To the therapist user that said that asking a psychiatrist about psychedelics might lead to an educated answer...

To the therapist user that said that asking a psychiatrist about psychedelics might lead to an educated answer. That didn't happen. I got the USB in the bushes analogy and he told me not do it.

How the fuck does someone come out of years of studying psychology and still end up thinking that scare tactics are better than an actual fucking answer?

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USB in the bushes?

The shrink bum fucked him

What about bushes

I think this has to do more with you not hearing the answer you want to hear and then getting angry about it. I get it, you read something on the internet (which you claim you did do), went to a professional face to face, and heard otherwise.

Therapists are often (is they don't make personal experience) only confronted with the negative results of drug usage. This makes their view on this topic pretty one sided.
Could you explain that analogy?

There are liability issues. If you get yourself injured while on drugs and then point the finger at your psychiatrist saying she told you to, they could get in trouble. Psychedelics are illegal anyways so of course she's going to advise against.

I'm a psychiatrist that has done hallucinogens about a dozen times. And read up on the research. Ask me what you want.

The only people that use drugs have problems. Whether those problems are mental (abuse, bad genetics) or physical (health problems, pain).

ah, so he wasn't a therapist, he was the rapist.

Why word there be a usb in the bushes? Is this the zoomer version of finding a discarded porn mag?

how likely is it to get addicted to cocaine after one night out while using it the whole way through?

also can you speak coherently while being high on weed?
can you train youreself or is it just not a possibility?

So you never drank a sip of alcohol on a party with friends? Yeah sure...
Alcohol is a drug too you fucking pathetic hypocrite.


What you are refering to is drug abuse, thats something different. There are milions af people who are in the middle of life, working, with a wife. And still like to toke or hit a tab from time to time.

but there are differences between heroin and beer don't you agree?

and weed if gay

Addicted is a difficult thing to define. Some people FUCKING LOVE COCAINE. It just hits dopamine receptors like black men on a the face of a cheap white girl. Some people, a small fraction mind you, do not like cocaine at all.
So, you will probably like it, possibly enough that the next time you come into contact with it again you will use itm bit maybe you like it enough that the next weekend you go out and buy it. And then you use it every weekend, and then more and more until your nasal septum erodes and you start getting into crack.

As for speaking while you are high, you either have to be not that high, or you have to have to memorize your speech. Maybe you could practice, but I really doubt it. When I get high I would like an imbecile, and I'm rocking a pretty optimal IQ

Thank you.

USB in bushes????????

Yeah one is pretty dangerous for your whole family and the other one is illegal.

No prob but you didn't mention hallucinogens

Yeah the fact that alcohol is more harmfull, because it makes people agressive. Weed and Heroine are less of a problem.

This is the dumbest thing I've read all day. Good job

Yeah so dumb...

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The analogy is fitting. We have no comprehension of how we can direct people into having good experiences.
He is not even disputing the possibility of it having a good effect.
It's something that has to be researched, you can take lsd if you want to. It could help, it could also fuck you up.

I fucking love cocaine. I've only done it once though. I don't know where to buy it otherwise I'd probably do it more.

What the fuck is the analogy. The fact that no one's explained it and it's been asked multiple times in the thread makes me think this is a troll.

You can't get the information out of the usb (psychadelics) without having a computer (research). It's pretty much just saying we have no understanding of it's workings in the environment we exist in right now.

it means if you find a usb in the bushes then you don't know what's on it. fucking brainlet.

We will need to understand the brain in a much more fundamental way to be able to guide something like a psychadelic experience.

Mary J. and harm to others???! name one incident.. pro tip, ya can't..

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stoners are lazy and develop parasitic behaviors

Dude those questions could any drug user answer you
1 the cocain , maybe depends on how fast you get addicted to shit but probably not and if so dont do more drugs its that easy .
2. Yes you can still talk if your used to it our its not that strong if you cant behave like a normal human being after using drugs . They are not for you .
Its not about training more about how your body reacts and how used to drugs it is if you do more drugs you tend to handle them better . Its like riding a bike after a few times you get the hang of it

A lot of people get ptsd and psychois from weed. Quite the epidemic in mental facilities.

>Harmful to others

Yeah ok retard

Uh niggers smoke weed and rob stores and kill people

>Addicted is a difficult thing to define
>Some people, a small fraction mind you, do not like cocaine at all.
There you have your definition of "addicted": A person who has a physical or emotional dependence on something and whose dependence is hard to overcome.

It means maybe the drugs you buy off the streets could be laced with some awful shit or it could be the most mindmelting porn you've ever seen

Lucy as well!

Yeah and drink water too, I bet they also breathe air. Video games don't cause violence. You think all gun owners shoot up schools too, huh?

