Hot MILFs with legs crossed are so hot. Post em

Hot MILFs with legs crossed are so hot. Post em

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That’s a GILF bro

bet she could use a foot rub

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Office milf

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Friends mom

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Used to beat my meat to her regularly as a teenager

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Best in show

"Hot MILF" is an oxymoron. Woman begin to degrade exponentially after the age of 25. They peek in college and spend the rest of their lives trying to stay that way.

They become more entitled thinking just because they have a vagina they should be paid to be seen with a man; thinking they are still in their early 20's and not realizing that their tits are beginning to sag, the cheese & the veins in on their legs show more and more every day; their waist lines grow as they still try to fit in those tight jeans they wore in college. They think their low cut shirts will distract men form noticing the wrinkles on their face - the crow's feet around their eyes and the lines around their mouths and lips.

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Their attitude sickens me. They treat men not of their worth and not of their sincerity. All they try to hold on to is the only thing they had in their youth. They don't consider the deep connection of another human. They are self absorbed and become more so with age.

Goddamn. Keep going.

Lol you make threads claiming shes a 19 year old intern every other day

I know who you're talking about. Not the same bitch.

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This guy had his little heart broke at some point.

but if the legs are crossed the pussy is closed

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Goddamn my dick

We give the power to women as boys when we hold them on a pedestal and make them feel like they are bigger than life. We give them the power in so many ways that never gets returned to us. We as men give them the confidence and the permission to walk over us, even when they're past their prime. MILFS - really? Ton's of make to hide the wrinkles, saggy tits, stretchmarks on the stomach, loose dry pussy with big vagina lips, spider veins on their legs, skeleton like feet. MILFS - it's not a thing.

I think all of us have had our heart broken a little at some point.

Seriously got his little heart broke.....

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Which one you trying to fuck and why

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Wife, she likes playing dress up

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got more from middle and left?

damn what outfits does she have?

have sex

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10/10 winner

Just a few. This is the only one I’ve photographed her slutty ass in though

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got nudes?

i see
show us her slutty ass

cheating on her husband with you?

Which one if you had to choose? And why! Then I’ll proceed with what i have

hard choice
left one got fake boobs
but right one seems to have a bigger butt
but i would say right

It's called Red Pill or MGTOW. Eventually he will get over it and just get a foreign wife and stfu. Or he will refuse and become an incel.

I love her smile. She gets so excited when she’s about to get some cock

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Wrong there my friend left has bigger ass too

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Her hair is awesome.

My dick uuh post moar

i bet she does
got her boobs too?

my bad got more of this ass?

Milf thread not office junior thhread

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open shirt very sexy

Nice wedding ring. I take it she's not your wife?

sexy little slave

I've started taking photos of my cute tall nerdy gf every weekend l. We have a lot of fun. I get aroused watching her do makeup and try on outfits while I take photos of her with her camera. And then we have wonderful sex afterward. I highly recommend. I'm going to start showing her off here but I just need to compress all the photos first

Jesus Christ man, speak to a therapist.
I can smell the pathetic in you from here.

Hahahaha you fucking loser.


do it now and show!

There you go, my bro. And thank me later


kill yourself

Good thread here DKtxnwu

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My mom what do you think

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great hair and nice legs. would like to see that body shape.

Did she go on that work trip and get fucked by her boss?

More of her. Add me on kik chord4321

Yea last week now, been staying late ever since. Must like that dick

Her hair looks great but nothing much to see other than that.

There you go, my bro. And thank me later


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I'd fuck her in the ass

Is that Hillary Clinton?

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Answer your kik

more of middle and left

nigga you crazy. Hillary was cute back then, but not that cute.

You’ve not messaged me. chord4321


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I’m still here

She is my wife. I bought that ring


No way she’s a mom

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do you have a bigger photo?

Too bad it's trimmed. Still enough hair to get the blood going. She looks like an old school fitness chick.

she did some competing back then

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