Biker hate thread

Biker hate thread

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Both are complete and utter assholes, biker moreso though.
>Car turning from far right lane, no blinker when doing so, wtf
>Asshole biker speeding through the fucking city, going so fast he couldn't react safely to anything, brakes at the last second, stomps windshield, is a faggot

>faggot has never ridden a bike in his life thinks he knows how you can react to a specific situation
the car is entirely in the wrong. why did the shit for brains stop in the middle of an illegal turn. who cares if the bike was going MAYBE 5mph faster than every one else
>has clearly actually driven to know lots of retards go UNDER the speed limit for no reason and maybe he's the only one actually doing the speed limit properly

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Wooooow slow down there speed racer

>filming and then posting online yourself while you damage someone's property and assault them for no reason.

No one can be this stupid surely.

I have ridden a bike, and jetskis, and boats, and ATVs, and cars. This fucking moron braked right at the last second and then is surprise there's collision, had he been going slower or just been more aware he could have avoided it entirely.

>No one can be this stupid

ITT retards defending fellow retards

In the video with sound it's because he rev bombs to get the dude's attention instead of braking. He's a squid, that's all there is to it

biker could have easily avoided it but the car dude did just come to a full stop in the middle of a left turn in a goddamned intersection.

Bikes don't stop that easily. If you brake too aggressively, you'll endo, and possibly go flying over your bars and face plant into the pavement. The chassis is much more sensitive to weight shifts caused by inertia than a car is because you have two wheels and a much shorter wheel base. The dip shit who made that illegal left turn is totally in the wrong. I had some asshole open his door on me while I was lane splitting. It's legal in California. I proceeded to kick the shit out of him. The fucked up thing is that I was the one who was charged with assault even though he could have actually killed me.

biker fag is a fag

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>while you damage someone's property and assault them for no reason.

>damage someone's property
>assualt them
Am I fucking blind or are you an oversensitive faggot

the dude was going at least 10-15 mph over the speed limit cities speed limit is low in the first place around 15-25 tops so he was probably going about 30-35 which is retarded. if you wana drive fast on a motorcycle drive on some back roads not in a heavily congested area with a shit ton of pedestrians and traffic.

>the car is entirely in the wrong
Precisely, if the biker didn't have shit for brains he would've realized this, but instead he kicked the windshield like an angry child after having his toy scratched, now he could be charged with damage of property and assault. Plus he posted proof incriminating himself. How stupid can you be?

It's called a downshift. You pop it into neutral when you stop. Without the weight from the drivetrain slowing the engine, the inertial forces acting on the crankshaft will cause the engine to rev higher.

nice blog

If I’m not mistaken, lane splitting is legal. However it’s up to you to maintain proper speed and control to avoid all situations. Kind of like when a car rear ends the car in front of them. Of course you got the assault charge. By the time you got off the bike and the other person out of the car. You were no longer in danger. You can’t call that self defense.

Quit larping , more like you watched Sons of Anarchy then made this story up in your mom's basement.

I'll take shit that never happened for 500, Alex

Can you fucking make sense pls? Thanks. Fuck you’re dumb.

Just because it's legal doesn't mean you should do it asshole. Bikers bitch and moan and have periods over people not "watching out for them" on the road and then lane split, making it even harder to notice them? Suck one

MFW anytime I see a 'watch out for bikers' bumper sticker

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also if you notice the biker fag passes both the truck and the white car. if he were to drive slower and change into the other lane after or before the truck this could of been avoided.

Nigger he didn't downshift, and even if he did most modern supersports have slipper clutches that make it so you don't even have to rev-match to downshift. In the vid he bounces off the limiter as a warning to the car, common squid behavior, and only brakes at the last second

or u can drive a car like a normal person and be able to brake when someone does something stupid instead of helplessly slamming into them and then having a hissy fit about it

Actually, it says “look out for motorcycles”

You are literal autistic trash

I hope you get hit by a car while you're driving your tiny dick commentator


Holy shit you’re stupid af

>ITT: people who ride motorcycles be like, bbbb-but the car should have put their blinker on!!!!

