Hey Sup Forums, did you do gay shit with your friends when you were younger? Sleepovers, camping trips, scouts...

Hey Sup Forums, did you do gay shit with your friends when you were younger? Sleepovers, camping trips, scouts, boarding school, etc. etc....what were your gayest, hottest experiences?

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Also, if the user from last thread with the swim team experience is still here, we'd love to get that greentext about it.

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Jerked off to a cannibal corpse album cover at my friend's house during a sleepover

I was caught and he stopped talking to me shortly afterwards

used to hump my friend regularly in my bed when we were young. Don't think I knew what sex even was. I've questioned if it turned me into a fag but every time I expose myself to gay porn or anything I get turned off pretty quick.

The thought of taking or sucking a dick is kinda exciting, but then I realise I want nothing to do with the men themselves and most guys who are down for that shit are gross anyway

>be me
>Watching TV at a sleepover when younger
>There with my buddy
>notice he's hard watching the stupid shit thats on
>im hard to
>he notices
>"Hey user... do you think your parents or sister will check up on us"
> I say "uhhh i dont think so"
>He starts to rub his dick through his shorts
>I make some gay joke
> HE says it feels Good and jokes that if its gay why am i hard
>uh ok
>keep watching show but start glancing at him
>hand is under shorts at this point
> he catches me staring and pulls it out
>Im sort of half embarrassed watching tv at this point watching his dick out the corner of my eye
>I feel his hand on my leg
>I dont stop him
>He starts to rub my cock through my PE shorts
>Feels good but i sort of pretend nothings happening
>but i dont stop him

I did, everything started when I was showing pictures of my girlfriend to my friends while we were jerking off. There I started to become his slave

Didn't jerk each other off but in school we had to shower naked together in a big communal shower. A lot of boys got boners because that happens at awkward times in puberty.

Go on, hope this leads to more with him and your other buddies back then

So you did stuff with your whole group of friends? How old were you all and how far did things go?

>he starts to work his way under my gym shorts
>he grabs my bare cock
>i look at him
>He's now just absently playing with his own cock
>"Care to help?"
>Fuck it, super horny
>touch his dick
>we both mutually jerk each other for a while
>during the course our clothes are off
>he stops
>"I want to try something"
>starts to lick the head of my cock
>see stars, knees feel like butter, fuck this feels good
>starts to lick my shaft as well
>Takes my dick in his mouth
>Starts to suck on it
>I let out a moan
>he unsheathes my cock from his throat and smiles
>its resting against his face and hes playing with my balls absentmindedly
>"Feel good?"
>"You're really good at this"
>"Thanks to porn" then taking my cock in his mouth again.
>going faster.
>Oh fuck
>Close to cumming
>He speeds up more.
>RIght as i'm about to cum stops and gives me one big playful lick.
>I'm so horny at this point decide to return the favour
>we sort of like play wrestle and i get on top of him
>Both our cocks very erect and rubbing together
>I get on the floor (we were on the couch)
>And I lick his cock from balls to tip
>He moans, grabbing a handful of my hair

Pls post first time greentexts

this one time at band camp we sucked each other off

you and one boy or several boys?

No, he was not a friend of my group of friends. He used to come at my apartment from time to time for a drink. I was 22, he was 19, it continued for 2 years then he found a girlfriend

>Never done this before so probably not good at it
>But he seems to like it
>Feel him getting close
>his whole body tenses
>I back of from his shaft and start licking his balls
>this drives him crazy, but its only fair because he did the same to me
>He pulls me up to him to a kiss
>Not sure if i like it, but feeling our cocks rub together plus how horny i am i get into it
>We hear a sound, was probably nothing, but then we were nervous
>But too horny to stop
>better find somewhere private
>"Hey user, want to take a shower?"
>We scramble still pretty much on top of each other to the bathroom (attached to my room) and lock the door behind us

>wake up
>see this

wat do?

