Celeb-- Iconic edition

Celeb-- Iconic edition

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Is it fair though?
What if you go to far though?
I can't pay attention because there is this cute redhead that sits right next to me and I flirt with her constantly through class.

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Goddess Perrie owns my cock

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Good choice


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America Cuevas

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formulas before whoremulas my guy

yes thats the best I could do...

can tell from the filename :p

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Thank you.

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No one better

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Pls no nu stew.

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getting laid son before balanced equations

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pastebin com /sSUf9qNV
1. Jacqueline: I think you were wearing a dark blue dress at the Macmillan prom. I regret not asking you to dance and then making it painfully obvious I had a crush on you and then not doing anything about it because I thought you were out of my league. Met a Jacqueline at the airport Hooters years later looked nothing like you but still I thought some weird cycle had reset.
2. Darcy: Marathon runners are pretty hot if you can ever catch one.
3. Torie: I think it's a little weird to be turned on when someone snaps at you and you were really mean to me when I sprained my wrist from masturbating too much.
4. Leanne: I am unaware of the effect I have on other people. But I think there's something attractive about watching another person receive similar results using wildly different approaches until they take it too far. It's always better to be the newer version and there's nothing wrong with that.

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anyone has that red haired teen from previous thread?

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Any Maisie?

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I literally wish I could marry Natalie, have children with her, and spend the rest of my life with her. No exaggeration. Like legit full commitment. Of course I would do ANYTHING to make love to her, but I would also do anything to spend the rest of my life with her.

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oh yes

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i love that taytay!

we need long hair stew!

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Corinna Kopf gets all my cum

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I got you

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i wanna make her have my children

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cute :3

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women in ties, cute as hell

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Dream threesome

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And the fact that it's Maisie. Of course she's gonna look cute

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I don't wanna make her do anything. I want her to WANT to have my children. I can't even imagine how elated I would be. I would be the happiest man who has ever lived.

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that's what i'm talking about :]

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Only the best

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no doubt, she knows how to dress

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i want her to beg me to breed her

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Whose the dirtiest?

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that ass

Such lovely eyes
Such pretty lips
So sit on my face
And wiggle dem hips


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Now that's an ass that needs my face beneath it

I mean yeah same here, but I guess I'm a bit more romantic about it...

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This one.

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