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What video game is this from

Your life sim. From the part where you have to relive every moment a woman refused to date you.

*farts loudly into every spy device in my smart-home*
*eats whole roasted chicken and beef regularly*

jokes on you, i never asked a woman out on a date because i knew they'd refuse me in advance. god you must feel so stupid right now, jesus.

She looks like an Oblivion character, does that counts?

whoa that video game looks dope OP.

imagine seething so hard that you make fake talking points

Lmao at all the snowflakes who got their feefees hurt by a 16 year old girl

do you think she would be more popular on Sup Forums if she wasn't so ugly?

>eat bugs and pay more taxes to change the weather
I like how thousands of years later we still use religious rituals to try to change the weather.

Lmao look at this cuck he fell for the 3D meme.

its unfortunate she looks exactly like a drawing of fetal alcohol syndrome down to the last detail. its low hanging fruit that nobody can resist but she did actually make good points, was just a bit too passionate about them. can't really blame her though, it is an important topic that too many are glancing over.


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Post the last video game you played and how long ago it was.
Forza Horizon 4
Last night

>sucks billionaire dicks for free to try and change his fortunes
Religious rituals indeed

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Probably yeah, I mean most people who see her think she's 10 which makes it worse since no one wants to be lectured to by a child.

The thing is a 16 year old should be worrying about her future, and not something out of her control.
She is wasting her childhood at the expense of her parents.
>her family has her and her sister
>she is climate change meme
>other is singer
>the mother is a client change advocate and an theater singer of some sort
Isnt it great when parents live vicariously through their children at the expense of the children's childhood?

If her personality was less ugly, sure


Stop fucking posting the green goblin already, she isn't video games.

The absolute state of the right, triggered by a child. Pathetic.


That just shows a rise in CO2.
Now show where it is
>1) humanities' fault
>2) not a natural cycle of the planet, which has been on fire and frozen over many times before
>3) In our control
>4) That the rising of CO2 is actually harmful

she basically got brainwashed by her family
as far as i know they have always been environmental weirdos

Her parents are retarded, and her mother looks 100% like someone that drinks during pregnancy

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Why does she look so angry, is she an incel?

Holy shit this is so old

How much energy does it take to harvest enough bugs to feed the planet? How much methane do bugs produce?

She's a climate activism superstar, her future is pretty much set, it's the cherry on top of her dedicating her life to somethong worthwhile.

Man you gotta be projecting your past failures LMAOO

>absolutely no fluctuation
Nice fake graph

It concerns me that, regardless of ideology, people aren't above harassing minors.
In any case, not vidya

>but I want an Oompa Loompa NOW

>moving the thread
Should have dunked it into the trash

kek faggot jannies


Lit Mods

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>This thread was moved to

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Shadman version when?


a change that large takes about 10,000 years naturally. Humans burning fuel made it happen in 100

>A literal sperging child
Her parents should be caged for doing this to her and her school fined for allowing this shit

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she will be ddestroying the planet with wonder bread

>wants to tax the living shit out of people for eating meat

>being surprised that a child born into a shit world is angry about it

A lot of us come from (slightly) better times. This kid has had smartphones, surveillance, corruption, war, divided societies around the world, etc. in her reality her entire life. Kids growing up now are going to be pissed and a different type of person that we are and our boomer parents were.

Her parents are retarded, like I said, it rubs off on her

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Children are property, and should bee see and NOT heard. Prove me wrong.
Pro-tip you can't
(Pic related)

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>says the one who saved the m version

poor doggo


Chuck from childĀ“s play.

CO2 is producing global warming cletus

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Cause scientists were around thousands of years ago to calculate our CO2 concentrations?

>says the one who saved
property for personal use

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we should hang out.

see how funny it is when your electricity bill is raised to combat climate change.
don't you understand that this teenager is a puppet of a global political ideology that wants to control you?

You think that leftie pays for anything?

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I personally think that she needs to experience what it's like to live in poverty in a 3rd world country. Not knowing if you are going to eat today or if your water is clean. And she needs to experience this for 10 years without a break.

Of COURSE they're unemployed, MAAAAAN!
OF COURSE they live with their parents, MAAAAAN!
They can't get a job, because they have no future, and the planet is BURNING, and it's all the fault of everyone who has more money or is even a few years older, and they're being subjugated and screwed by the MAN, MAAAAAN!!

In the end, she can choose to drive a taxi/truck or go into prostitution, let's see how much she cares for the enviroment

those eyes

reminds me of king k.rool

leftists rejoice when their nations are flooded with immigrants who are of low IQ, low deferral of gratification and quick to violence who absorb tax payer funded welfare, then wonder why their economic situation is terrible.

don't forget her younger sister!

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so... Americans?

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Im filthy rich you Hentaitrap

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Thank daddy and mommy for your allowance

super kek

she is asperger