Already posted but my friend and I jerked each other off. I'm cut but he's not so that was different. I made him cum really hard - I came hard too.

i masturbated with my cousin once. at a very young age i was a horny 12-13 yo boy butt fucking my classmates and they fucked me, we enjoyed it and it felt great. growing up i learned i was bisexual. have had sex with more guys than women. probably 3 women in my life which i had relationship with is what i can think of. i like to find guys for bjs on grindr when in relationship with women, is that okay to be like that, (im 30)

Used to sleep over at a family friend’s house. He was a bit older than me. I must’ve been 8-9, he was 12-13. It started out as truth or dare and we would just get naked. It progressed to jerking each other off. I don’t remember either of us ever cumming or if it went further than that. But that pretty much lead me to jacking off everyday.

I also used to get my dick sucked from random guys of CL. Probably over 10 guys over the course of a couple years. Still some of the best and hottest BJ’s I’ve gotten. And they all swallowed.

Been thinking about sucking dick lately but haven’t tried yet. Have a girlfriend now but the urge is still there occasionally.

>In the shower
>Get clean
>Keep shower running, but get our and dry off
>Playing with each other
>start to feel a pressure at my asshole,
>Its his finger
>just go with it
>says ok, lets try something
>using a fair amouont of spit as lube he slips into me
>holy fucking shit it hurts at hirst
>Starts to feel kinda good though
>Playing with my dick while he fucks me
>start to feel like a cockslut, though i probably didnt know what that was back then
>HE speeds up
>Nuts in my ass

Since no one cares about the greentext, i ended up cumming in his mouth that night.

We did things a bit more through that summer, till we didn't any more.

Im not greentexting cause too much work.

In middle school I would peek at several guys in the changing room. Pretty often a few would catch me looking, more often than not they wouldnt say anything though. One guy did catch me once and called me out on it, which resulted in the entire locker room calling me a fag then then the rest of the students caught wind of it.
Bonus side? The same guy that called me out dragged me aside and asked if I liked looking. I said yeah and he told me he would get the kids to stop calling me a faggot but only if I jerked him off behind the bleachers after school.
So me being a dumb horny gay kid absolutely did, he wasn't anything impressive as it was middle school, maybe four or five inches hard but I liked it. After finishing him off he kept his promise but didnt do anything else for awhile.
A month later he pulled me aside again after school and asked for the same thing. Halfway through he asked me to lick it so I obliged, he came while I was licking and I got some on my tongue and swallowed it. He asked if I really liked that and I told him sure, so he asked if I could clean him up then. After licking up his mess and cleaning his shaft he moved along.
The last time he pulled me aside was a few months later, winter didnt make a good time to fool around outside so it was in the spring. He asked me if I had ever sucked dick and I told him no and he asked if I wanted to try. Fuck yeah I did, so once more under the bleachers he took out his cock and I went right to licking and putting it in my mouth. I was just doing a lame bobbing motion, not at all a good blowjob by todays standards but it was enough to get him off after a few minutes; he grabbed my head and forced me to swalloe his load down and then just kinda held me there. He told me my mouths warm and he just wanted to sit there for a bit more, but eventually he let me off and after that he didnt pull me aside ever again. Probably got a girlfriend.

I sucked a dick in the PE locker room after school in middle school.

ask me anything

I got caught checking out other guys too but we weren't naked. I just looked at his butt in underwear because I could often see his butt crack.

Of course that's ok user. So what were your best buttfucking experiences, would you and your buddies do that together as a group on your sleepovers and camping trips? Any good stories?

In early puberty everytime i had a overnight campover in our popup camper it turned into gay sex.first time we touched each others hard dicks and ask him to suck mine and he wouldn't but when i put him in my mouth he didnt mind and came in my mouth instantly but he did let me fuck him. We were so horny i bet we came 15x before sun came up.
Had several experiences with otgers also but funny thing as time went by we became interested in girls and never mentioned our gay experiences anymore although i am rock hard thinking about it right now

I care, please continue

Would the gay stuff happen when you had multiple boys over in the campover? Any good stories you feel like describing?

My friend flashed his hairless pink asshole at me trying to gross me out. I poked it hard with my finger in response.

