Georgia thread. 706 preferred

Georgia thread. 706 preferred

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Dawson County

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>Georgia peach


Post Gainesville

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Why do these Georgia threads never take off?

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I beleive i have an idea on why, see from experience and observation ive noticed that alot of the sluts in Georgia are closet sluts, you'll never know til you get them in the privacy of the bedroom and even then absolutely no pics or videos, idk why. Thats just an idea on why Georgia threads dont take off.

GF working the cunt. She's on SeekingArrangement if you're interested.

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We're in mid-GA, about an hour N of Macon

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Sounds like my wife. Lady on the street, slut in bed.

Anybody have the Hannah J collection?

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Any Milton/Alpharetta?

Alpharetta here. Will show you my wife. Kik?

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Someone has to have some UGA girls

Any Berry girls?

Ah I miss the user board 706 thread(s), quality newds there.

The user boards suck now

Yeah, it was really good. Then begging took over and people stopped posting cause it was 10 begs and 1 decent picture.


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