What happened to real girls? Can’t find any these days

What happened to real girls? Can’t find any these days.

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Snapchat filters happened to real girls.

In guess so

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They still exist I’m sure...

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We're all androids duh

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Now you’re talking...

got the freckles folder?

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Go to a country where values,morals etc are still cherished . American culture made most of your woman whores without any self respect .But what can I say meet a girl a few weeks ago meet 3 times first time we hung out . 2 time we watched a movie and fucked like rabbits . 3 time we did anal ,atm , and all the other shit and I barely know that girl . But I know I'm not better in any way . I stopped caring those woman are not my daughter's

>how it shoot if it's plastic?

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Reality sucks anyway.

Social media and negro culture ruined them. Turn gay, join the MGTOW weirdos or become a eunuch and quit caring about sex.

I know her IRL. She's actually a really sweet girl. Needed money, got blackmailed then lied to, now we have her nudes.

They're always really sweet girls, people will do anything for money

ok buddy
*pats head*

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What's her story user?

I paid her to do some nudes/videos about a year and a half ago. She got confident and went on Reddit. Posted some nudes, got some requests. Barturo or Ruben messaged her on WhatsApp and paid her to do the "lick the toilet, gag on your fingers" thing. She did, then they told her they were going to send it to her friends, family and coworkers. Unless she sent them more nudes. She did and they still exposed all her nudes. Also her names not Chloe

>Barturo or Ruben
Who is Ruben? I've seen that name mentioned a few times lately.

Seems like they ruined a good thing. Could of had an endless supply of nudes from her at the very least.

It's best not to discuss them. I'm not sure if the topic is banworthy or not.

who is this? don´t know this one yet. any links?


Chastity is an important trait