>Im not greentexting cause too much work.
>writes tl:dr

>unprepared anal sex

Once there was 3 of us and we decided to get naked cause i said i always sleep naked and they said so do we so being it was a one mattress camper and we all slept together i was hard instantly and my dick was touching his has and he grabs it to feel me then I reached over to feel him and so warm and hard and in no time my other friend new what we were done so my friend in middle reached over to feel him and he was hard and i felt him too and he was big so it took awhile to get in in but i started fuckin friend in middle and he started fuckin friend on his side at same time i was fuckin him and we just came over and over again all night long switching places every so often when we were done we were so gaped and cum everywhere. I just beat off while writing this thinking about them days.

When my friend and I were around 10-12, we'd have sleep overs on at least a weekly basis and usually ended up naked.

I never thought of it as sexual, but he'd occasionally say this gave him a boner. I asked him one day if he was okay, and his honest reply was "I don't know".

Neither of us turned out to be gay by actions. I've thought about having a guy jerk me off while I jerk him off, but never did anything.

Fuck that's hot, how nasty and cummy were your holes from pounding each other all night? Did the 3 of you do anything kinky with your butts diring abd after filling them with cum? How old were you all when this happened?

Well, I thought I was straight, now here I am with a boner wanting to suck dick.

Did you and him bring any of your friends in on the action after that?

Weren't nasty at all with shit if thats what you mean just full of cum and comforter was soaked with cum.
On other occasions we would just have nights where we sucked each other dicks and swallowed every drop

Had a sleep over and three other guys plus I went into a hot tub naked. We were talking about girls and stuff like that since we were teenagers, and when we got up I saw that we were all at least half hard. We walked back to the room naked and sporting pubescent boners. Later when we went to sleep we talked about girls, bodies, and jacking off again. I think it was on our minds for the whole night because when one boy fell asleep he got a full boner, and we all watched it twitch and start dripping precum. He eventually had a wet dream and orgasmed in front of us. He didn't know until he woke up.

I meant nasty as in full of cum, did you play with each other's holes at all or try eating it out of each other? How noisy did your holes get as you got sloppier and sloppier?

I've fucked some girls in the ass without discussing it until we were already fucking

Fuck that's hot, did the 4 of you end up experimenting together?

No eating ass yuck after one friend would ream out with his huge cock and then other friends turn it was a little sloppy for awhile but we were young and could squeeze our holes tight like snare drum

This isn't a story about doing gay shit when I was younger.

Just glad I live in an era where I can use an app to get my dick sucked anonymously and not be gay. I have a gf and I still prefer a guys mouth at the end of a night.

Damn that's hot, were you talking dirty to each other as you all pounded butt? And when you were finished did you all fart out the cum in front of each other?

>be me at about 12 and wut is this
>sent to new religious boys school
>new teacher likes to put hands up and in this popular boys shorts
>be jealous of popular boy
>one day go and see pedo teacher at lunchtime
>i have red spider web veins on my arms and legs
>scared of red veins, no idea wtf is going on
>he gets me to follow him to his office
>we go inside, he closes and locks the door
>begins to undress me
>first the tie, then the shirt, shoes and suspended socks next
>I am down to nothing but my shorts and jocks
>He says "well it seems like this goes all over, let's check"
>he undoes my fly and begins to undo my shorts top button
>I push him away
>he doesn't know why I pushed him and is shocked
>he says "no one has ever pushed me away"
>he panicks and leaves
>I redress and leave

To this day I fantasize I had let him continue.
You see, I had red jocks on that day, red jocks
that my grandmother had washed in much too hot water, making them slightly pink. I was too
embarrassed for him to see them. I wish he saw them and laughed, saying he was going to tell all the other boys. I would rush to meet him
at the door, holding his hand on the door
handle and saying I would do ANYTHING he wanted if would just not tell anyone what he
had seen.

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you're bi and cheating on your GF dude

Pedo teacher sounds gross, but was anything going on between the boys that you were part of?

