goes on top of me
>I grab her tits, godamm they are heavy
>start sucking on them and notice her nipple is getting hard with the sucking
>huge boner as of now
>she starts sucking me off
>put on a condom
>she rides me
>feels good but not as good as a handjob
>continue sucking on her tits as she rides me
>she sucks me off some more and gives me a handjob
>end up not cumming
>both are tired as fuck but penis is still up
>she rides me some more
>she gets tired of riding me, I go missionary on her
>both exausted
>i say fuck it
>just beat off and cum on her face
>we lay in bed for some time
>she says I have a beautiful smile and asks if I wanted to be her BF
>i pay her, she leaves
It was pretty fucking great, too bad I was so used to masturbation that any other kind of stimulae was just not doing it for me.

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>See my imageboard. (daily updated)

Why would you want to French kiss or eat out a whore Sup Forumsro? Just let them suck you, fuck you, and smack their ass on the way out. It's not for romance, and if you're looking for something more sensual then you had better try to see the same girl multiple times before bringing it up and she has to like you equally.

5k to fuck Dillion Harper last year, i have shared the story couple times here, people now arent interested in her so tag for more

>kisses are usually a big no, ironically.

Depends on the escort. I've seen ads that are ok with French kissing while others say french kissing discretion

I can't find any fucking sites that I am confident enough is not a sting......US East Coast BTW


After the financial crash of 2008, there were a lot of poor girls in Europe. Greece and Spain had like 40% youth unemployment. Plenty of those girls came to the UK looking for work.

For like £40 which is 50 euro or 60 dollars (back then) you could fuck them for 30 minutes

Cute spanish, italian, greek and russian chicks, all 18-25 kind of range. It was freakin awesome.

occasional shy british girl too. I fucked this 20year old chick and she was amazing

500 aus = $20.00 American

>Live in Houston.
>This was a number of years ago.
>This place opens up shop in town.
>Nude Modeling, but everyone knew what it was.
>Go in and just to get some action.
>Hook up with this cute blonde.
>We hit it off and have a really good session.
>Turns out she is a swinger and just does this on the side.
>Meet up later on at the club
>Good times second time around with girlfriend

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Yeah this is one of the reasons why I'm glad I live in Australia along with proper medical care.

femanon from germany here.
i did it beside my studium

easy money but i was only doing it about 3-4 a month and only house visits
nobody ever got it out


How the fuck did you find her?

Is prostitution legal there? Or do they just have an equivalent to Craigslist?


Hey guys. What does that tweet say?

i took 175€ for 1h GF Sex, no anal and go down to 160€ if they ask

Which location, is still open? Asking for a friend.

>5k to fuck Dillion Harper

Story? It's on my bucket list to fuck a pornstar but I've heard that they're way over priced and the sex usually isn't too good considering the amount of money you're paying

Yes, prostitution is legal in France.

I found her on some escort site I was using back then. Most of the girls were 20-30 but some were younger like this one.

18-19 are often inexperienced and not a real good fuck, but this one was a very good slut, she was enjoying it.

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What's the longest Sup Forums had an escort for? There's an escort I really want to see in Germany but her minute rate is 2 hours. What the fuck am I supposed to do for 2 hours?

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I love her childish face. Must be sooo good fucking a legal higschool girl while you're 30+!

Minimum rate* is 2 hours

More like $337.08

HOly shit....

France kicks more ass thean the United States. Jesus.

Holy fuck. I would fuck the everliving shit out of her.

Got any more pics of her?

how old was the oldest you fucked

Bring a dental dam, and it is not autistic to be tested, some well kept ladies keep their STD tests up to date and are willing to show you. Never trust a whore who will go bareback for any amount, she is reckless and probably std central! You get what you pay for usually, there's a lot of catfishing, some girls will trade (face) pics with you, don't ask for nudes, this is the best way of ensuring you are getting the same gal on the add. The best prostitutes are a little bit nymphomaniac and have figured out they would rather get paid to be sluts. This kind will not "clock watch" and actually enjoy (or at least convincingly fake enjoyment) sex,
if effort is reciprocal. The worst kind of whore is lifeless, expects her presence to be an aphrodisiac, and shows interest only in getting paid. All the ads claim to not clock watch, and so it is up to you to make a connection and discern whether it is bull shit. Claiming it is your first time, stopping to talk, bringing a clean test, cheap flowers or a trivial gift, are all ways to break the ice, and have a more enjoyable experience.