Bitch, I literally never use my fuckin blinker. Tell you what, if you can’t tell I’m turning by seeing my fuckin brake lights on, you’re a goddamn moron. Too busy feeling like you’re flying or floating, or free, or whatever it is you dumbfucks feel when you ride a goddamn bike with a motor on it in traffic with cars 5 times the mass as you. I don’t give a fuck what you fags think. I give ZERO fucks about motorcycles. I drive how I fuckin want. Maybe don’t follow so close that you can’t react to someone slowing down. Some of your faggot bikes don’t even have blinkers.

Get fucked.

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Lmao this faggot

Everyone on this post defending the biker. Lul.
Even if the car was doing an illegal turn (which he was not) it's the biker that hit it bc of going too fast. If you speed and hit a tree are you also gonna blame it?

I hate bikers as much as you friend but fuck you, always use a blinker so people know what the fuck you're doing.

nobody talked about blinkers in this entire thread and you're an inconsiderate asshole for not using them. To everyone, not just bikers. Is it really so hard to flick your finger on the turn signal? It takes like almost no fucking effort.

Exactly, he even has space to duck to the right because the white car brakes hard when it sees the dickhead pull out, but nope, gotta revbomb because he thought he'd be able to submit it to MotoMadness or some other channel for internet (You)s when the car moved on. But it didn't and he fucked up.
Anyone got source with audio?

This is how you side swipe some one in the right hand lane. No blinker, don’t check blind spots. Your gonna fuck yourself up.

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its not illegal to take a left turn there. unless there is a sign up saying no left turns and there wasn't

But biker are cool!

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i don't think u need a special sign to tell u not to make a left turn from the right lane

It's completely the bikers fault. I hope he was sued for his shit biking, the accident and the windshield of the car. Bikers are usually pieces of shit but this one stands out.

Imagine being so autistic you search for a pic to use just in this thread

>there's no sign that says you can't do it so it's legal
>improper lane change
>failure to indicate
>unsafe operation
Don't forget to take your lunchtime meds before you go back to class, kid


Imagine being so butthurt that you make up a demeaning fantasy about the person you're mad at.

why am I not surprised

Seems that no one knows it's traffic laws. You know that square painted on the street in which the accident occurs? It's called a caution zone where whoever is in has the priority on the ones that are out. It's also a zone where you can't stop and can't pass.

This means the bikers is fully wrong and responsible. Besides he is a dick. He is even stupid enough to put the proof online.

If you have other doubts, kids, do not hesitate to ask.

I'm European, and it's mandatory to use blinkers. You may even get a ticket for not using them. Is it really optional in the US?

sure its not good driving. is it bad driving? yes. but was it illegal for him to turn there? no. was it illegal for the biker to be speeding? yes.

No it isn’t. It’s the law here as well. That guy is just a cunt.

I don't know if it's bait...

From the incel who can't compose complete clauses. Kek.

Had a bad feeling he was black. he fucking revved his bike into the car with plenty of time to brake! Biker is the bigger asshole

>was it illegal for him to turn there? no.
From the right lane it was. Go ahead and do that in front of a cop and see how fast you get a ticket.
>was it illegal for the biker to be speeding? yes.
This wasn't in debate. Biker and driver are both retards, just for different reasons.

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Stupid faggot biker.
At least we can all live safely with the knowledge that he will one day just be a stain on the fucking pavement.

the biker is a nigger. that explains it.

he dindu nuffin
(to avoid the crash)

this man has found the answer

My wife is a MD and sees those Untermenschen dying horribly every day. Natural selection and karma

Post her tits

Some nurse wrote a book about wanting to ban motorcycles.