I have no clue why gay sex makes me so horny I'm going to beat it again.

Yeah the next day we went back into the hot tub together and put our dicks against the jacuzzi streams. Only one of us had tried it before but we all caught on. All of us climaxed together - that was a lot of fun.

not only that but he's gambling giving her herpes or some shit without even knowing

Nah, they clean, and its only physical you monogamous cucks

I know what you mean i fuck the gf and go to sleep but when a cock is in my mouth i can go all night long


wow you're a fucking dipshit user. Enjoy explaining to your GF how straight you are when you inevitably get found out

No touching involved but in the locker room I saw other boys look at me. I had more hair on my chest and belly than most 14 year olds so I think they were just curious. Also my nipples are big and pink and they might have gotten hard from the cold.

while best can you describe more if the details from that buttfucking camper threesome? Love hearing how dirty the three of you got with each other


When i was 18 i had this crazy hot cheerleader gf who liked sticking her fingers in my ass while i would fuck her lol never told her how much i enjoyed that and she loved anal also.


>>thread about gay shit
>>gets mad at bi shit

Totally deserved.

We did that kinda stuff for 2 years sometimes all 3 of us sometimes just 2 but we all had great time and best sex of my life.

>Be me, 6--8 years old.
>Have masturbated since I was 5
>It was summer
>Somewhere at 1980's
>Yeah. I'm oldfag
>Visiting aunt and uncle
>They had 3 sons and one 1 daughter
>Oldest one, boy, was year younger than me
>Once talked with my oldest cousin about sex
>Both got excited
>Decide to compare boners
>Both draw foreskins back
>End up grinding cocks together
>Do that for few minutes
>Then stop
>Don't want to get suprised
>Never did anything sexy with him again
>Fast forward one year
>Live at countryside
>Neighbours have two sonss
>I once end up on their place playing console games
>They want to show me something
>It's porno movie, VHS
>Their parents fucking
>Both of them whip their cocks out
>They are hard as fuck
>Older has thick penis but average on length
>Younger has really long penis but thinner
>They want to masturbate watching their parents fuck
>I take my cock out
>Try to wank for few minutes
>It feels wrong for some reason
>Tuck my cock in, say goodbye and exit building
>Nothing sexy with them ever again
>I've done similar "playing doctor" and "show eachother" with girls several times before and after those times
>While being teen my aforementioned cousin's littlesister masturbated against me
>She had clothes on but still remember that scent, warmth and dampness
>Sometimes I wonder
>What would have it been like if I would have went further with either one of them - or both? Maybe same time?
>Well, still got the memories

my Sup Forums is smart, 2 year olds don't have a life. irl

Use to watch porn with my cousin when inwas really young (1995-96) he was about five years older than me. He now identifies as a faggot.

I genuinely think we were just curious but it is fucked up that he was so much older than me but i had been masturbating in secret since i was a young child

We could be anywhere and when one of us had the urge we would drop pants. Sometimes in store bathrooms,woods,our bedrooms,backyard etc

What did the 3 of you do once you were finished dumping all your semen inside each other? Just admire all the cummy gapes? Ever try DP?

What were your dirtiest moments with cum?

I like to rape Orthodox Jews. It has to be rape, no consent. I love to cum in their beards.

No dp. When we had the quickie urge we would just drop pants where ever and ket who was horny cum then pull pants back up. One time in k marts i dropped pants in isle and 5 strokes he filled me and hurry and pull pants back up. Oh my so many memories coming back.

We would just wipe ass if there was too much cum but mainly we could close our tight assholes shut and keep the cum in there.

Not really dirty we would either swallow or keep it in our asses most the time,once i farted after being came in and soaked my underwear we rode bicycles back to house so i could change

Did any of you ever fart out a bunch of cumloafs on each other in the middle of buttfucking? What's the most amount of loads you could all take before you were overflowing?

Well after one cumming in me alot of cum would cum out after other friend was inside me such a nice feeling cock sliding in and out with cum for lube.