If you're asking because you're wandering whether you should do it or not.. do it man! It's awesome!
My first time was in Amsterdam, I was 25 or something like that. Went with a couple of friends. Found this curly tiny tittied 20yo something little beauty. She was cute and eyeing me offered to grant me 2 hours of her company and allowing me to do anything, even kissing. I did't have the money she asked for that, but of course I had enough to fuck her properly. For an extra 20€, after taking a look at my cock checking for signs of infections, she made me a blowjob without condom, then as soon as she ended she gurgled some disinfectant, just for extra safety. Really really amazing experience, I was very lucky that I found a lady who wasn't simply eager to get my euros out of me and go on with the next one, we chatted a bit.
Then a couple of years later I went to this excellente SPA brothel in Berlin, Artemisia is the name. 80€ entry, 50€ for fucking. Man that was awesome! All this chicks hanging bare chested by the bar, relaxed, lots of eye on my part to show appreciation, them coming over to me to sit on my lap and convince me to fuck them. Ohhh dear. I ended up fucking two chicks, the first one was a very fit A+ girl, simply a professional. The second one was on a lower tier, but was my type of girl, the way she looked, the way she moved and talked.. at first she even failed to notice I was calling her with my eyes: the chick next to her had to wake her up and send her to me. She was so easy, humble, nice fuck... when I finished fucking her it appeared she wanted to chat more than I did, I almost regret not having spent more time with her after the sex.

So yeah! Fucking for money is good, but for me it has to be with girls who chose to be hookers, not just poor girls on the streets.. or in cambodia or thailand or these poor countries (been there seen them but haven't fucked them).

Looking for Scotland uk

What a bunch of BS, Neither Greece neither Spain had an unemployed rate anywhere near 40%, and you claim to be able to find Spanish, Italian and Greek girls in brothels? I have been in brothels in Greece over 20 times and the only girls i saw there were Easter European (a big number of them from Albania) their prices were between 20-50 Euro (usually 30) depending on the brothel, i only found Greek girls at premium brothels that charged around 300-500 per hour which i find too much, if you are desperate you can also find Pakistani girls in the streets for 5 euro but i wouldn't risk it( prostitution is only legal in brothels)

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about 50
but quiet fit

I got a German hooker when I has in Berlin and when she was finishing me off she kept whispering "give me the juice"

I laughed and came everywhere.

I have been visiting escorts for 2 years now. I thibk fucked almost 30. I have never been able to get a relationship. Basically hate life. Living with partents at almost 26. Depressed. Wasted my first job money. Basically slowly diyng. Trying to find a gf. Hate this country. Hate this life.

They got ran out of town like 10+ years ago.
We still have Asian massage parlors but those are dropping like flies here also.
Houston isn't as prostitute friendly as it used to be.

It was obvious she was hungry for cock, so getting money out of it was surely a double win for her.

Fucking her rough in her ass doggystyle and pulling her hair was the best, she was making those little moans, really exciting !

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Yeah. I was just looking at my sex tape again of me fucking this petite prostitute, and she moaned too. Fuck. I love that.

Post moar pics!

So you fucked her in the ass (as in her anus)?

last weekend...

>fucked a whore in exchange for a motel room
>gave her a stimulant/psychedelic
>also took the stimulant/psychedelic
>Told her specific instructions in case the trip was too much ("here, take this benzo on a blotter if the trip is too much")
>fuck her face for an hour
>Tell her the room is hers but if she's not doing anything, I'll order some food.
>She says she needs to take care of something, packs up her stuff
>Her pimp calls and threatens to kill me if I don't give him the room
>I leave the room, go to my place, and chill until checkout the next day

what a dumb situation. I just left the room and went back to my place. Never going to a whore again, too old for dumb fucking bullshit like that. Because threatening to kill me like a ghetto pimp, off the fucking bat, when there is no fucking problem is going to solve shit lol. What fucking neanderthal escalates situations off the bat with "I'm going to fucking kill you if.."?

So yeah, no more whores. Have a gf and I'd rather focus on that then wade into the incredibly stupid drama that whores bumble into.

That is most definitely autistic unless they offer bareback with proof. Just beware, the only STD I got was after going bb on a whore's pussy. Syphilis isn't fun but thank god for antibiotics. Just stick with the mouth for safety.

This pic I took of her just after sex!

Yes, surprisingly for a 18yo petite girl, she took it in her anus, and I can tell you I wasn't gentle haha

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Yessss. Moar of her ass!

YOu fucking pleb. YOu fuck the shit out of her, of course. Don't masturbate for like 3 days... That'll work up some stamina.

story bro

Had an old buddy who was well off pay for a couple for me. Fucked this Brazilian chick with porcelain skin and a huge ass, fucking amazing. Best condom bj/ sex I’ve ever had. Lmfao

Just make her suck your soft dick if you cum too soon

All the highschool boys were probably fantasizing about her crazy ass while a 31yo guys was actually demolishing it haha

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>had a heroin addiction
So did you enjoy your HIV, user

I don't know... I think young girls like that probably feel young guys have not enough sex drive or aren't mentally mature enough to handle a good fucking. I could be wrong. But most of the young women I've fucked have had a thing for older or middle aged guys.

