You have 10 seconds to name a better fast food restaurant than Wendy's

You have 10 seconds to name a better fast food restaurant than Wendy's.
>protip: You Can't.

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almost literally everything else except mcdolans

Cuck E Cheese


the only thing i can remember about chuck e cheese besides the fast it's not fast food and it has cardboard pizza, is the constant smell of little kid BO. i always wondered what the constant onion smell was and as i grew up i realized what it was in retrospect

fact* god damn brain

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Five guys

McDonald's idiot


Hardee's/Carl's Jr.


Rallys Bufords

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You like Wendy's?

Arby's Taco bell

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Taco Bell and Steak N Shake.

Never been there, but Papa John's is really good.

taco bell. that chalupa cravings deal box, replace hard taco with soft taco and no beans in the burrito.

Wendys tasted better when they have silver burger wrappers.

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Not paying $7 for a skimpy roast beef sandwich. Arby's can go fuck itself.

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Jack in the box

only thing I get from Wendys is the spicy crispy chicken sandwich

taco bell is shit and doesn't fill you up

Chick-fil-a for quality but i get wendy's more cuz i'm a poor ass nigger

All that is still worth anything!

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Ohhh Rallys Fries!

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Wendys tasted better when they had newspaper tables, newfriend.

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i remember Wendys having a salad bar lol good memories

Tasted better when Dave was still breathing.....

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Yea, it even had tacos and chocolate pudding...

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burger king.

Yeah, the new burgers suck.

They do at the one i buy from

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For big chain, its Quizno's or Subway. Mostly Quizno's.

Ivars works too.

This is very, extremely true.

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bible-thumping homophobic fucktards

Better than faggots


this user gets it. Most variety, most locations 24/7 and prices are reasonable. plus only place with curly fries.

WTF i love Chick-fil-a now

Jack in the Box all tatstes the same, its what ever they fry their shit in. Also they are not the only place with curly fries.

The chicken still sucks tho.

My back yard.

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Five guys.

Wendy’s is good but their bbq’s new recipe is absolute shit tier. RIP the OG bbq they had and their circular containers