Did any of you ever let loose big cumfarts by accident? It's a bit of a fetish of mine lol

I did at least but never heard or seen them do it. They ride at cedar point that would be suspended and take you across the park was one of our favorites for sex while looking down at people.

What happened when you blasted cum from your butt all over your friends? Would that turn you all on or make you laugh.

I'd love to hear you describe one of your hottest buttfucking sessions in graphic detail, if you can

Wouldn't blast cum out it would just leak out from cock inside and too much cum the cum had to go somewhere. Was just trying to figure how many times we cum in each other asses over a 2 year span, had to have been thousands since we were constantly horny. While most teenagers were jackin off we were fillin ass and swallowing cum

I meant how many loads would your butts take in one night when you were really going at it?

And man I'd love for you to describe one of your best nights of sucking and buttfucking as a trio, as graphically as you can. So jealous you had friends like that

I ended up finding a gf and low and behold she was just like my buddies she would drop pants anytime i wanted and i would fill her up and that's when I stopped gay sex been straight ever since but the thought of the old days makes me cum just thinking bout it.

There you go, my bro. And thank me later


I bet they do.

What was the wildest threesome you ever had with your buddies? You should do a greentext or describe the entire session.

Like i said the first night we did it was near 15 loads in my ass alone if you remember when you were young you could cum over and over but after awhile there was barely any cum that would cum out. We had so many more nights like that and days but after awhile we could fuck much longer without cumming

Man, how sloppy was your hole from all the cum? Your cheeks and crotches must have been drenched, what did the fucking sound like as things got messier?

Nothing real wild just all nite long banging each other holes anywhere and anytime we wanted. All we had to do no matter where we was at is just i need to cum and no questions asked pants dropped. Best times were in public for me it was amazing thought of being caught

Were the three of you ever able to convince a fourth buddy to join the action?

And how did you talk each other into buttfucking that first time in the camper? What things would you say to each other as you did it? What positions did you all try?

Wish someone would post pic of there cock

I once caught a guy I was at sleepover with jerking it to a sleeping girl. It was a massive f off 4 story house, there was over 20+ of us scattered around different rooms. I was 16 and he was 15. I blackmailed him in to giving me a hj while I fantasized he was girl I fancied, said girl not knowing I existed at the time. After the sleepover I got him to do it 4 more times before he moved, it was over the course of 2 years. The last I heard of him last year was that he was kicked out and living with his ex-girlfriends parents. I don't know if I had a hand if f-ing up his life but I couldn't give less of a shit. He was a prick, he had a gf at the time he was masturbating to that sleeping girl. So gay yes, but he wasn't my friend.

Scroll up and read. It just happened when you hit puberty your horny as hell. One friend got married and the other did to but is bi

We never wanted a fourth we had a good thing going

Post cocks and assholes if your horny.

I know, I'd just love for you to fully describe one of your best buttfucking sessions from start to finish.

They were all good like i said sex with my friends when we were all hit puberty at same time was the most amazing in my life. All we wanted to do is get off and we were horny constanty. We woul bring blankets out in the woods then when mosquitoes were bad we built a fuck hut but my best times were just riding on bicycles cruisin around and say hey i wanna cum so we would stop wether all 3 or just 2 of us.

What naught things would you say to each other during all the buttfucking? Any other super kinky memories that stick out to you?

Ive came twice talking about my past i need to find a gay thread i might cum again.


It was all about just cumming is all never anything nasty no words just cum and go on with our day till horny again.we hung out everyday so you can imagine the cumming. Headed to gay thread i want to post my hole and cum one more time

Cant find a gay thread


You can post your hole here if you want.

And I know it was all about cumming, I was just hoping you'd describe one of your best sessions in full since a full story is the hottest to read here, instead of short answers. Not sure if you understood what I meant

I touched my friend's uncircumcised penis and played with it until he came. He looked (and sounded) like he was really enjoying it. When I rubbed his tip with his foreskin or touch the frenulum he'd moan and thrust his hips. He eventually squirted cum all over his belly and my hand.

Hot, did this lead to more with you and him?

He was jerking me off at the same time.