Black girl appreciation thread

Black girl appreciation thread

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black girls are only good for sex

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True . Good enough for me tho

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Mmmmm sexy

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Now that black guys are fetishizing white girls, it's time for white guys to claim their black women. With strong white genes and an inherent tendency to select for whiter partners, we will breed out the darkness in America

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Black girls may seem loud and obnoxious, but they yearn to be dominated

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It is not very hard to convince a black girl that they were made for big white cock

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Because of their low social status and culturally-inherited self-esteem problems, most black women are eager to please and very loyal. Too afraid to lose a superior working white man perhaps

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it doesn't even have to be big, never had one complain.

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More ?
Thats some good length.8 inches ? Videos ?


Eh every race has a few size queens. Met this one girl who could not stop mentioning horse cock in our conversations lol

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LOL! This bitch has so much White in her genetics, she hardly even qualifies as Black in any sense...

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Speak for yourself, African genes are the past and future of mankind.

Shit, mama.

Not black. 1/10 don’t make you black

And white breeding

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That dude is not white

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Black girls are the best!