I'm a conservative, but I have a major crush on AOC. She's both beautiful and very intelligent

I'm a conservative, but I have a major crush on AOC. She's both beautiful and very intelligent

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Your troll game is weak.

Shut up you big dummy.

Is slurp the semen right out of her thick cock

I'm not conservative but I have to agree with you sir.

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Nigger, do you ever sleep?

It's ok Ben, we know

When I sleep AOC appears in all my dreams

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Goddamn she makes me rock hard!

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i wonder it cant be the SAME person just cant be

>getting boners from an illegal immigrant

she’s so pretty


She's not intelligent. She is sexy though, despite being a deep state puppet.

I'm not OP but I love her just as much, maybe more!

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She was born and never left the USA.

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>fapping to rat face Mexicans

Honestly she's average to me. 5/10. And average isn't ugly. I would bang if I had the chance.

what are you doing here then?
bet you are getting hard just looking at her arent you?

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She's the kind of woman you'd have sex with and then the next day, she'll say you raped her.

So gorgeous

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Her voice tho

Mommy I need milk

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Starts thread about AOC


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Same PR firm shill thread as last night. AOC has great tits. That's all she has. She's dumb as fuck and an embarrassment to her district.

>being this mad about seeing beautiful women
I think you’re gay faggit


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shut up with your jewishry

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Conservatives are the deep state party. The fact that they’ve memed you into accusing the opposition of being the deep state is fucking LAFFO hilarious. LOLOOLOL

Literally the party of cover ups. Tipping my fedora to your galaxy brain.




>I'm a conservative, but I have a major crush on AOC. She's both beautiful and very intelligent
This guy is not a conservative.
AOC Is beautiful and not very intelligent

Laughing ass fucking fucking off?
Laughing out out loud out loud?
Fuck you’re dumb as hell

I garant you she is attractive, but she neither paticularlly smart or educated.

When were you planing a mass shooting? Normal, healthy, conservative male?

Just let us know so we can avoid the school whatever you decide to shoot up.

It’s luscious and glorious that you decided to pick apart the LAFFO part of my post (it literally means “laugh” you mongoloid), instead of your glaring fucking memed-in stupidity. Have fun today! Fox And Friends, aka retarded Regis & Kelly +1, are counting on YOUR SUPPORT! Lololololol

When Fox turns on Trump they will turn on Trump as well. The conservative "person" worships precisely who and what he or she is told to worship and that turns to hate with a single command. Fox News is the prophet of their faith and their faith is well and truly blind. They are well trained, well conditioned, they are utterly obedient to the celebrities they worship. Fox's celebrities chose which celebrities they will elect and which celebrities they will hate. A word is all it takes.

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too bad she a dumb slut at the walmart

>I am a vapid liar

Sexy curves.

the Rachel Maddow show is starting. Don't forget to tune in.


Never hit on bartenders.

I want her to spank my bottom and tell me how much taxes to pay

If you think she's "very intelligent", you aren't.

Stuff she says and proposes is idiotic.

FFS, her stupidity caused Amazon to not build a HQ in her district because she actually thought NY was going to pay Amazon billions. The mayor and Governor tried to explain it to her (and they are both DEMOCRATS) , but she was too stupid to understand this very basic routine business concept.

She's a moron. You are a troll (of course)

That was pretty stupid of her. But Amazon bad. Muh Socialism good.