Rekt thread

rekt thread

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This just reminded I had a dream last night being on a boat attacked by a shark. I hate when I'm reminded of dreams I forgot about.

baptism in Georgia (the country)

this movie was fucking pathetic

how big or small of a boat

Lazy nigger.

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"Religious people have morals"
That's just child abuse lol

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my sides

work smarter not harder.

Fuck outta here nonce

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peport him

Doesnt matter...
Gonna need a bigger boat either way.


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Lol probably weeks in the hospital and burn scars for life because of one drunken "hey guys check this out" idea, wonder if he regret doing that

godspeed, Chief Brody.

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Well done friend.

poor guy.


what the fuck was this guy thinking?

The dream is collapsing

"The internet will love this!"

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i havent laughed this hard in a loooong time


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>pants down
>underwear on

probably, but still, you have to be a huge idiot to have so little foresight

looking at how her back hits that trailer hitch, probably not.

maybe she was done, but pulling her pants up and was easily knocked off balance because of being bent over.. but you could be right, still, falling on that hitch would hurt like fuck.

Humans are a lot dumber than we give them credit for.

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I always say there are so many people living on Earth, there is going to be a fuckton of retards. Like the two guys who met on craigslist, one wanting to be sawed apart alive, the other wanting to do the sawing. Insane.

Imagine you are a HR agent and you see his resume:
2 years experience mowing laws
skills: being innovative, I sped up the mowing process by 50%

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Tf happened? Too retarded to comprehend :/

Someone wearing a tanktop jersey and a pink sweater underneath doesn't scream smart to me.

Always wear your seatbelt!
Even if you're in the backseat!!

Electrified third rail.

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>mowing laws
As soon as I'd see "laws" I'd tell them to leave.

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Nah, I bet she just got in, and the whole thing tipped back, She hollered out and her man saw it and heard her. So he thought he would help and tipped it back to level, which then dumper her ass out the door.

the cretins never listen "but I'm sitting in the back, what could ever go wrong, chill out dude, it's not like we're gonna crash anyways lol"

eww, no

I can firebolt, does a 17 hit?

Yeah, and then they get mad at you and want you to be responsible for their injuries.

I think this is one of the few times you can't pull out that line.

If it looks stupid, but works, it ain't stupid.

Not just their injuries, if they sit behind you, they basically break your fucking neck even at moderate speed collisions.

>instant karma for cutting someone off

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Pretty good everyone

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>two guys who met on craigslist, one wanting to be sawed apart alive, the other wanting to do the sawing. Insane.

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There is a pic where one guy stand with a saw smiling with eyes closed, half naked if I remember, like breathing in all happy, the other one is half sitting up on a table with a leg sawn right off, with a wide happy grin and a thumbs up, all in a cellar what seems like a torture chamber.

Everytime I see this I wonder where the hell did the woman come from? The white car? Did she get sucked out of it?

barricade did it's job deflecting the truck away, but did little for the pipe/rebar it was carrying.
Shit looked like a claymore going off.

bonfire lit

his squat when he shoots

Must be a slav.

Fuck me, that brought back some memories

how do you even stop mid-jump?

I thought I read "Electrified Third Reich"

and they call us the evil ones....

what kind of pansy ass run up was that? more prance than run

Chek"d and Kekked

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Chinese tank?

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I have seen that one, they say it's fake and obviously photoshopped.


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how the hell fast was that truck going? at least double the speed of the other traffic. hard to tell from such a short clip. but holy shit...

Dumbdumbs play dumb games and get dumb prizes.

They say I should always wear a seatbelt?
Pfft zero fucks given! No seatbelt! Cry more libtards!!

*Wreck* *whiplash*


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Vintage Classic.

fake & gay

rekt not gore

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Will they ever learn not to operate on running machines?

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You really have to be butthurt to spin Obama and libtards into your yarn.