Why the FUCK are you braking with your front brakes? Are you a retard? Most street legal bikes require two sets of brakes, and if you have to brake quickly you use the rear brakes. The worst you'll do rear-breaking is throw your tail out and/or slide. You're a fucking retard who has either never ridden a bike, or rides like the fucking mong in that video and deserves to get run down by traffic. Fucking faggots making motorcyclists look like faggots.

Fuck bikers. Enough said.

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Fucking how? How can someone being this stupid?


Blame the helmets. I used to ride a sportbike and it came with a tinted helmet. Even in broad daylight, black or grey objects were hard as fuck to see and if there wasn't light in the background you might as well be riding half blind. I switched to a clear visor and people actually started giving me shit because it "didn't look cool". There's massive issue in the motorcycle community with doing and wearing dumb shit simply for the aesthetics of it, and they pay dearly for it. I liked riding out in county away from all the crazy traffic, but it's a fucking hassle if you don't live in the middle of nowhere and want to ride on a daily basis. The same people who buy and crash/kill in sports cars are the same as the people who ride motorcycles, the problem is that bikes are 10x cheaper and easier to work on so every fag who has an allotted monthly allowance for monster and his cousin have one.

Most of your braking is done by the front brake dumbass.

This, something like 70%

you're a mongoloid and definitely do not ride correctly if you're sitting on the front brake lmao.

B/ro tf do you ride? Been riding for coming on 22 years now and the front is the majority of the stopping power. Yea you will highside if you go full autistic on the front but its there for a reason nigger relearn to ride and gtfo that back brake

>turns left from middle lane
There are plenty of stupid riders out there but in this case the car is in the wrong.

That is more like it, biker was a fucking retard for not slowing down when there is a forklife clearly unloading a truck.

Ait buddy this better be a shit troll. Go out to a parking lot and check your braking distances front vs. rear brakes.

You clearly don't ride, as you brake weight transfers forward putting weight on the front wheel, grip = weight * friction. You car is also front brake biased for this reason.

When everyone says you are wrong, maybe you are wrong.

Have you ever taken a rider course? Because I have, and you are an absolute idiot if you ride, and dont know how braking works on your bike.

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This guy gets it

Guarantee that >810747892
is either one of those chopper/cruiserfags who doesn't have a functional front brake and says shit like "had ta lay 'er down" when he inevitably lowsides, or is a /nobike/ trolling for (You)s

I have never thought about it before but if you grabbed a handfull of brake on something like this you would probably bend the forks.

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well it's pretty stupid to have something severely limit your vision like that when you're driving a motorbike

Kek, was just thinking howd that look

They would flex, but the tree would break before they bent

you must be new here

OP you are doing god's work with this thread. Bikers are fucking faggots. Anyone who rides a bike is a gaywad with a microdick and insecure. Also truckers are a bunch of secret fairies too.


Imagine getting cucked by some retard on Sup Forums that you take a pic of a 7 year old rider card because you think you’re superior and don’t know how to use both brakes correctly on a motorcycle

>be on Sup Forums
>read people talking about taking bike courses in a bike thread
>remember that everyone else in this thread is also on Sup Forums and not on a bike

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while rare, we do exist outside of /dbt/

Stupid bike nigger was lane splitting and hit collided with the other vehicle. 100% at fault. It's not the other motorists responsibility to look out for these skid marks.

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>lane splitting
Did you even watch the video? He was probably speeding, ran wide as fuck on that corner and looked like he was crossed up, but he wasn't splitting.
I mean he's still a moron who's better off with a bus pass but at least be accurate about why that is

Sounds like a fucking faggot Who drives a BMW

Did he die?

My mistake faggot he didn't lane split. Still the bikers fault. Unless he has a really good lawyer he's losing in court. I would Sue his shit sideways.

Decent chance, assuming he didn't break his kneck he probably swelled his heart until it gave up.


Less faggotry, more videos

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Squids are always funny.

Amen to that

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Where I live, we have a headquarters for a group called the CMA. Christian Motorcycle Association. And they're every bit as self-righteous and retarded as you would expect. I wish every one of them was strung up in town square for a public lashing.