HOly fuck. god. Post moar of her ass.

How many pics do you have?

Were you able to get her contact info by any chance?

Still a few pics.

I only know she was 18yo, her name was Mégane and she was in highschool around Montpellier. She also was quite small in height.

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>Looking to book a Milf escort in Spain
>Find ad
>45 years old, She enjoys roleplay teacher/student, boss/employee, aunt/nephew
>She only see +35 year old men


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because you do too. they are humans like you. don't go hating yourself.

To many prostitutes without contact with actual girls, will hollow out your life, and make it very difficult to date or have a social life. You should join a club or group that has female members, try to make a female friend (even a fatty), this will let you start the steps to actually dating. Rejection is hard and can make it seem prostitutes are the only way, but rejection is natural, and can help you learn and grow self confidence, remember it's all a game. Prostitutes serve many purposes, they trap lonely souls forever, they supply easy "sidepiece" sex for people in relationships, and they let old men fuck young girls without the pageantry of bull shit. Be the last two, and not the first Sup Forumsro.

It's always the short ones...

Nearly all porn stars are short. That's why men's cocks appear so big in porn.

Oh and she was also into lickin balls and rimming asshole, and was good at it !
You're right about the short girls.

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got hiv
would not recommend

She let you take these pics? Are escorts ok with that?

she's cute

any more?

Yeah she let me take pics without face !
The ones with face were those she posted herself on the escort website

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So are escorts ok with you taking pics/vids if you dont show their face?

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I was in highschool with her, same class, was a friend ! I NEVER knew she was an escort...
I can provide proof with a pic she sent me back then.

Man, when I fucked my prostitute, I secretly recorded the whole thing from my backpack on the night stand. I so would have recorded all that with your girl.

And everyone clapped

Provide proof, you fucking pleb. So you're in France?

How did you ever have so much time with her to take all these different pics? Did you have multiple sessions with her?

Mégane G.

I can confirm every guy in the class wanted to bang her. But she was a shy one, FUCK if only I knew she was in fact that kind of slut...

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Uhhh... how do we know you're not the same guy as before posting a different pic?

Screencap her fb?

Well yeah I can confirm she's the Mégane I fucked haha that's funny

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Its legal where I live and I went 3 times to 3 different places. Paid 50 euros each time for a bj and/or 15-20 mins of safe sex.

First time was an asian. After a while she kept asking you cum yet? Kept tugging my dick to make drunk me come half hard in overtime.

Second time was some eastern european girl. Gave me the whole girlfriend experience and went on well beyond time. That was actually fun.

Last time I banged a Bulgarian girl who was doing some over the top porn acting thing. Total turn off but came anyway.

Dude, you didn't answer. She's in like 5 different outfits so far. How'd you get so much time with her? Did you have multiple sessions?

Yup six sessions within a period of two months

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I already forgot and am too lazy to scroll up. Did she fuck you in a hotel or her house? Looks like she's got a bunch of stuff there.

Her house, mid-day wednesdays or saturdays when her dad was out for work

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Dude, that's badass.

Damn, so many stories.
Best was a 9/10 Asian in NZ. I had to leave room to re-up after time was up and hadn’t finished.
Boner under towel in front of all. I was drunk so whatevs.
Worst was a 7/10 Aswin in NZ who got shitty bc she couldn’t get me to cum so she ended up going to have a shower while I had to finish myself. I was mad lol.
One time in Japan I guess they don’t have a time limit just until you cum bc I was so drunk we went at it for well over an hour with my struggling to keep it hard the entire time. I sweated all over that cute little thing. Was weird though with maybe five single beds all in the same dimly lit room with only a thin curtain dividing each bed.
Currently I go to a cheap brothel up the road, where there are plenty on Chinese to chose from and they suck decent cock and have nice bodies but I’m in love with this Korean there. Really just amazing, 9.5/10 in every way. I do to her what I can’t do to my wife and she loves it.
Oh and then there was the one... with the tail. Not as much of a turn off as you’d think.

I'm basically the only guy who's asking all those questions about her, and I live in Utah, USA. But anyway. How long ago was this? She has that baby face, but I could see her looking pretty standard pretty fast.

And that bois, is why you should always take care of you daughters, life demolished in 3, 2, 1

The fuck is wrong with you? Eating out a hooker is like washing arental car!

Yeah haha it was really exciting to fuck her at her house with dad away (and pretty risky also)

It was two years ago, I tried to recontact her since but she changed her phone number

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