Alright, I'll have no problem believing that. All you have to do is post a credible piece of research that suplorts what you say.
Any other response other than such will be taken as a shill/slide reply and not responded to.

it also has to be harmful

Look at anabolic steroids it causes harm to others because people get roided the fuck out it fucks with their mental state just like nigs with weed

Oh yeah Roid Rage is on par with being stoned haha fuck you!

That just means niggers are harmful to other people

Long term marijuana use is linked to schizophrenia and a few other mental issues stoner faggots act like weed is a godsend it's annoying as fuck

But shrooms/acid put you into a more stable state somehow?

It has to do with people snapping you dumb nigger god damn stoners are stupid neck yourself if you can't comprehend that

Oh, I see your point very informative thank you

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no you moron. they get high before committing a crime to alleviate the fear and panic.

Snapping? Cause of weed? Maybe if it's dirty laced shit from the streets, I guess

Well nigs dont usually do shrooms or acid and when you do shrooms it's typically in a relaxed setting to avoid a bad trip or out in the wilderness if you start having a bad trip and a major freakout most people would know to avoid you. But not niggers people somehow trust them

Someone in this thread is mad that highschool girls laughed at him for being a pussy bitch

Niggers don't know fear what do you mean?

Any dependence is harmful, given a certain time frame.

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>You think all gun owners shoot up schools too, huh?

It usually daddy's gun so technically no, gun OWNERS rarely shoot up schools.

I'm saying they aren't in a normal mental state but then again niggers never are

I know Bill Hicks said that stoners would drive at 5mph and hit their garage door but the reality is that their reaction speed is glacial and their judgement of how fast they're driving is unreliable, they're way more likely to have a serious accident because they just have no idea how fast they're going and no ability to avoid an obstacle or react to anything.

And that's not counting the people who become paranoid on weed, which really happens. I have a few buddies who can't do weed because of how they get. They have really bad trips on it.

If you stopped raping them whenever they smoke they wouldnt get so paranoid dude.

>Snapping? Cause of weed?
A large minority of people have bad reactions to weed, it's just variations in brain chemistry.

>alleviating panic
>large minority

we got some real high iq posters in this thread

Weed just makes me want to eat snacks and play with the dog, HE IS SO SOFT!

If you smoke weed, your car will no longer have any speedometer or brakes

Happened to my buddy, he smoked weed and it ruined his car forever

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fucking retarded

No shit retard wtf did you expect him to do? Give you an oz of shrooms and a sheet of lsd? Gram of dmt? Ziploc bag full of peyote?
Wtf is wrong with you
I told you in that thread id mail you some acid you shouldve fucking replied

t. never done
Im sure your retard friends are a good example of all the millions of people smoking pot

I heard if u smoke pot u deflate and cant get off the couch or speak anymore
I saw it on a commercial
Also ur dogs will be sad

This is dumb as fuck. I bet it's some sort of "how many people each substance kills" absolute numbers bullshit that takes into account the global societal harm of each substance, which is fucking pointless for what we're discussing because of course alcohol has the greatest impact, given that virtually everyone drinks it.
Only a tiny minority of people shoot heroin and it still ends up neck a neck with it.

This chart is extremely misleading.

Fuck off. Psychiatrists job is to help the guy and get some sense into his schizo head, not fucking destroy his mind further.

>Psychiatrists job is to help the guy and get some sense into his schizo head, not fucking destroy his mind further.
Psychiatrists are the ones who usually put people on drugs which can often further destroy their minds and health

yeah but that's putting money in big pharma's pockets and not street gangs so it's okay

Then why isn't marijuana right up there second to alcohol in heroin's place considering it's the second most widely used substance?

>takes into account the global societal harm of each substance, which is fucking pointless for what we're discussing
Are you not discussing the fact that alcohol is more harmful than marijuana?

Those drugs prescribed by MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS are meant to stabilise his mind and set his brain chemistry to optimal levels and not make him trip balls. Faggot.

yeah whatever you say pharma fag

Here kids, take some amphetamines so you'll pay attention in school

Who gives a fuck if it eats holes in your brain?

You have to consider availability with statistics like this. Alcohol exposure is much more common than heroin, so problems relating to it are likely to occur more frequently.
Also, alcohol simply isn't that dangerous. Yeah, you have people that drink excessively, but consider how much it takes for that to be fatal. Imagine drinking enough to kill yourself. It isn't easy, yet people still overdo it. Now give these types of people something that makes it easier to get fucked up, and I'm sure you can see what the results would be.

>Also, alcohol simply isn't that dangerous.
It's more damaging to the body than heroin and at least as dangerous to use as heroin