You hear a knock on the door

>you hear a knock on the door
>you check it out
>see pic related
what do?

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Eat all the fries


How's master shake been?

Go away, friggin go away.

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You want some of this shit fry man?

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open the door and eat his brains

I give him the finger as hard as I can.

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be cool
its the world famous meatwad

Start seething cuz I really hated that show.

Fuck you

Show was stupid, not funny.
There's a difference.

Go watch more tranny dilation shows on netflix, you insufferable faggot

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No one cares

Fuck you Fry-Man.

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i bet you watch anime snuggled up to your hentai body pillow. fuck off, eat shit and die niggerfaggot.

I thought it was stupid and funny, better watched on drugs of course.

what did YOU do to Paul's house?!

im really curious what it would be like after droppin a couple tabs. gonna have to get ahold of my buddy and see when he can score some.

Open the door and say “MY NAME IS” and then recite the theme song word for word

I bet you're completely wrong, ignorant fuck.

Pretty fucking fantastic
Harvey birdman slaps pretty hard on psychedelics too

whatever you tell yourself that helps you sleep at night pal.

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Get him to sign my tattoo

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