Morning pokemon box

Morning pokemon box

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Good morning Box

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Immediately request small pokemon

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Pic related

Junebug drools nclg roolz

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Right litten

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Im bullying you do you feel bullied yet

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that's nice

Ive heard worse

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Worse??? Than droolz? I can't imagine...

you're a... poop face.

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The slurs ive been called in prison im not even going to share here

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Can't believe prisoners say the real bad shit like "idiot" and "meanie"

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Hahaha your cute

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Thanks i try

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This thread is sort of dead, so I'll take the chance to say:

If I saw anyone dressed up as Lopunny for Halloween, guy or girl, you can bet I'd leave my gf for that night to smash.

we can buy a custome together and take turns

That's sounds fun if that isn't too weird with you :) would you be real cuddly?

Sorry I'd post some pics, but I'm on mobile.

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