No ylyl? I can fix that

No ylyl? I can fix that.

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ylyl thread: OP the Faggot posts once like a newfag edition.

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We need more people that identify as turtles and are pansexual.

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arent holocaust jokes normie tier already?

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>pic related

also this is more the case.

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> Fascist/nazi
> right
Kys fag

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user clearly you havent seen the kind of holocaust memes im talking about...

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There were masturbation machines in aushwitz?

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Yeah user
And apparently?
There were fucking children stuffed in soccer balls
and death roller coaster
and the fucking spike pit from the legend of zelda

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>infants inside soccerballs
That explains why everyone complained about the unpredictable ball in the 2006 FIFA world cup in Germany

Wtf they can be both at the same time
It just mean they are sneaky fuckers

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how typical
so they are the best, but not in the honest way. kek

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fucking lost

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You know its funny
I've actually thought about the reverse of your meme but applied to leftists before quite often
Button one: Success in capitalism is based on nepotism and privilege usually upon racial grounds
Button 2: Jewish Nepotism doesnt exist and jews made it into their prominent roles in banking and the media by pure hardwork and natural ability.

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If you manage to brainwash your opponent it's not that hard. Look closer to the media companies fucking jew


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Stop samefagging your pathetic nonsense faggot
>inb4 inspect element

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Friendly reminder Israel literally dedicates part of its military to influencing social media, which includes Sup Forums, reddit, facebook, and youtube.

It's a bit strange for someone to come along to viciously defend Jews like this, isn't it? And look at their posts: no arguments. None. At all. Just insults designed to silence anyone who asks questions.

And here's what their script allows them to respond with:
>schizo/take your meds/tin foil/conspiracy (that's a favorite of theirs)
>screeching "Sup Forums!", incel, or "nobody cares about you"
>"da joos are why you're a loser, right"
These are the arguments that Israeli astroturfers make.

Notice how none of them are arguments? It's because they know what they do is wrong and there is no justification for it - they just try to silence the opposition.

If that fails, they try to derail the thread with (sometimes literal) nonsense posts or just flood it out by desperately bumping other threads.

The best part? The public is turning against Jews because of this and a host of other problems they, directly, cause.

And now that you've seen this, you'll start noticing it all over the internet. Speak up. They hate it when you do.

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>part of its military
Is it really their military if we pay for it?

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One of the many obvious lies was that jewish boys would be strapped in to machines that would wank them untill they lost conciousness. Real in their minds...


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lmao, good point

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That´s 2 Category's of the Same thing!


Don't you fucks have dvach for this shit?

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Are any of them hot?

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The best Soap comes from humans as we all have seen in Fight Club

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It's an intervention. We're planning to make a referendum on Sup Forums to make it rightful 2chian clay.

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>OOF 100
Shut the fuck you normalfag ass millenial go suck a cock through a hose

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The hospital wasn't for Jews health but treating soldiers and experiments on the jews.

You think you're ruining the thread, but I'm learning Russian and this is actually good practice

>"Hey Dagoth Ur, want some vodka?"

Its afraid

Call both socialism. It’ll save you time.

hit me like an unexpected melon
well done sir

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red Mountains?

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